ASCUK Championship Show 2012

Judge Mr Vic Salt

Best In Show - Ch Allmark Fifth Avenue JW

Reserve Best in Show - Legacy Liberty Finishing Touch of Triforce

Best Opposite Sex - Allmark Ginger Nuts ShCM

Best Puppy - Allmark Maserati at Meitza

Best Veteran - Ch/Multi Ch Touchstone Simply Magic ShCM

DCC - Allmark Ginger Nuts ShCM
RDCC - Am Gr Ch Bayshore Stone Haven Cat Burgler
Best Puppy Dog - Allmark Maserati at Meitza
Best Veteran Dog - Ch/Multi Ch Touchstone Simply Magic ShCM

BCC - Ch Allmark Fifth Avenue JW
RBCC - Legacy Liberty Finishing Touch of Triforce
Best Puppy Bitch - Allmark Broadway Baby
Best Veteran Bitch - Ch Lyveden Razlin Raina

Results and Critique

I really enjoyed judging this well run show and I would like thank  the committee for inviting me. I thought overall the temperament of the  exhibits was excellent and generally presentation also was very good.


Minor Puppy Dog (3)

1st Bleuroyal Kings Crusade (Imp Chl). B/T Shown in nice condition. Balanced  head and dark eye, Good body and coat for age. Sound temperament, Moved well  front and rear.

2nd Bleuroyal One Cool Kiwi (Imp Chl). B/M Well presented dog who  needs more time. Good head profile and medium brown eye. Nice body and coat, On  the move he settled enough to deserve his place.

3rd Dreamlines Strike It Rich  (Imp Deu) Taf.


Puppy Dog (7,2)

1st Allmark Maserati At Meitza. Top quality B/M  shown in lovely coat and condition. Good head planes with right amount of stop.  Scissor bite, nice neck with correct front angulations. Good body shape with  firm topline and sound hindquarters. Sets up and shows himself off. Stylish on  the move.

2nd Trijem Daydream Believer. Very nice R/M shown in good condition.  Well proportioned head. Good neck and shoulders, Level topline, Stands well  behind, Moved and handled well.

3rd Allmark Don Giavanni For Bilyara.


Junior Dog (3)

1st Hot Like Fireelvikam (Imp Pol). Well presented Red dog with a lovely  temperament. Good head and eye. Nice depth of chest and level topline. Sets up  well on good legs and tight feet. Moved well. Very nice dog.

2nd Silverdream  Aussies California's Blue Of Ewespride (Imp Hun). B/M dog with a nice eye and  expression. Good skull and muzzle. Nice body shape and presented well, but  carrying a little too much weight.

3rd Aussiepride Destination Threedreamz (Imp  Hun).


Yearling Dog (4,1)

1st Stonehaven Bayshore Whistle While U Work At Dialynne  (Imp USA). B/T Shown in lovely condition, Correct head proportions and dark  eye. Good neck, shoulders and depth of chest. Level topline. Sound hindquarters  and true on the move.

2nd Lyveden Rairock Rebel JW. B/T. Well balanced dog with a  nice head, eye and expression. Shown in good coat and condition. A little edgy  today and just needs to settle. But sound on the move.

3rd Armatan The Edge Of  Glory.


Post Graduate Dog (11,2)

1st Dragonora Bad To The Bone (Imp Swe). Outgoing Red  dog with a coat of good texture. Masculine head. Good neck and shoulders. Firm  topline and nice depth of chest. Moved soundly.

2nd Ghostrider Of The Mighty  Crown With Triforce (Imp Deu). B/T dog. Clean head and well placed eye. Right  amount of neck and straight front. Good body and coat, sound hindquarters and  tight feet. Moved well.

3rd Shloyan Rockafella JW 1930 CW.


Limit Dog (5)

1st  Bleuroyal Alaska Permafrost (Imp Chl) JW ShCM. Ir Jun Ch. B/M With a good skull  to muzzle ratio and alert expression. Clean neck with well laid shoulders, Good  body and coat. Stands well behind. Moved well and held his topline.

2nd Armatan  Fireblade (ai) B/T Clean head, dark eye and nice expression. Shown in lovely  coat and condition. Good body shape.. Sets up well front and rear. Moved and  handled well.

3rd Allmark Spirit Of St Louis. ShCM.


Open Dog (8,2)

1st Allmark  Ginger Nuts (ai) ShCM. Quality well boned red dog with a masculine head. Well  laid shoulders and nice depth of chest, He had lost a little coat on his back .  But his topline is level Sound hindquarters. He moved freely round the ring and  handled well.

2nd Am Gr Ch Bayshores Stoneshaven Cat Burglar (Imp USA). Well  presented merle in lovely coat and condition. Balanced head with nice eye and expression, Ears well  set and used. Nice reach of neck and level topline. Good depth of chest and  slight tuck up. Good front and rear angulations. Moved well.

3rd Allmark Indecent  Proposal JW ShCM.


Veteran Dog (6)

1st Multi Ch Touchstone Simply Magic ShCM (IMP  USA). Top quality dog in hard condition and with an excellent temperament.  Masculine head. Almond shaped eye and alert expression. Well bodied with good  front and rear angulations. Moved really well. A credit to his owner.

