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JUNE 2018

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Australian Shepherd Flyball Grading

The following awards have been given to Aussies competing in BFA flyball since 1998 (unfortunately I don’t have pedigree names for all):


Flyball Dog Advanced (5,000 points):

Tye – (Jicarilla Sweet Dreamer) - Knebworth Flyball Team

Phoenix (Inoby Phoenix Rising) - Fantastic 4 Flyball Team

Morgan (Remuda Mity Morgan of Bachero) - Coyote Unleashed Flyball Team

Soloman - Minster Monsters Flyball Team

Razzle (Rushbottom Razzle Dazzle) - Essex Echoes Flyball Team


Flyball Dog Graduate (2,500 points)

Riva (Bachero Woodspirit Riva) - Coyote Unleashed Flyball Team

Sam (Wolfen Bouncing Boy) - Flying Colours Flyball Team

Rocco (Trijem Revolver) – Knebworth Flyball Team

Flyball Dog Intermediate (1,000)

Rosie (Scandal at Accra) - Flying Colours Flyball Team

Jeep (Bachero Woodspirit Jeep) - Coyote Unleashed Flyball Team

Nushka (Armatan Aces High) Fylde Coasters Flyball Team

River (Rushbottom Riverdancer) - Ramsden Rockers Flyball Team


Flyball Dog (200 points)

Denver (Trijem Remember Ura Womble) - Fantastic 4 Flyball Team

Kiah (Ozzypool Black Velvet) - Essex Echoes Flyball Team

Jasmine - Wolf Pack Flyball Team

Grundy – Jets Flyball Team


Competing or Competed, But No Awards (Yet!)

Sparky - South Riding Vulcans Team

Dil (Remuda Just'o' Punto) - Covert Catapults Flyball Team

Tag - Flying Colours Flyball Team

Ally - Lomond Raiders Flyball Team


Chilli (Topeka Chatanooga Chilli at Bachero) - Coyote Unleashed Flyball Team

Badger (Bachero Woodspirit Bronco) - Coyote Unleashed Flyball Team

Kanga (Bachero Remity Kanga) - Coyote Unleashed Flyball Team

(Bachero Remity Rosalyn) – Doncaster Flyball Team

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