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ASCUK Open Show


Best In Show -

Reserve Best in Show -

Best Opposite Sex -

Best Puppy -

Best Veteran -

Results and Critique

16th October 2005

Bob Gregory

Trijem Pacific Pearl

Armatan Take A Chance on Me

Armatan Take A Chance on Me

Armatan Commotion

Shepalian Asweet Mellow Dee of Abodandy

Minor Puppy Dog

1st Armatan Born to Move, Almost 9 months of age and he had excellent contruction and good balance, liked in head and eye well angulated quaters and pleasing action, Best Puppy Dog

2nd Jicarilla Midnight Dreamer, a dog as exactly the same age as one and coming together well, but at the moment not the outline of the winner

3rd Armatan Bad Moon Rising - litter brother of the winner.

4th Jicarilla Field of Dreams of Glendyke

Puppy Dog

1st Jicarilla Field of Dreams of Glendyke, Still very immature and needing to bone up being lacking at the moment in skull and body, pleasing in general construction, but needs to firm up litter brother of 2nd in MPD

Junior Dog

1st Allmark Swing Low, a 16 month old dog with an imposing outline, loved his head and skull, super neck well set into sound well laid shoulder, good ribbing and loin well balanced, good bone in action fine extention and driver coering ground well, just needs a little more maturity and finish to complete the picture. Res best dog

2nd Iskander Logans Run, at just 12 months old not the presence of the winner but he has a lovely action and correct in angle, still to settle.

3rd Trijem Freedom of Choice

4th Gemthorn Tidal Wave

Special Yearling Dog


Post Graduate Dog

1st Accra Out of the Blue, A well put together dog of good presence and blue merle. With pleasing head and eye. Sound body and fine action, good coat.

2nd Armatan Collne De Bruyere at Ausden, similat in type to winner with clear lines and outline, good ribbing & good fron action.

3rd Armatan Adorez Mon Maitre

4th Shepalian Mr Bumble of Abodandy ShCM

5th Inoby Mystic Warrior

Limit Dog

1st Shepalian Black Russian of Iskander, This dog took my eye with his style and action, free with good front extension, liked his head with good angles in quaters well ribbed and strong loin, correct in bone and feet, one I would considered for high honours.

2nd Applethorn Cool as Ice, please in type good head and expression, correct in quaters but a little long in the back which caused a slight dip. good action.

3rd Armatan Collectors Item at Heibri

Open Dog

1st Armatan Take A Chance on Me, A dog with quality in many quaters, sound and well put together with excellent bone and substance, good blade and wither topline bore feet time in action extending well could go all day - Best dog, Reserve Best in Show and Best Opposite Sen

2nd Touchstone Simple Magic ShCM, a 3yr old mature blue merle with presence and style good topline and sound in construction, loved the head and expression and on the move gree and easy, pushed hard for the reserve dog spot.

3rd Yulia Everready Dandy of Abodandy

Veteran Dog

1st Glarenmoss Sonny N Cher, A 10yr old just starting to show his age, good type and construction. Still with dentition true in front action, going a little week in hind quaters.

Minor Puppy Bitch

1st Armatan Commotion, litter sister to MPD winner and a bitch of lovely tpe and balance once you really have to look at sound in body and agile with pleasing head and skull and loved her certain for one on young. Best puppy Bitch and Best puppy in show

2nd Shikota Mist, a finely built bitch who didnt really settle, not the lay back in shoulder of winner and compensated on the move needs time to complete the picture.

Puppy Bitch


Junior Bitch

1st Javison American Beech, A 14 month bitch so well put together good outline and a picture standing. A super body and quaters, with good bone and feet, just needs a little schooling to complete the picture.

2nd Javison Silverbelle, litter sister to winner and possessing many of the same vitues a real feminine lady, sound in body and pleasing action.

3rd Javison Ponderosa Pine (another sister)

4th Javison Lace Bark Elm

5th Gemthorne White Lighting

Special Yearling Bitch

1st Trijem Pacific Pearl, at almost 20 months old this young lade really caught my eye for her type, style and quality and balance, so sound and so feminine. She really looks the park, good coat and finish, great mover true and she didnt put a food wront. Best Bitch and Best in Show

2nd Lyveden Razlin Riali at Kasaki, Blue merle of good type, pleasing in construction good topline bone and feet, noth the action of the winner.

3rd Accra Scandal in the USA

4th Fragrant Fleur for Heibri

Post Graduate Bitch

1st Moortime Magic of the Moors at Shenkiri, Another tri bitch with style and balance. Liked her head eye and expression correct set a neck topline and body good legs and feet action.

2nd Lyveden Razlin Riali at Kasaki.

3rd Lyveden Eaglaskye at Dawnasa

Limit Bitch

1st Blue Caprice of Iskander, A bitch in general with much to like perhaps a little long in the back for me but sound with a pleasing action Blue Merle well bodied.

2nd Applethorn Snow Princess at Jidace, this merle threw away her chance by pacing a bitch of good size and balance with pleasing outline body and coat.

3rd Lyveden Miraya Mitia

4th Cagasa Bell Air at Heibri

Open Bitch

1st Accra Baylis in Blue Jeans, A super well presented merle bitch of quality, loved her for head and lovely eye colour, set of neck to well laid shoulder, good blade and wither, full coat put down to perfection, extended well in front and easy action. Just not as true front as BIS on the day, Reserve Best Bitch

2nd Armatan Dancing Queen, A bitch of similar type and quality loved her expression good coverage, well put together body and quaters, correct in bone pleasing action

3rd Blows You Away

4th Cagasa Ini Anna at Ausden

Veteran Bitch

1st Shepalian Asweet Mellow Dee of Abodandy, an 8 year old red merle femining and balanced looking good for her age in head and condition, Best Veteran

2nd Am Ch Firethorns C'est La Vive

Black/Black Tri Dog or Bitch

1stJavison American Beech

2nd Moortime Magic of the Moors at Shenkiri

3rd Allmark Swing Low

4th Gemthorn Tidal Wave

5th Armatan Borm to Move

Red/Red Tri Dog or Bitch

1st Inoby Mystic Warrior

Blue Merle Dog or Bitch

1st Javison Silver Belle

2nd Applethorn Snow Princess at Jidace

3rd Cagasa Indi Anna at Ausden

4th Jicarilla Field of Dreams of Glendyke

5th Shikota Mist

Red Merle Dog or Bitch

1st Javison Red Buckeye

Special Working Class

No Entries

Stud Dog


Brood Bitch

1st Firethornes Cest La Vive

Junior Handling 6-11years

1st Alicia Taylor

2nd Connor Simpson

3rd Kayligh Dyde

Junior Handling 12-16 years

1st Craig Taylor & BJH

2nd Joe McDonald

Obedience -

Pre Beginners

1st lows You Away

2nd Javison Red Buckeye


1st Glarenmoss Just Fa Bob

2nd Rushbottom Rare Royale at Alameda

Class A


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