ASCUK is the foundation Australian Shepherd Club in the UK and was formed in 1986 by a few dedicated breed enthusiasts.

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Latest News

 JANUARY 2018 

  • Exciting event planned for 10th June 2018. Full details to follow


  • Championship Show critique added. Photos  to follow
  • Open Show critique added. Photos to follow
  • Judges lists updated


  • Championship Show results added. 

APRIL 2017

  • Gallery of Events held ~ photos throughout the years now being added
  • Limit Show results and critique added


Remembering our Aussies.... now at Rainbow Bridge


Bluefires Ice Diamond (Jade) owned by Rita Noon 

Corroboree Red Devil (Raffe) owned by Julie Blackburn 

Gefion Cepheid of Shepalian (Jazz) owned by John & Jacquie West 

Ir.Ch Kapia Robin at Ozzypool (Oscar)  owned by Colin & Glynis Dowson 

Ir.Ch Frason Adorable Spice at Ozzypool (Spice) owned by Colin & Glynis Dowson 

Cagasa Ari-Zona (Ozzie) owned by Bobbie & Fred Rogers 

Am.Ch Thornapple Diamond Rio (Imp USA) (Bubba) owned by Julie Blackburn, Wally & Jayne Holligan 

Am.Ch Thornapple Climate Controlled (Imp USA) (Lorenzo) owned by Jayne & Wally Holligan 

Abbiejay Dream Quest at Inoby (Quest) owned by Catherine Fuller 

Mareith Dolyndens Best at Ausden (Morse) owned by Lyn & Mike Dennis

Timberwoods Silver Secret at Rueson (Imp USA) (Kira) owned by Ron & Sue Hawkins

Timberwoods Satin Secret at Rueson (Imp USA) (Dax) owned by Ron & Sue Hawkins

Glarenmoss Razzlin' Roo  (Roo) owned by Annie Claringbold

Glarenmoss Twistte 'n' Shout of Moortime CDex UDex WDex TD (Bramble) owned by Lynne & Paul Cousins

Cagasa Bell Air at Heibri (Sonja) owned by Brian & Heike Goodyear and Roxanne McDonald

Cagasa Red Red Wine (Rhea) owned by Brian & Heike Goodyear

Sangosands Silver Star at Shorrain ShCM (Pebbles) owned by Pat & Pete Harrison

Silvery Moonshine (Blue) owned by Tiffany Orchard

Ozzypool Allspice at Revloch (Pepper) owned by Colin & Glynis Dowson

Gibbands Queen Alexandra (Becky) owned by Sue & Andy Gibbons

Gibbands Red Riding Hood (Tina) owned by Sue & Andy Gibbons

Imokam Arrayanes (Imp Esp) (Sam) owned by Ana Herrara

Am.Ch Firethorne C'est La Vive (Imp USA) (Barbie)  owned by the Gatenby, Green & Jennings Families

Gefion Raindrop (Ivy) owned by Nicky Burridge

Khetashio All American Dude at Frebobears (Imp DK) (JJ) owned by Bobbie & Fred Rogers

Ir.Ch Accra Baylis Inaspin ShCM (Murphy) owned by Lydia & Kevin Brown

Moortime Flyby Night at Amenbury (Apollo) owned by Fiona Lee

Applethorn Rain or Shine Over Impenie (Arwen) owned by Ros Timperon & Sheila Gorley

Triforce The Last Sky Pirate (Cole) owned by Debbie & Keith Newell

Gibbands Silver Skipper at Ausden (Izzy) owned by Lyn & Mike Dennis

Gemthorne Daddies Girl (Zoe) owned by Linda MacFarlane

Am.Ch Thornapple Powercore (Spitty) owned by Jayne Holligan

Traqdean Wriggling Perdita (Sparky) owned by Steffi Smith

Glarenmoss Justfa Bob (Bobby) owned by Joan and Merv Richards

Inoby Pinterry Dancer (Calca) owned by Carol Disley

Ob.Ch Cagasa Dark n Delicious OW CDex UDex WDex (Dee) owned by Suzanne Jaffa

Ozzypool MacGuiness (Mac) owned by Colin & Glynis Dowson

Ch. Gibbands Red Admiral (Jed) owned by Andy & Sue Gibbons

Sangosands Shhh You Know Who (Luna) owned by Lorraine Lamberton

Accra Frankly Speaking ShCM (Louis) owned by Karen & David Angier

Armatan Angel Eyes ShCM (Rhia) owned by Alan & Christine McNee

Ozzypool Nutmeg with Tukela (Meg) owned by Carina & Mark Dunn

Kaweah A Fist Full Of Dollars from Bilyara (Dollar) (Imp USA) owned by Karen & David Angier

Ir.Ch Accra I'mtheotherone ShCM (Paddy) owned by Lydia & Kevin Brown

Accra Caramel Fizz at Armatan (Amber) owned by Geoff & Pat Gatenby & Sarah Green & family

Ir.Ch Sangosands Stars n Stripes JW ShCM (Cody Brown) owned by Lydia & Kevin Brown

Ch. Armatan Moonchild (Megan) owned by Geoff & Pat Gatenby & Sarah Green & family

Ozzypool Red Hogan ShCM (Jake) owned by Colin & Glynis Dowson

Fulmay First Challenger at Shepalian CDex UDex WDex TD (Mason) owned by John & Jacqui West

Ozzypool Chilli (Robin) owned by Colin & Glynis Dowson

Armatan Ventura (Kato) owned by The Gatenby, Green and Morelli families

Rueson Firebird (Lace) owned by Ron & Sue Hawkins

Telynor Georgia Girl (Georgia) owned by Annie Claringbold

Shepalian Acountry Cousin of Moortime CDex UDex WDex (Gypsy) owned by Lynne & Paul Cousins

Shepalian Nightflight to Moortime ShCM CDex UDex WD (Flight) owned by Lynne & Paul Cousins

Armatan Sanoma Valley (Casper) owned by Geoff & Pat Gatenby & Sarah Green & family

Ozzypool Black Opal ShCM (Echo) owned by Morag Fletcher

Ozzypool Marquis Diamond (Murphy) owned by Tony & Sylvie Sweet

Armatan Adorez Mon Maitre (Tuffers) owned by Pat &Geoff Gatenby & Sarah Green & family

Applethorn Gold Charm (Gabby) owned by Julie Blackburn

Accra Hogwarts Special (Badger) owned by Lydia & Kevin Brown

Armatan Here She Comes (Maisie) owned by Andy and Cathryn Jennings and family

Swedish Ch. Applethorn Storm Force (Groucho) owned by Jayne Holligan

Moortime Night Spirit ShCM CDex UDex WD (Spirit) owned by Lynne & Paul Cousins

Liskarn Time To Wish at Mistyisle (Mika) owned by Kirstie Venton

Thornapple Baja Burst (Burstie) (Imp USA) owned by Julie & Steve Pugh

Ir.Ch Armatan Bad Moon Rising (ai) ShCM CW'07, CW'10 (Dash Dog) owned by Julie Blackburn, Wally Holligan, Sarah Green and Pat & Geoff Gatenby

Applethorn Texas Tornado (Tex) owned by Angie and Gordon Cameron

Applethorn Golden Eye at Nanaimo (Merlin) owned by Molly Apperley

Applethorn Classic Gold (Scarlett) owned by Julie, Wally and Jayne Holligan


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