ASCUK Limit Show 17th April 2011. Judge:- Mrs S Green (Armatan)









I would like to thank everyone for this wonderful opportunity, to my fantastic stewards and all the exhibitors for making it a pleasure to judge.

Puppy Dog – No Entries

Junior Dog

1st Reeve’s - Silvercea Rag ‘N’ Bone Man - Black tri dog on the smaller size of the standard but very balanced and proportion. Nice head and expression, correct eye and bite. Level topline, good muscle tone which was used to move out well.

2nd Gilingham’s - Silverdream Aussies Time will Tell at Parkgrove (Imp Hun) - Black Tri with expressive almond shaped eyes, good depth of muzzle and moderate stop. Good reach of neck with a pleasing profile.

3rd Harris’s – Bordertime I have a Dream for Candace

Post Graduate Dog

1st Bland’s – Abodandy Nika Yaba Daba Boo at Hilandes JW - Handsome Red Merle dog with lovely masculine head. Good bone and substance. Scissor bite, correct shaped eye and good head planes. Strong neck leading to well laid back shoulders. Well balanced with good front and rear angulation, moved and showed extremely well. BEST IN SHOW

2nd Roger’s – Ozways Moulnerouge -Lovely deep Red Tri with a well balanced head followed by a strong neck and good lay back of shoulder. Level top line, good angulation and muscle.

3rd Richards – Moortime Once in a Blue Moon

Limit Dog

1st Keel’s – Drcral Majestic Prince P.Beg Ex - Black tri dog with good eye and scissor bite. Well balanced and in proportion with good angulation front and rear. Level topline with a nicely rounded croup. Presented and showed well.  

2nd Harris & Winfrow – Allmark Ginger Nuts (ai) - Red Tri with moderate stop and lovely ear set. Correct body proportions and strong neck set on well laid back shoulders. Level top line maintained on the move.  

Open Dog

1st Harris & Winfrow’s – Allmark Solotaire - Black Tri. Another lovely dog of good type and shape. Of a good size and proportions longer than tall. Good bone, nice feet and nice head. RESERVE BEST IN SHOW

2nd Alder’s – Jacanshe Harvest Time - Red Tri with nice kind eye and bite. Moderate stop and  lovely ear set, all showing off a lovely balanced head. Correct body proportions, strong neck set on well laid back shoulders. Level top line maintained on the move. Excellent muscle tone with good depth of coat, to complete the excellent package. Unfortunately I have seen this lovely boy move out better on other occasions.

Veteran Dog

1st O’Brien’s – Shepalian Mr Bumble of Abodandy - 9 ½ years old Black Tri who moved and showed well. In good coat and condition. Masculine head and expression with a well set ear, lovely neck and shoulders. Strong topline and a well set tail with good body proportions. With good bone and feet and well ribbed body. BEST VETERAN IN SHOW

2nd Brown’s – Accra Hogwarts Special - Black Tri who is well up to size, masculine throughout, head in proportion. Well muscled and moved around the ring with ease, shown and presented to perfection.

Puppy Bitch – No Entries

Junior Bitch

1st Macfarlanes – Bordertime In Ya Dreams - Black Tri bitch with alert, kind expression, correct eye and scissor bite. Strong neck and good lay back of shoulder.

Post Graduate Bitch

1st Gibbons – Trijem Apple of My Eye at Gibbands - Black Tri bitch with alert, kind expression, correct eye and scissor bite. Strong neck good lay back of shoulder and good angulation. Well muscled with nice tight feet. Moved out with purpose.

2nd Matheson-Smith’s – Triforce the Windspinner - A very enthusiastic Blue Merle bitch who was making the most of her day out. Pretty head and expression with a very well balanced body of good proportions.

Limit Bitch

1st Storer’s – Javison Silverbelle - Blue merle bitch of good size and substance.

Open Bitch

1st Rogers' Ozways First Print at Frebobears - Lovely all round balanced Red Merle bitch, with lovely head and expression, correct eye and bite. Deep well sprung chest. Lovely rear angulation, level topline leading to a moderately angled croup.  Right amount of muscle for a bitch moved and shown to perfectionBEST OPPOSITE SEX

2nd O'Briens' Shepalian Bajimba of Abodandy JW - Blue Merle with a good eye and bite. Lovely bitch head and a good reach of neck. Correct shoulder angulations, level top line with correct height to length proportions.

3rd Dowsons' Allmark Veuve Clicquot at Ozzypool

Veteran Bitch – No Entries

Junior Handling 6-11 years – No Entries

Junior Handling 12-16 years

1st Samantha Reeve – Excellent little handler who presented her dog well ensuring he was stood correctly at all times. Neater lines

2nd Nikki Reeve – Always presented her dog well ensuring she was stood well at all times. Moved well and completed really neat corners. Unfortunately moved out a little early not showing her competitor due respect.  

Best Junior Handler Overall :- Samantha Reeve
Colour Classes

Black/Black Tri

1st Ozzypool Running Bear

2nd Bordertime In Ya Dreams

3rd Bortertime I have a Dream for Candace

4th Silverdream Aussies Time Will Tell at Parkgrove (Imp Hun)

Red/Red Tri

1st Allmark Ginger Nuts (ai)

2nd Jacanshe Harvest Time ShCM

3rd Gemthorne Theme For A Dream

Blue Merle

1st Moortime Once In A Blue Moon

2nd Javison Silverbelle

3rd Impenzie Ariel

4th Triforce the Stormrunner

Red Merle

1st Shepalian Red Ensign

Good Citizen

1st Drcral Majestic Prince P.Beg.Ex

2nd Accra Hogwarts Special

3rd Moortime Once In A Blue Moon

Sarah Green (Judge)




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