ASCUK Championship Show

2nd November 2008


Alf Down

Ch Touchstone Simply Magic

Best in Show -

Reserve Best in Show -

Ch Lyveden Razlin Raina

Best Opposite Sex - 

Ch Lyveden Razlin Raina

Best Puppy In Show - 

Amberslade Bellacoola

Best Veteran in Show - 

Gibbands Red Riding Hood

DCC - 

Ch Touchstone Simply Magic


Versace Suave Des Chemin Cathares

Best Puppy Dog - 

Moortime Once In A Blue Moon

Best Veteran Dog - 

Ir Ch Accra Baylin Inaspin ShCM

BCC - 

Ch Lyveden Razlin Raina


Armatan Commotion

Best Puppy Bitch -

Amberslade Bellacoola

Best Veteran Bitch -

Gibbands Red Riding Hood

Best Junior Handler -

Nikki Reeve

Results and Critique

My very grateful thanks to the Committee for this very prestigious appointment. The venue and organization were superb. My thanks to Ray MacDonald and his wife Debbie for their excellent stewarding. Everything ran like clockwork and I was left to concentrate on my judging. A special thank you for my gift.

I would like to thank all the competitors for the excellent atmosphere and for accepting my decisions with good grace.

Just a general comment on the breed - the bitches have improved considerably since I last judged them. All the dogs shown had excellent temperaments, but alas I found many with splayed feet, perhaps a point to ponder?

Minor Puppy Dog (3)

1st Moortime Once In A Blue Moon
Blue Merle, a very well developed youngster, with a very good head and muzzle. Well developed teeth, good reach of neck and shoulders. Nice deep chest, good upper arm and very tight feet. Well up on his pasterns and good reach of loin. Well angulated at the rear and moved exceptionally well for his age.
Best Puppy Dog and Reserve Best Puppy in Show

2nd Accra Silver Gibbana at Parkgrove

Red Merle, another nice youngster with strong pigment, good head, ample bone and good reach of neck. Nice shoulders and tight feet, slightly longer in loin than one. Well angulated at the rear, moved well.

3rd Gibson Bachero Woodspirit Jeep

Puppy Dog (3)

1st Moortime Once In A Blue Moon

2nd Gemthorne Dust Storm

Black Tri, very good head and muzzle. Good reach of neck and shoulders. Rather light in chest and slightly short in upper arm. Well angulated at rear, nice coat, moved very well.

3rd Amberslade Commanche

Junior Dog (11,3)

1st Allmark Ginger Nuts (ai)

Red tri, very well constructed with pleasing head, good neck and shoulders. Well balanced in front, well angulated at rear, strong powerful mover.

2nd Ozzypool Spirit Dancer

Red tri, close call between these two. A nicely balanced dog with good head shape, good depth of chest, balanced front and rear angulation. Handled and moved very well.

3rd Jacanshe Harvest Time

Post Graduate Dog (19.3)

1st Impenzie Glaedr

Black tri, impressive dog, who is well balanced, solid and muscular. Good arched neck and deep chest. Very good upper arm, good length of loin, strong hindquarters. A powerful mover.

2nd Trijem Chasing Freedon ShCM

Blue merle with a superb head and lovely expression. Good arched neck into well laid shoulders, good depth of chest and upper arm. Slightly longer in loin than one, well angulated at rear, held a great topline on the move.

3rd Casa De Filler For Dreamweaver (Imp Aut)

Limit Dog (16)

1st Versace Suave Des Chemin Cathares (Imp Fra)

Handsome, attractive blue merle dog with striking pigment. Masculine head with well defined stop. Good reach of neck with excellent upper arm and well laid shoulders. Strong pasterns and tight feet, good reach of loin and powerful rear. Extremely well presented in impressive condition. Strong steady mover with a great top line. Pushed hard for the ticket, a close contest. RDCC

2nd Sangosands Stars N Stripes JW ShCM

Another very attractive blue merle dog. Excellent head, correct eyes and ear set although not as deep in muzzle as 1. Strong neck with a pleasing front, well up on his pasterns. Good length of loin, well angulated at the rear and shown in great coat. Extremely sound and positive on the move.

3rd Khetashio All American Dude at Frebobears (Imp Dk)

Open Dog (10,2)

1st Ch Touchstone Simply Magic (Imp USA)

I understand that this dog has only recently returned to the UK from being shown abroad. A super dog who really lives up to his name, strong in all departments. Shown in great bloom, took over the ring and made it his own. A real credit to the breed, I wish you all the very best with him. A very well deserved winner. Dog CC and Best In Show

2nd Ir Ch Accra Imtheotherone ShCM

Very good head, eye shape and ear carriage. Deep chest, good shoulders and good length of loin. Strong hindquarters, moved with extension and purpose. As always, well handled.

