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ASCUK Championship Show

20th September 2014

Judge Stuart Mallard

Best In Show - BCC - Fr.Ch Handle Me With Care Du Chalet De Fanny

Reserve Best In Show DCC BOS Ch Carolina Calais Tah-Daaah W'13 NJK LJK

Best Puppy In Show - Austrian Dream Be Well Suited Of Wispafete (Imp Aut)

Best Veteran in Show - Windfalls Dior Me Dior Me Not at Impenzie (Imp USA)


RDCC - Ch Allmark Spirit of St Louis

Best Veteran Dog - Impenzie Glaedr

RBCC - Multi Ch Allmark Fifth Avenue

Best Puppy Bitch -Allmark Blues For Us

Best Junior Handler -Robyn Arnall

Results and Critique

A well laid out and organised show that was a pleasure to be part of. A pleasant atmosphere prevailed and I thank the Officers and Committee for their kind hospitality and exhibitors for their sportsmanship and support for the winners in the form of applause in every class. Such a lovely breed and when it portrays correct breed type and balance is so handsome. Naturally type varied but excellent specimens were present and I had no difficulty finding my placings.

Temperaments were excellent, all present were healthy and shown in good condition apart from a couple that carried excessive weight or lacked substance. I thought several had bold round eyes, upright shoulders and wide fronts.
Movement was pretty good although some converged excessively in front or were rather narrow behind. These are just my observations but the overriding point is that this breed is healthy and that is great.

Minor Puppy Dog - No Entries

Puppy Dog (4)

1) Gibbons & Jones Austrian Dream Be Well Suited of Wispafete, very promising red, liked his frame and overall balance, dry head with correct attributes, enough neck for function, correct front assembly, moderate bone and tidy feet, topline to suit, lacks substance but has time on his side, Best Puppy In Show.

2) Allan, Harlow & Arnall Allmark Jo Malone, quality tri of correct type, portrayed a balanced outline and was lovely to go over, just favoured head of 1 today, moved soundly and was shown in good condition.

3rd Brown Dialynne A Perfect Package for Shepwood.

Junior Dog (4)

1) Spavin Ch Heathside Man of Mystery at Dialynne, classy tri lad winning with some to spare, shown in hard condition and sporting a well presented quality coat, I appreciated his balanced outline and breed type, head is balanced and clean, well constructed in all departments with nothing excessive, typical action and sound.

2) Mee, Lamintone Cloud Burst, BM, good type and general balance, decent head, chest well developed but not over wide, so
und limbs with moderate bone and tidy feet, didn’t quite match front action of 1.

3rd Allmark Jo Malone.

Yearling Dog (3,1)

1) Morley Trijem Beach Hoppin Dude, masculine BM with balanced outline, head and eye possibly a little overdone, shoulders well placed and sound limbs, shown in good condition.

2) Weaver Allmark Electric Avenue, very typy and balanced BM, clean head, eye a little round, nicely built frame and forehand, ribs with shape, topline could be better, suitable hindquarters and movement.

Post Graduate Dog (8,3)

1)Harris, Allan & Harlow Allmark Rheddy To Rumble, very typy RM, pleasing profile, head balanced with good attributes, chest developed, not too wide, ribcage with shape and carried well back, firm level topline with gentle slope to croup and moderately defined hindquarters, moved well in profile.

2) Reeve Dreamlines Masterplan at Bramblebern, well proportioned tri of correct type and build, handled well enough but gave a little in topline and moved a tad close behind, nicely shown and in good nic.

3rd Blair, Bleuroyal One Cool Kiwi

Limit Dog (7)

1) Knott Lyveden Rairock Rebel, masculine tri without a hint of cloddyness, beautifully balanced and everything in moderation, clean head, lovely almond eye and pigmentation, pleasing front assembly, bone and feet, firm level back with gentle slope to croup, moderate hindquarters producing totally honest movement, his tan could be a shade richer for me personally.

2) Timperon & Reeve Ghostrider of The Mighty Crown with Triforce, also masculine, worthy and of correct breed type, liked his head, neck and clean shoulders, well developed chest without being overdone, moderate bone with ok pastern, shape to ribcage, just preferred topline of 1, decent hindquarters.

3rd Brown Bleuroyal Kings Crusade.

Open Dog (9)

1)Boerland Ch Carolina Calais Tah-Daaah, a close and difficult choice between 1 & 2, masculine Red of excellent breed type, dry head with lovely eye and moderate well placed ears, clean neck which flows into such a lovely frame carrying ideal substance, can stand narrow in front but his sound easy movement is a joy to watch, quality coat and condition, DCC, Reserve Best In Show and Best Opposite Sex.

2)Longhurst, Gibbons & Gregory Ch Allmark Spirit of St Louis, masculine, similar stamp to above and totally harmonious, marginally preferred pasterns of 1 otherwise same observations apply, sound on the move with good carriage, shown in hard condition and sporting a beautifully presented RM coat of correct texture RCC.

3) Holligan, Brandenburg & Garrison Thornapple Freedom Works.

Veteran Dog (3)

1) Newell Impenzie Glaedr, 9yo tri of excellent breed type, correctly balanced head which is in proportion to body, clean forehand, nicely ribbed with some tuck up and decent topline, hindquarters and movement to suit, shown in lovely condition.

