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It is important that all Aussies that are bred from have had their hips and elbows x-rayed and scored through the BVA scheme. 



Hip x-rays are examined looking at the condition of the hip joints. They are looking to see how the hip joint fits together, and the degree of Dysplasia in the hips. Each Hip is examined and in the UK given a score between 0  and 53. The lower the score the better the hip joint. When looking for a puppy you may see hip scores written as either one figure (a combination of both hips added together), or as 2 figures (the individual scores for each hip).


ASCUK's code of ethics state that all breeding dogs must be hip scored, and no dog should be bred with a score over 16.

More detailed information about Hip Scores can be found on the BVA website


Please note that dogs from other countries should still have had their hips checked, however different countries can use different scouring schemes.


Elbow x-rays are examined from a combination of 2 different x-rays. Like Hips, they are looking at the condition of the elbow joint, for signs of Elbow Dysplasia. In the UK each elbow is given a score between 0 and 3. Unlike Hips the two elbow scores do not get added together, and instead the score is taken as the highest score given to an individual elbow. For example if the individual elbows score 1 & 3, the overall Score is 3.

ASCUKS code of ethics state that all breeding dogs must be elbow scored, and no dog should be bred with a score over 1

More detailed information about Elbow Scores can be found on the BVA website

As with hips, dogs scored in other countries may have a different scoring scheme.

How are hips and Elbows Inherited

Hips and Elbows, and both complex genetic issues, and there is no one gene linked to either condition. This means that despite scoring we cant guarantee a puppy wont go on to have issues, however having breeding dogs tested means we can avoid dogs being bred from that do actually have the conditions. 

Environment of a growing puppy can also have an impact on hip and elbow development, and for this reason it is important that puppies, are not over exercised. A general guideline for the amounts of exercise a puppy can do is given as 5 minutes exercise per month of age. So a 3 months old puppy could get getting walks of around 15 minutes, where as a 6 month old can be doing 30 minutes. Mental stimulation for Aussies of any age, is just as important, as physical exercise.


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