2nd Am Ch  Windfalls Katchmeifyoucan ShCM (Imp USA). Another quality dog presented in top  condition, Good body and topline,  Straight front. Strong neck, Sound behind, Moved and handled well.

3rd Jacanshe  Flashy Lad.


Puppy Bitch (6)

1st Allmark Broadway Baby. Quality merle puppy with a  lovely temperament. Clean head and dark eye. Ears well placed and used. Good  body and sound legs and feet. Moved soundly.

2nd Trijem Follow The Dream. Well  presented puppy with good head profile. Ears well used Nice body and coat,  Stands well behind, Moved and handled really well.

3rd Triforce Looking Glace At  Jopium.


Junior Bitch (1)

1st Lamintone Wishes For Me. Nice temperament. Would like  more refinement in head. Used her ears well. Lacks coat and condition today. A  shade long in loin. Moved & handled well.


Yearling Bitch (3)

1st Lyveden Rairock  Rhythm. Very nice bitch presented in good condition. Good head and eye. Alert  with her ears. Good neck and shoulders. Stands well in front, Good topline and  depth of chest. Moved well.

2nd Bleuroyal Miss Attitude At Rannaleroch.(Imp Chl)  Chl Jun Ch. Another very nice bitch presented well, Balanced head and ears well  set and used, Right amount of neck and straight front. Stands well behind,  Moved soundly.

3rd Trijem Seattle Treasure Of Passtimes.


Post Graduate Bitch (9,2)

1st  Triforce Last Of The Wilds. B/T Shown in lovely coat and condition. Head of  good proportion. Well shaped eye and alert expression. Ears well used. Good  body and topline. Sets up well front and rear. Moved well.

2nd Triforce Wind Of  The Fall. Well presented bitch with a good head profile, Nice eye and  expression, Good body shape and nice depth of chest, Good legs and feet, Moved  and handled well.

3rd Lyveden Pheris Song For Kasaki.


Limit Bitch (8,1)

1st Ozways  First Print At Frebobears, Lovely red merle with elegant head carriage and nice  eye and expression. Ears well placed and used. Good body and depth of chest,  Firm topline and sound backend. Shown in lovely coat and condition, Moved and  handled well, with good side gait.

2nd Lyveden Castill Chandra. Nice bitch  presented in top condition, Well balanced head and alert expression Good  topline and depth of chest, Sound legs and tight feet, Moved soundly and  handled well.

3rd Jidace Bealacy To Shepwood.


Open Bitch (3)

1st Ch Allmark Fifth  Avenue. Lovely feminine Merle with a touch class. Presented in immaculate  condition. Well proportioned head with a almond shaped eye, Ears well set and  used. Good upper arm and layback of shoulder. Nice body shape and depth of  chest. Level topline. Sound hindquarters and tight feet. Moved soundly round  the ring.

2nd Legacy Liberty Finishing Touch Of Triforce (Imp USA). Another  lovely bitch presented in top condition. Feminine head with nice eye and  expression. Good reach of neck and straight front. Level topline and nice turn  of stifle. Hocks well let down. Sound legs and feet. Moved and handled well.

3rd  Shepalian Bajimba At Abodandy JW.


Veteran Bitch (6,1)

A very nice class of quality  bitches.

1st Ch Lyveden Razlin Raina. A very nice bitch in top condition. Good  body shape. Sets up well front and  rear. Balanced head and well set ears.  Alert expression. Moved really well round the ring.

2nd Ch Windfalls Cause I'm  Worth It With Triforce.(Imp USA). Another lovely bitch in top condition. Nice  head, eye and expression. Clean neck and level topline. Good front and rear.  Sound on the move and handled well.

3rd Trijem Pacific Pearl.


Stud Dog (1)  

1st Multi Ch Touchstone Simply Magic  (Imp USA).


Brood Bitch.

1st Ch  Lyveden Razlin Raina.

2nd Trijem Pacific Pearl.

3rd Shepalian Bajima At Abodandy  JW.


Special Working (1)

1st Drcral  Majestic Prince P.Beg Ex ShCM.


Jacqui O'Brien Memorial Stakes (15,5)

1st  Bleuroyal Alaska Permafrost (Imp Chl) JW Shcm  Ir Jun Ch.

2nd Lyveden Castill Chandra.

3rd Trijem Pacific Pearl.


KC Breeders  Competition (2,1) 1 Mr & Mrs N & A Allan & Mr R Harlow.


Junior  Handling: 6-11years (2)

1st Trinity Robb. 10 year old young lady. She was  very polite and attentive to my instructions, in tune with her dog and  efficient with very little fuss. She was in harmony with her dog, moving at  just the right speed.

2nd Samuel Green. 10 year old young man, very smartly  attired and with a good attitude. He was very much in tune with his dog and  professional in his actions.


Junior Handling 12-16 years

1st Samantha Reeve. Aged 15 in  complete control and showing her dog off to its best advantage, keeping an eye  on both judge and dog at all times in a calm and confident way.

2nd Nikki Reeve.  Age 13. Dog and handler were well turned out. She was unobtrusive and very  efficient and united with her dog especially on the move.