2) Haddock Jicarilla Midnight Dreamer, tri also 9yo, of considerable type, clean neck, shoulders well appointed, moderate bone, hindquarters to suit and shown in good condition.

3) Keel Drcral Majestic Prince.

Minor Puppy Bitch (2)

1) Farrants Solarwind Star Sapphire, 7m of good type and I liked her a lot, soundly constructed but she is a little long in hock and they do need to strengthen , she has time with correct husbandry, could be promising, quietly handled and well presented.

2) Myall Altussi Alchemists Secret, very raw still but balanced and displaying correct type, nicely
sprung ribs which I would prefer to come back more, little unsteady on the move but that should improve.

Puppy Bitch (2)

1) Harris, Allan & Harlow Allmark Blues For Us, 9mo BM, she is feminine and correctly built, when she collects herself can move well, BPB.

2) Douglas, Allan & Harlow Naughty But Nice, BM of 9m and developing soundly, head coming, ribs shaped and well back, decent topline and hindquarters.

Junior Bitch (0)

Yearling Bitch (4)

1)  Dowsons Allmark Rockyn Robyn, red lady of nice size, head with good ratio, well shaped eye and tidy well placed ears, clean neck and shoulder placement, just a little narrow in front yet, straight moderate bone, shape to ribcage, topline could strengthen a tad, hindquarters compliment forehand with moderate turn to stifle.

2) Case Silvarcea Reggae Fusion at Ozways, feminine BM with quality, well constructed and much to commend her however in profile felt she could just come up marginally on the leg, shown in good condition.

3) Hawkins Moonstyle Flicks Minx.

Post Graduate Bitch (7,2)

1) Cowley Lamintone What About Me, very honest BM, she is feminine enough, reasonable head, gentle arch to moderate neck into her frame which is so well constructed, clean chest and front, not too wide, sound limbs, body with shape and useful hindquarters.

2) Challengers Lyveden Rairock Rhythm, pleasing outline and feminine, she is of correct breed type, moderate neck into good front assembly, correct depth to brisket, ribcage with shape, just preferred topline of 1, hindquarters with gentle turn to stifle, shown in good condition.

3) Gibbons Thunder Hill Everlasting Ticket for Gibbands.

Limit Bitch (12,4)

1) Garside Allmark Join The Clan at Mistyholly, ultra feminine RM with a very attractive head and an appealing outline, totally honest to go over, when in action just needs to tighten up a little, presented and handled to advantage.

2) Brown Jidace Bealacy To Shepwood, more substantial Tri yet retaining femininity, clean dry headpiece with correct attributes, excellent pigmentation, shoulders well placed into tidy legs and feet, well ribbed and back, just a little longer caste than 1, hindquarters and movement to suit.

3) Cowley Lamintone What About Me.

Open Bitch (7,2)

1) Dupaquier & Lamache Fr Ch Handle Me With Care Du Chalet De Fanny, loved this R lady, felt she embodied everything I look for in this breed, liked her size, femininity and profile, glamorous yet totally functional, her qualities are emphasized by her moderation which to my mind create a beautiful harmony, shown in tip top condition and presented to full advantage, BCC & Best In Show.

2)Allan & Harlow Multi Ch Allmark Fifth Avenue, noted BM lady that I admire and have previously given a group to. My opinion hasn’t altered, she is a super representative and Aussie through and through, totally sound up and back but preferred topline of 1 when moving in profile, also handled and shown in tip top form, RCC.

3rd Timperon & Wirres Triforce Wind of The Fall.

Veteran Bitch (6)

1) Timperon Windfalls Dior Me Dior Me Not At Impenzie, 7.1/2yoBM who is in top fettle, feminine and soundly built, she projected a typey outline and moved with consummate ease, Best Veteran In Show.

2) Bland Shepalian Bajimba At Abodandy, 8.1/2 yo BM of considerable type and soundly constructed, feminine and in good condition, just preferred profile action of 1.

3) Knott Zillamac Starfleet Annika.

Stud Dog (2,1)

1) Douglas, Allan & Harlow Ch Bayshores Stonehaven Cat Burglar, impressive group of quality specimens displaying good breed type and soundness.

Brood Bitch (1)

1) Allan & Harlow Ch Allmark Careless Whisper, what a feast of quality from a dam that has more than proved her worth, great reaction from the ringside which was so well deserved, Congratulations.

Jacqui O’Brien Memorial Stakes (16)

1) Shepalian Bajimba at Abodandy.

2) Rogers Ozways First Print at Frebobears, very appealing RM lady, she is 8.1/2yo, feminine and of excellent breed type, not quite concealing her middle age spread, well constructed and sound, immaculate coat and presentation.

3) Trijem Beach Hoppin Dude.

Junior Handling


1)Tamsin Blyton (10), handled in knowledgeable and competent manner, stood alone but well deserved her win.


1) Robyn Arnall (13), very accomplished handler, unobtrusive so that her charge was always the attraction, her manner was considerate and she talked and reassured her dog when needed, Best Junior Handler.
2) Sarah Stacey (16), very close up and similar observations apply, at one with her dog at all times and this young lady had a natural manner.
 Jason Reid (13).

I felt all the handlers in this class were accomplished, I hope they had a good day and go onto successful futures.

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