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Australian Shepherd Rally Grading

We have a good number of aussies already competing in TD Rally and taking part in trials on a regular basis.  There is also a yearly awards ceremony held in May and points are awarded throughout the year (May – April) to make up the National rankings with the top Ten dogs at each level receiving special awards and prizes.

In the 2012/13 National Rankings the aussies made a good show and we had the following results:


Level 1 2012/13 National Rankings:

7th Place – Sue Juniper and ChR1 Mirriyan Bega Miah (Bindy) TDR1 


Veteran Level 1 2012/13 National Rankings:

9th Place – Robbie Summerfield and Lyveden Niraya Nagayo (Xander) TDRV1

Level 2 2012/13 National Rankings:

2nd Place - Sue Ketland and ChR1 Trijem Remember the Porch (Reefer) TDR2

7th Place - Julie Swallow and ChR1 Mirriyan Bega Tirrike (Boomer) TDR2

10th Place - Julie Swallow and ChR1 Lyveden Castill Chaska (Obi) TDR2 


Veteran Level 2 2012/13 National Rankings:

5th Place - Lorraine Rohland and ChRV1 Ozzypool Wild Rover (George) tDRV2

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