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ASCUK Limit Show


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Results and Critique

Armatan Fireblade

Shenkiri Dancing Rainbow over Mistyisle

Shenkiri Dancing Rainbow over Mistyisle

Allmark Ozzy Osbourne at Dialynne

Keith Young

18th April 2010

Accra Hogwarts Special

Puppy Dog - 6 entries

1 Gatenby & Green's Armatan Fire Blade (ai)

Very handsome black tri who is pleasing in head type. Has good proportions with a correct eye shape and ear placement. Good reach of neck with good front angulation. Level top line with slight slope to tail set. Good bone and substance giving a very pleasing outline. Full marks to his young handler, I was pleased to award him Best Puppy In Show.

2 Childs & Cartwright's Moonstyle Secret Weapon

Blue Merle who is very pleasing in type and substance. Good reach of neck and level topline. Having enough rear angulations and overall balance but just not making the most of himself on the day. Preferred the front quarters of 1.

3 Wilson's Ozway Moulin Rouge

Junior Dog - 1 entry

1 McFarlane's Gemthorne Theme For A Dream

Red Tri presented in lovely coat condition. Pleasing in head and eye colour, with good reach of neck and level top line. Liked his rear angulation but needs to improve in his front quarters, moved steady.

Post Graduate Dog - 6 entries

1 Lee's Bandit at Shepalian of Crystal Lake for Amenbury

Handsome blue merle having good head proportions. Good reach of neck and level top line, Won this class with his sound front and rear quarters. Good depth and overall shape and balance. Presented in excellent condition, moved well.

2 Dowson's Oypool Running Bear

Black tri presented in lovely condition. I liked him for type and substance, with good reach of neck, correct lay of shoulder and topline. Just preferred the movement and hindquarters of 1 on the day.

3 Gillingham's Accra Silver Gibbana at Parkgrove.

Limit Dog - 6 entries

1 West's Shepalian Toffee Crisp

Handsome red merle, not in full coat at present but in lovely condition. Won this class on his soundness, having plenty of drive and purpose in his movement. Liked him for size and substance and gave a pleasing overall profile when standing.

2 Lee's Shepalian Paris Express at Amenbury

Blue Merle looking well when standing. Good head proportions, having a nce reach of neck with well laid shoulder and sound front. Full marks on presenting him in lovely condition, but I preferred the rear quarters of 1 in this class.

3 Robert's Armatan Bolt From The Blue

Open Dog - 1 entry

1 Spavin & Raymond's Allmark Ozzy Osbourne at Dialynne

What a cracking dog and one I have judged before. He is certainly improving with age and has a lovely lean outline. Ever so sound front and rear quarters and his close fitting coat give him a lovely outline when standing. Well done to his handler for her presentation, I awarded him Best In Show

Veteran Dog - 6 entries

1 Brown's Accra Hogwarts Special

Black tri who is very masculine and of good size. He has the bone and substance I was looking for in a male. Good depth of chest and overall balance, moved with drive and purpose. Presented in good firm condition, well handled. Awarded him Best Veteran In Show

2 West's Fulmay First Challenger at Shepalian CDex

I liked this blue merle for type. Well balanced head with correct eye shape. Good reach of neck with pleasing shoulders and depth of fore chest. Good size and substance, but needs to strengthen in rear movement.

3 Goodyear's Armatan Collectors Item at Heibri ShCM

Puppy Bitch - 3 entries

1 Wilson's Oway Diamond Duvet

Very attractive black tri. Still a baby at present, but I am sure she will have a bright future ahead. Lovely sweet expression, good bone and substance while still appearing feminine. Nice top line for good front and rear quarters. Full marks for presentation.

2 Gatenby & Green's Armatan I Made It Through (ai)

Another promising puppy that appealed to me. Very attractive blue merle, loved her type and substance while looking very feminine. She gave her young handler such a hard time today !!

Junior Bitch - 1 entry

1 Venton's Liskarn Time To Wish at Mistyisle

Feminine blue merle who stood alone in this class. Pleasing head, eyes and well pleased ears. Good reach of neck with level top line. Presented in good condition, but needs to strengthen in front and rear quarters.,

Post Graduate Bitch - 5 entries

1 McFarlane's Gemthorne Daddies Girl

Feminine black tri with good head and muzzle. Well bodied with enough bone and substance, presented in good condition.

2 Hodges, Gatenby & Green's Armatan Calamity Jane at Jopium

I liked this red merle at first glance. Lovely type of head with good neck and shoulders. Presented in lovely condition, it was a shame she was a little over weight.

3 Blackmore's Jicarilla Dream Lady

Limit Bitch - 5 entries

1 Taylor & Venton's Shenkiri Dancing Rainbow over Mistyisle

Glamorous red merle bitch who is full of quality. Loved her head and overall type. Lovely reach of neck with sound front quarters. Nice bend of stifle giving super overall balance and clean profile. Moved with style and soundness, easily my best bitch and Reserve Best In Show

2 Blackmore's Elkstone Lady Bug Red

Another feminine red merle with correct bone and substance, Liked her head, eyes and well placed ears. Well laid shoulders, giving sound front quarters. She has enough angulation on her rear quarters to enable her to move with drive. Well presented.

3. West's Shepalian Reims Of Verse

Open Bitch - 6 entries

1 Rogers Ozway First Print at Frebobears

Attractive red merle bitch who is full of quality. Lovely head, with correct shape eyes and ears. Won this class with ease on her soundness. This bitch could work all day, and her young handler made it look all too easy. Nicely presented.

2 Spavin & Raymond's Allmark Cookie Monster at Dialynne

Glamarous red merle presented well, as one would expect from this kennel. Gorgeous head and expression. Nice reach of neck, level top line with smooth clean outline. Just preferred the soundness of 1.

3 Dowson's Allmark Veuve Clicquot at Ozzypool

Veteran Bitch - 3 entries

1 Taylor & Venton's Moortime Magic of the Moors at Shenkiri ShCM

This bitch was presented in lovely condition as were the other dogs from this kennel. She has good overall angulation, winning this class on movement.

2 Cousins Shepalian Nightflight to Moortime CDex UDex WDex

I liked this red merle for type, shape, movement and overall construction. Pleasing head and expression with good bone and substance. Moved steady.

3 Haddock's Gibbands Red Cherry

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