ASCUK Championship Show 2019 ~ 26th April 2019

Judge ~ Mr Jan de Gids (Netherlands)



Magical Love Elvikam JW (Imp Pol)


Ir Ch Scallywag My Blue Heaven in Castleavery CW 15, 16 & 17


Jotars Lies and Deceit with Alfsden


Thornshavn Maid of Blue For Rosschell (Imp Pol)


Lyveden Rairock Rhythm


Tamsin Blyton


Minor Puppy Dog (4,0)

Minor Puppy Bitch (6,1)

1. Allmark Ebony

2. Mistyholly Saxon Warrior to Shepwood

3. Franmar Storm Trooper

1. Allmark Sapphire with Alfsden

2. Undralands Marshmellow

3. Birkcross Georgie Girl TAF

4. Franmar Blue Elegance

5. Mistyholly Night Sky at Triforce

Puppy Dog (5,0)

Puppy Bitch (6,0)

1.Sparkaway Talk of the Devil RBPIS

2.Allmark Ebony

3.One More Time of Fender Song (Imp Fra)

4.Franmar The Thriller

1. Thornshavn Maid of Blue for Rosschell (Imp Pol) BPIS

2.Undralands Marshmellow

3.LS Twin Creek Ooh La La at Shloyan

4.Thornshavn My Little Queen (Imp Pol)

5.Marbleshore Déjà vu (Imp Hun)

Junior Dog (2,0)

Junior Bitch (5,0)

1.Dialynne Da Vinci

2.Razkiah The Mad Hatter

1.Birkcross Secret Agent with Accra

2.Allmark Ice Ice Baby

3.Dialynne Sophia Loren of Norcis

4.Dialynne Primavera

Yearling Dog (7,0)

Yearling Bitch (5,0)

1.Ninja Iskander Warrior Due Revere Shanizolo (Imp Fra)

2.Fraytal Corsairy Casch at Razkiah (Imp Rus)

3.Sparkaway Supernatural

4.Dialynne Da Vinci

5.Lamintone Epic Inferno (ai)

1.Magical Love Elvikam JW (Imp Pol) BCC & BIS

2.Silverdream Aussies Your Destiny at Parkgrove (Imp Hun)

3.Sparkaway Supermodel

4.Dialynne Sophia Loren at Norcis

5.Triforce Morning Mist Over Shepwood

Post Graduate Dog (8,1)

Post Graduate Bitch (9,5)

1.Aoiristar Supernova ShCM (IKC)

2.Sparkaway Supersonic

3.Ewbell Pure Dead Brilliant at Norcis ShCM

4.Jenkova The Dark Lord

5.Tanmark’s Peter Pan (Imp Hun)

1.Silvarcea The Perfect Storm

2.Lullaby Pippin n Lady AppleDes Terres se Laumeneel (Imp Fra)

3.Miss Atomic Bomb Elvikam (Imp Pol)

Limit Dog (5,0)

Limit Bitch (14,8)

1.Triforce The Shadow

2.Gentle Man Labakan Slovakia (Imp Svk)

3.Mistyholly Blues Brother of Franmar ShCM

4.Damani Dream Give Me Five at Milwyr (Imp Rus)

5.Mistyholly Fire In The Sky

1.Love Story of Fender Song for Shepalian

2.Lyveden Pacon Pandora

3.Jenkova Dark Secret ShCM

4.Rannaleroch Chilaca at Applecreek Beg Ex

5.Silvarcea American Smooth for Jochurra

Open Dog (11,1)

Open Bitch (13,4)

1.Jotars Lies and Deceit with Alfsden DCC & BOS

2.Rus Ch Fraytal Up To The Top (Imp Rus) RDCC

3.Multi Ch Austrian Dream Be Well Suited od Wispafete JW ShCM

4.Ch Lamintone Cloud Burst ShCM

5.Triforce Silver Surfer

1.Ir Ch Scallywag My Blue Heaven in Castleavery CW 15, 16 & 17 RBCC & RBIS

2.Ch Allmark Razzle Dazzle Em at Jazdaze

3.Saussurea Grand Entrance by Shulune (Imp Pol)

4.Ch Lyveden Texas Rose JW

5.Ch Mistyholly More Magic for Louiston

Veteran Dog (3,0)

Veteran Bitch (4,0)

1.Ch/Jsy Ch Harmonyhill’s Here’s The Deal with Chakona ShCM (Imp USA) RBVIS

2.Lyveden Rairock Rebel JW

3.Ch Allmark Licensed To Thrill

1.Lyveden Rairock Rhythm BVIS

2.Triforce Last of the Wilds

3.Shloyan Encore

4.Lamintone It’s All About Me



Special Working Dog / Bitch (3,1)

Jacqui O’Brien Memorial Stakes (12,9)

1.Lyveden Rairock Rebel JW

2.Rannaleroch Chilaca at Applecreek Beg Ex

1.Ch Lyveden Texas Rose JW

2.Lamintone Celestial Storm at Soullaria ShCM

3.Rannaleroch Chilaca at Applecreek Beg Ex

Junior Handler 6-11 years (1,0)

Junior Handler 12-16 years (1,0)

1.Lauren Bridges

1.Tamsin Blyton BJH



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