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Australian Shepherd Obedience Grading

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Ob.Ch Cagasa Dark n Delicious OW CDex UDex WDex (Dee) owned by Susanne Jaffa

WT.Ch / Ob.Ch Amberslade Buckaneer CDex UDex WDex TDex PDex (Buck) owned by Susanne Jaffa

Ob.Ch Topeka Railroad Stitch OW (Stitch) owned by Sue Beavers



Remuda Mity Maverick (Mav) owned by Vikki Wong

Remuda Top'R Mity El Mono for Topeka (Monkey) owned by Sue Beavers

Solarwind Star Sapphire OW (Shanti) owned by Kat Farrants



Rueson Blueprint (Louis) owned by Liz White

Moortime Silent Night (Mocha) owned by Sue Wall

Topeka Justa Silver Star (Shoshoni) owned by Sue Beavers 

Moortime Forest Fern A'Ex' CDex UDex WDex TD (Fern) owned by Lynne & Paul Cousins

Quilters Anomander Rake A 'Ex' woned by Louise Spenceley

Moortime Sacred Moon A 'Ex' (Koda) owned by Lynne & Paul Cousins



Black Satin Topaz for Auziway Beg'Ex' (Cali) owned by Diane Taylor

Remuda Top'R Justa Punto (Dil) owned by Katie Bloor

Topeka Ocasa Rojo (Dazzle) owned by Louise Jackson

Topeka Pintura Rojo at Coranda (Pinto) owned by Val Tate

Rushbottom Righto Mr Briggs at Retcoll Nox 'Ex' (Brigz) owned by Sue Ellis

Moortime Devon By Moonlight Nov 'Ex' (Sapphire) owned by Lynne & Paul Cousins



Armatan Fernando (Cody) owned by Hilda Roberts

Inoby Urban Chaos Beg 'Ex' (Steiff) owned by Catherine Fuller

Moortime Moonlight Kisses (Echo) owned by Gail Foreman

Applefire Wishes Come True For Lamintone Beg 'Ex' (Reva) owned by Heather Mee

Trijem Apple of my Eye for Gibbands (Stella) owned by Andy Gibbons

Topeka Ruby Mountain High (Sully) owned by Sandra Broadhead

Topeka Poco Rojo (Suni) owned by Rob Summerfield

Amberslade Commanche (Rufus) owned by Laurel Keeley

Bachero Woodspirit Jeep (Jeep) owned by Mandie Gibson

Remuda Red Peppa Stetson CDex UDex WDex BH (Peppa) owned by Liz Hulley

Dockenbush Stir Crazee owned by Mo Shamsolmaali

Lyveden Manara Mansi for Remuda (Lyvi) owned by Sandra Harrison

Trijem True Blue Freedom (Mac) owned by Lynn Farrington



Allmark Archers (Archie) owned by Lin Wallace

DrCral Majestic Prince ShCM Pre.Beg 'Ex' (Flynn) owned by Alison Keel

Moortime Once In A Blue Moon (Drifter) owned by Joan Richards

Miiryan Bega Miah (Bindy) owned by Sue Juniper

Mirriyan Bega Tirrike (Boomer) owned by Julie Swallow

Javison Colorado Blue (Merlin) owned by Mo Shamsolmaali



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