ASCUK is the foundation Australian Shepherd Club in the UK and was formed in 1986 by a few dedicated breed enthusiasts.

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Aussie that have passed the KC Good Citizen Silver Test

If you would like your Aussie adding to this page, please e-mail and advise of your Aussie's pedigree and pet names.



Cagasa Bell Air at Heibri (Sonja)

Am.Ch Thornapple Diamond Rio (Imp USA) (Bubba)

Applethorn Gold Charm (Gabby)

Armatan Fernando (Cody)

Applethorn Classic Gold (Scarlett)

Applethorn Valentine Magic (Jazz)

Jicarilla Dream Lady (Lady)

Gemthorne Moonlight (Dash)

Gibbands Red Cherry (Holly)

Pastimes Home Guard of Astarfalls (Tyler)

Inoby Phoenix Rising (Phoenix)

Abbeyjay Dreamquest at Inoby (Quest)

Shepalian Acountry Cousin of Moortime CDex UDex WDex (Gypsy)

Inoby Urban Chaos Beg 'Ex' (Steiff)

Shepalian Nightflight to Moortime ShCM CDex UDex WD (Flight)

Armatan Feeling Blue (Merlin)

Moortime Forest Fern CDex UDex WDex TD A 'Ex' (Fern)

Moortime Silent Night A 'Ex' (Mocha)

Moortime Night Spirit ShCM CDex UDex WD (Spirit)

Moortime Nighthawk over Jotars ShCM (Dazzle)

Inoby Pinterry Dancer (Calca)

Moortime Flyby Night at Amenbury (Apollo)

Trijem Midnite Minx (Lulu)

Moortime Fly With Raven (Raven)

Applethorn Rain or Shine over Impenzie (Arwen)

Applethorn Cool As Ice (Malik)

Armatan J'Adore Applethorn (Fleur)

Jicarilla Midnight Dreamer (Jack)

Fulmay Bright Spark (Mollie)

Allmark Archers ShCM (Archie)

Armatan Sun and Steel (Piper)

Zaffyre Rock On (Dexter)

Silvarcea American Smooth (Bliss)

Lyveden Niraya Nadu AW(B) (Troy)

Silvarcea Rags To Riches (Jazz) 

Trijem All American Raz m' Taz for Notacolly (Harley)

Love In A Mist of Fender Song for Moortime (Mist)

Trijem Rebel In Blue Jeans at Notacolly (Sydney)

Stalking Wolf of Moortime (Tala)

Javison Silver Ash at Nanaimo ShCM (Sydney)


Javison Colorado Blue (Merlin)


Jicarilla In Your Dreams (Rusty)





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