3rd Armatan Collne De Bruyere at Ausden ShCM

Veteran Dog 8 Entries

1st Ir Ch Accra Baylis Inaspin ShCM

Eight years old and still in great condition. Nice head, deep chested, good in body and topline. Medium rear angulation, still moving extremely well. Reserve Best Veteran In Show

2nd Gibbands Red Admiral

Now nearly nine, super breed type and extremely sound. Still able to show many of the youngsters a clean pair of heels. A great credit to the breed.

3rd Aust Ch Kaasha Dazzling Edition (Imp Aus)

Minor Puppy Bitch (2)

1st Moonstyle Magic Minx

Beautifully well constructed bitch, good reach of neck and well developed chest for her age. Good front shoulders, well tucked up loin, well angulated at rear and moved well.

2nd Moortime Devon By Moonlight

Attractive head with good reach of neck, well shaped eye, nice tight feet. Just a little long in the body. Well off for angulation, and a free mover.

Puppy Bitch (3)

1st Amberslade Bellacoola

Very feminine bitch with a lovely expression. Extremely good head and ear set. Straight front and good reach of neck, well bodied on good feet. Moved out well with a level topline, really earned Best Puppy Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy In Show

2nd Moortime Devon By Moonlight

3rd Gemthorne Daddy's Girl

Junior Bitch (8,5)

1st Spavin & Raymond Allmark Cookie Monster at Dialynne

Red Merle with an excellent frame, balanced head with moderate stop. Good length of neck into good shoulders, very good upper arm. Well up on her pasterns, well constructed rear quarters and moved exceptionally well.

2nd Harvey Gemthorne Lady in Red

Good outline, feminine in head and well balanced front. Deep chest, up on her pasterns, strong rear action.

3rd Mee Applefire Wishes Come True for Lamintone

Post Graduate Bitch (19,2)

1st Armatan Calamity Jane at Jopium

Red Merle. Very good quality bitch with nice expression, sound front and nice tight feet. Deep chest, well bodied, strong and level topline. Moderate angulation, moved very freely.

2nd Ozways First Print at Frebobears

Absolutely stunning in profile, well constructed, good eye shape and expression. Strong neck, good front, sound rear, unfortunately lacked sparkle when on the move.

3rd Shepalian Reims of Verse
A nice quality bitch slightly finer than the first two, but this did not distract from her fine conformation. Well earned place in this quality class.

Limit Bitch (20,5)

1st Trijem Yuletide Sapphire

High quality bitch, excellent in type and outline. Balanced, nice eye, good legs and feet. Excellent upper arm, very sound rear action, handled and moved with great drive.

2nd Armatan Moonchild

Good quality bitch with pretty expression, nice outline and good reach of neck. Very good shoulders and tuck up, very good rear, shown in excellent coat, moved soundly.

3rd Javison Silver Belle

One of my favourite little dogs that has been to Weight Watchers. Seriously though she looks and moves so much better for it, really deserved this place in a hotly contested class of quality bitches.

Open Bitch (10)

1st Ch Lyveden Razlin Raina

Well constructed, dark eye and nice expression. Nice neck into well laid shoulders. Great topline and good depth of chest. Well angulated rear, slightly lacking in coat, moved with great drive and purpose. Bitch CC, Reserve Best In Show and Best Opposite Sex

2nd Armatan Commotion (ai)

Lovely head, dark eyes and nice ear set. Good neck and shoulders, level topline and good rear angulation. Sound on the move, presented in fine coat and condition. RBCC

3rd Gibband Silver Skipper at Ausden

Veteran Bitch (6,2)

1st Gibbands Red Riding Hood

Still showing her socks off. Lovely type, pleasing head and expression. Strong neck, deep chest, straight front with good feet. Well bodied with good proportions and sensitively handled. Best Veteran In Show

2nd Gibbands Red Cherry

Litter sister to one, two extremely well constructed bitches, not showing their ages at all.

3rd Shepalian Nightflight to Moortime ShCM CDex UDex WD

Special Working Dog/Bitch (10,4)
1st Fulmay First Challenger at Shepalian CDex UDex WDex TD

2nd Shepalian Nightflight to Moortime ShCM CDex UDex WD

3rd Applethorn Valentine Magic

Really showing off the great versatility of the Aussie, all shown in great condition.

Stud Dog (1,1)

Brood Bitch (4)

lst Shepalian Nightflight to Moortime ShCM CDex, UDex, WD

2nd Allmark Veuve Clicquot at Ozzypool

3rd Gemthorne Daybreak

Junior Handling 6-11 years (3,1)

1st Nikki Reeve

Very smart and knowledgeable young handler who handled her dog quietly and calmly, making a very impressive team. Best Junior Handler.

2nd Samantha Reeve

Junior Handling 12-16 years (3,1)

1st Paige Hilton

Well handled, just pipped at the post by young Nikki.

2nd Catrin Roberts