ASCUK is the foundation Australian Shepherd Club in the UK and was formed in 1986 by a few dedicated breed enthusiasts.

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  • ASCUK Open Show Breed Critique now available on the Events page



ASCUK Roll of Honour - Working Trials

(Qualified CDex UDex WD Open)


Mareith Daquohnesta of Shepalian CDex UDex WDex TD

Glarenmoss Twist 'N' Shout of Moortime CDex UDex WDex TD

Glarenmoss Grin 'N' Bareit CDex UDex WDex TDex

Shepalian Acountry Cousin of Moortime CDex UDex WDex

Shepalian Nightflight to Moortime ShCM CDex UDex WD

Shepalian Toffee Crisp CDex UDex WDex

Moortime Forest Fern CDex UDex WDex TD A 'Ex'

Moortime Night Spirit ShCM CDex UDex WD

Fulmay First Challenger at Shepalian CDex UDex WDex TD

Shepalian Pillow Talk CDex UDex WDex TDex


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