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Talking Dogs Rally is a relatively new dog sport which was launched in the UK in 2010. Based on Rally-Obedience, created by Charles Kramer in USA ten years ago, this UK version brings new, fun challenges to pet dog owners. Aiming to lose as few points as they can, teams perform user-friendly obedience-style exercises (stations) set out in a numbered course. TD Rally is fun for all, welcoming handlers of all ages and abilities, and dogs both mongrel and pedigree. Uniquely, TD Rally encourages teams to compete against their own previous scores rather than just against each other. With 75 different exercises, three levels of difficulty and an infinite combination of stations, Talking Dogs Rally is intended to give ongoing challenges for teams.  A team is made up of a dog/handler combination which are then registered to compete.


All ages of dogs can compete and all levels of handler from the professional to pet dogs.  All levels are divided into ‘A’ classes for pet dog handlers and ‘B’ classes for experienced handlers or trainers.  There are separate classes for puppies and veterans which make allowances for the ability of the dogs, with for example less sits or left turns and no jumps so that older or disabled dogs can compete on the same level as everyone else. 


The scoring system in Rally is as follows:

If a team scores 170 - 179 a ‘Good’ rosette is awarded.  (Green)

If a team scores 180 - 189 an ‘Outstanding’ rosette is awarded. (Purple)

If a team scores 190 - 210 an ‘Ace’ rosette is awarded. (Red)

The maximum score available is 210, the main course makes up 200 points with an optional bonus 10 points for an additional exercise at the end of the course.


Awards of Excellence

If teams score 190 or over in each of their first three trials in each Level, they gain the Award of Excellence and 20 bonus points onto their National Ranking.


The custom made, pewter Award of Excellence will be issued directly from TD Rally.


There are further levels and championship status available as you move through the levels, for more information please refer to the TD Rally Website at

Article kindly provided by Julie Swallow


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