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ASCUK Open Show


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Results and Critique

24th September 2006

Les Dickinson

Versace Suave Des Chemins Cathares

Trijem Flys Through the Mist

Trijem Flys Through the Mist

Ozzypool Ticket To Ride

Shepalian Asweet Mellow Dee of Abodandy

It was a great honour and a pleasure to be asked to judge the Australian Shepherd Club of the UK Open Show. The breed has significantly improved since I last judged and some nice dogs went cardless. I thanks my two stewards for their good work and making my day an excellent one.

Minor Puppy Dog (3,0a)

1st Trijem Cowboy Boots, Well shaped dog with good head, nice neck fitting into well placed shoulders, nice spring of rib, moved well RBPIB

2nd Iskander Black N Tan, Again another well shaped dog with good outline. Movement not as good and slightly shy.

3rd Iskander Winter Black Ice at Qiqern

Puppy Dog (5,2a)

1st Ozzypool Ticket to Ride, Liked this dogs head, lovely outline, strong bone, good spring of rib, good feet, moved out really well was pleased to award him BDP and BPIS.

2nd Gemthorn First Choice, Another god with good head, neck and shoulder placement, well shaped body, good bone, well shaped feet, just couldnt match the style and movement of no 1.

3rd Iskander Celtic Black N Tan

Junior Dog (4,4a)

Special Yearling Dog (6,2a)

1st Versace Sauve Des Chemins Cathares, What a dog, took both my eye and breath on entering the ring, beautiful head and outline, good neck down to well placed shoulders, well ribbed sturdy body, good legs with well shaped bone, good rounded cushioned feet, moved out with style and drive, very pleased to award him BD & BIS

2nd Armatan Born to Move, Good dog, nice head and outline, good spring of rib, well boned legs, nice shaped feet, moved well, unlucky to meet no1.

3rd Jicarilla Midnight Dreamer

Post Graduate Dog (8,4a)

1st Applethron Valentine Magic, Good Shaped head and neck, good placed shoulders, well shaped body with good spring of rib, strode out well in movement, pleasing dog.

2nd Tsuselena Ozzy Boy, Another nice head, neck and outline, well shaped feet on good legs, tough movement not up to no 1.

3rd Applethorn Cool as Ice

Limit Dog (8,1a)

1st Armatan Adorez Mon Maitre, Well shaped head on good neck, nice shoulders giving him a good topline, well sprung ribs, good legs and feet, moved in style.

2nd Khetashio All American Dude at Frebobears, Again good body shape with well outlined head and neck, good ribcage, well boned legs and good shaped feet, moved well in good class.

3rd Ozzypools Red Hogan.

Open Dog (7,1a)

1st Gibbands Red Admiral, Another lovely dog, good outline, lovely head, nice neck length, well shaped body, moved well, RBD

2nd Touchstone Simply Magic, Another good dog, typical outline, well bodied, good coat, feet slightly open but didnt affect movement.

3rd Armatan Take A Chance on Me.

Veteran Dog (1,0a)

1st Cagasa Ari-Zona at Frebobears, Nice for size, head of good shape, all teeth intact, good body, nice legs and feet, moved well.

Minor Puppy Bitch (0,0a)

Puppy Bitch(3,0a)

1st Trijem Yuletide Sapphire, Lovely head on good neck and shoulders, nice body and coat, good legs and tight feet, moved well, pushed hard for BPIS had to settle for RBPIS

2nd Ozzypool Lady Madonna, Another sweet bitch, nice head, body and outline, just didnt have the confidence of 1 on movement.

3rd Drcral Finest Bonechina

Junior Bitch(3,0a)

1st Gibbands Queen Alexndra, Well shaped bitch with good head and neck line, nice shoulders, pleasing body shape, nice tight feet, moved well.

2nd Gibbands Silver Skipper at Ausden, Again, nice size bitch, good head shape, nice body, tight feet, moved well.

3rd Amoureuse D'Abby Chemins Cathares

Special Yearling Bitch(5,0a)

1st Armatan Commotion, Very nice bitch, caught my eye in this class, good head properties, nice neck on well shaped shoulders, good spring of rib, good shaped feet, moved well.

2nd Touchstone Lovely Rita Oakhill, Another grand bitch, nice shaped head and neck, good shoulder placement, nice body and ribcage, moved well,

3rd Gibbands, Queen Alexandra

Post Graduate Bitch (10,2a)

1st Javison American Beech, Good head and neck, nice shoulder placement, well sprung chest, good bone, nicely rounded feet, good mover.

2nd Allmark Veuve Clicquot at Ozzypool, Again another nice bitch with good Aussie qualities, would just like her to settle.

3rd Gemthorne White Lightning

Limit Bitch (6,2a)

1st Trijem Flys Through the Mist, Lovely bitch this one, loved her size, shape and movement, lovely topline, well shaped chest, nice expression, sound legs with nice tight rounded feet, moved with soundness, pleased to award her BB and RBIS

2nd Cagasa Red Red Wine at Heibri, Again another nice bitch, lots to like about her, good movement, but not quite up to the same standard as winner.

3rd Gemthorne Shockwave

Open Bitch (6,3a)

1st Armatan Angel Eyes, Good head, neck and shoulders, good body, nice ribcage, good coat, moved well with nice tight feet.

2nd Gibbands Red Riding Hood, Very similar properties to no 1, with lovely expression, just slightly shy when going over her.

3rd Peach Cameo Over Inoby

Veteran Bitch (4,0a)

1st Shepalian Asweet Mellow Dee of Abodandy, Very nice bitch, full of energy, moved round like a youngster, pleased head and neck, good body shape, nicely rounded feet, moved as if she could go all day, pleased to award her Best Veteran

2nd Blows You Away, Another classy bitch who moved well, through not as good as no 1.

3rd Cacasa Ini Anna at Ausden

Black/Black Tri Dog or Bitch (16,7a)

1st Armatan Fernando,

2nd Javison American Beech

3rd Armatan Angel Eyes,

Red/Red Tri Dog or Bitch (4,2a)

1st Ozzypool Red Hogan ShCM

2nd Cagasa Red Red Wine at Heibri

Blue Merle Dog or Bitch (9,1a)

1st Armatan Bad Moon Rising ShCM

2nd Applethorn Valentine Magic

3rd Fulmay Right Attitude at Amerslade

Red Merle Dog or Bitch (6,3a)

1st Ozypool Ticket to Ride,

2nd Trijem Freedom to Have Fun,

3rd Peach Cameo Over Inoby

Special Working Class (2-0)

1st Armatan Fernando

2nd Peach Cameo Over Inoby

Good Citizen Dog Scheme (8,3a)

1st Applethorn Gold Charm

2nd Iskander Celtic Blank N Tan

3rd Javison Silverbell

Stud Dog (2,2a)

Brood Bitch (1,1a)

Junior Handling 6-11years

1st Catrin Roberts

Junior Handling 12-16 years

1st Joseph McDonald

Obedience -

Pre Beginners (12,4a)

1st Gibbands Red Cherry

2nd Applethron Gold Charm

3rd Blows You Away,

Beginners (6,2a)

1st Inoby Urban Chaos

2nd Blows You Away

3rd Fulmay Right Attitude at Amberslade

Novice (3,0a)

1st Armatan Fernando

2nd Inoby Urban Chaos

3rd Applethorn Valentine Magic

Class A (0,0)

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