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ASCUK Championship Show - 23rd September 2017

Judge: Mr Tomas Rohlin (Denmark)


Mangry’s Need For Speed With Wispafete (Imp Cze)


Little Red-Cap Du Chemin Des Korrigans (Imp Fra)


Ch/Int’l/Ir/Lux Ch Austrian Dream Be Well Suited Of Wispafete (Imp Aut) JW ShCM


Mistyholly Secret Affair


Trijem The Devil Wears Prada With Notacolly


Paige Spencer


Minor Puppy Dog

Minor Puppy Bitch

1.Silvarcea Twister RBPIS


1.Soloyal Secret Romance

2.Silvarcea Fun In The Sun

3.Silvarcea The Perfect Storm

4.Breezy-Thorn Valley Red Sunset (Imp Nld)

5.Trijem Return Of The Magic


Puppy Dog (4,1)

Puppy Bitch (1,0)

1.Allmark The Sequel JW

2.Allmark Willy Wonka With Jacanshe

3.Allmark Yogi Bear


1.Mistyholly Secret Affair BPIS

Junior Dog (2,0)

Junior Bitch (5,2)

1.Jotars Lies And Deceit with Alfsden

2.Moves Like Jagger Elvikam (Imp Pol)


1.Allmark Fairy Tales at Franmar

2.Miss Atomic Bomb Elvikam (Imp Pol)

3.Jenkova Dark Secret

Yearling Dog (4,0)

Yearling Bitch (4,0)

1.Soloyal Valentino

2.Jotars Lies and Deceit with Alfsden

3.Lyveden Pacon Paladin

4.Lyveden Pacon Pasoki


1.Allmary Fairy Tails To Franmar

2.Wilduc Next To Me At Spotarton

3.Notacolly Maybe Lucky

4.Lyveden Pacon Pandora


Post Graduate Dog (4,1)

Post Graduate Bitch (6,1)

1.Mistyholly Fire In The Sky

2.Mistholly Blues Brother of Franmar

3.Lyveden Pacon Pasoki


1.Wilduc Syndicate

2.Lamintone Dare To Dream

3.Lamintone Dream Walker

4.Soullaria Back To Black At Hilandes

5.Moonstyle Flicks Minx


Limit Dog (6,1)

Limit Bitch (9,2)

1.Allmark Jo Malone ShCM

2.Lyveden Texas Ranger

3.Lamintone Celestial Storm At Soullaria ShCM

4.Gentle Man Labakan Slovakia (Imp Slo)

5.Lyveden Pacon Pasoki


1.Mangry’s Need For Speed With Wispafete (Imp Cze) BCC &BIS

2.Little Red-Cap Du Chemin Des Korrigans (Imp Fra) RBCC & RBIS

3.Silvarcea Annie McPhee With Kishaya

4.Trijem Eye Candy

5.Silvarcea Reggae Fusion at Ozways


Open Dog (6,1)

Open Bitch (8,3)

1.Ch/Int’l/Ir/Lux Ch Austrian Dream Be Well Suited Of Wispafete (Imp Aut) JW ShCM DCC & BOS

2.Ch/Dutch Ch Hearthside Man Of Mystery At Dialynne (Imp USA) JW RDCC

3.Lamintone Cloud Burst ShCM

4.Am Ch Somom’s Just Do It

5.Lyveden Pacon Pasoki


1.Ch Allmark Vanity Fayre JW ShCM

2.Ch Lyveden Texas Rose JW

3.Ch/Ir Ch Austrian Dream Cupcake To Go With Wispafete JW ShCM (Imp Aut)

4.Ch Allmark Felicia at Wilduc

5.Allmark Rockin’ Robyn at Ozzypool



Veteran Dog (3,1)

Veteran Bitch (4,1)

  1. Jacanshe Harvest Time With Aussiame ShCM RBVIS

2.Versace Suave Des Chemins Cathares  (Imp Fra)

1.Trijem The Devil Wears Prada With Notacolly BVIS

2.Jidace Bealacy To Shepwood ShCM

3.Ozzypool Sweet Spice


Stud Dog (0,0)

Brood Bitch (1.0)

No entries

1.Allmark Foreign Affair

Special Working Dog or Bitch (2,0)

Jacqui O’Brien Memorial Stakes (7,3)

1.Rannaleroch Chilaca At Applecreek ‘Beg Ex’

2.Lyveden Rairock Rebel

1.Ch/Ir Ch Austrian Dream Cupcake To Go With Wispafete JW ShCM (Imp Aut)

2.Lamintone Celestial Storm At Soullaria ShCM

3.Rannaleroch Chilaca At Applecreek ‘Beg Ex’

4.Allmark Rockin Robyn At Ozzypool

Junior Handling Age 6 – 11 years (1,0)


Junior Handling Age 12-16 years (2,0)


1.Lauren Bridges


1.Paige Spencer

2.Tamsin Blyton


Special Award Classes

Judge: Mrs Gill Brown (Shepwood)



Special Award Winnie Macinytre Yearling Dog or Bitch Stakes (9,0)

Special Award Jacqui O’Brien Open Dog or Bitch (9,2)

1.Wilduc Next To Me At Spotarton

2.Misyholly Blues Brother at Franmar

3.Jenkova Dark Secret

4.Jotars Lies And Deceit With Alfsden

5.Silvarcea Twister



1.Gentle Man Labakan Slovakia (Imp Slo)

2.Lyveden Texas Ranger

3.Wilduc Syndicate

4.Little Red-Cap Du Chemin Des Korrigans (Imp Fra)

5.Trijem Eye Candy

Special Award Brian Goodyear Veteran Dog or Bitch (4,2)


1.Jacanshe Harvest Time With Aussieame ShCM

2.Trijem The Devil Wears Prada With Notacolly




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