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ASCUK Limit Show


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Best Opposite Sex -

Best Puppy -

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Results and Critique

Armatan The Edge of Glory

Abodandy Niko Jackaroo Boo

Abodandy Niko Jackaroo Boo

Allmark Ginger Nuts

Glynis Dowson

16th April 2012

Accra Hogwarts Special

I would like to thank the committee for their invitation to judge, I had a lovely day. Also thank you to everyone for accepting my decisions.

Puppy Dog (1)

1st Keel’s Armatan The Edge of Glory

11 month old Black Tri – Good head shape, correct bite. Good ear & eye shape. Nice reach of neck. Nice tight feet, good movement for age. Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Show

Junior Dog (1)

1st McFarlane’s BorderTime Coco Pops

Red Tri just 12 months, still very much a baby. Moderate bone, good ear and eye set. Good angulations and level top line. Needs to settle on the move. Would prefer a more masculine head.

Post Graduate Dog 3(1)

1st Roger’s Ozways Moulnerouge

Red tri - masculine head, nice reach of neck into good shoulders. Level top line which was kept on the move, nice tight feet.

2nd McFarlane’s Gemthorne Dust Storm

Black Tri of good size. Good ear set, ample bone and good feet. Good angulations just needs to settle on the move.

Limit Dog (2)

1st Bland’s Abodandy Nika Yaba Daba Boo at Hilandes JW ShCM

Red merle of good size and substance. Masculine head, correct eye & ear set . Correct bite and moved and handled well.

2nd Keel’s Drcral Majestic Prince P.Beg Ex ShCM

Another nice dog of good size. Good reach of neck into well laid shoulders. Level top line, and moved well. Just preferred head of one.

Open Dog (1)

1st Harris & Winfrow's Allmark Ginger Nuts (ai)

Red tri of good size. Strong masculine head and well defined stop. Good eye and ear shape. Muscular neck into well laid back shoulders. Firm level top line and good angulations. Moved with purpose and drive. In excellent condition and very well handled. Best Dog and Best In Show.

Veteran Dog 3(2)

1st Brown’s Accra Hogwarts Special.

10 ½ yr Black tri of good size. Masculine head with good expression. Good angulations moved well for age . In excellent condition and well handled. Pleased to award him Reserve Best Dog and Best Veteran in Show

2nd Roger’s Gibbands Tawny Rajah

12 yr Red merle of good size. Lovely head, eye and ear set. Good bone. Well handled and moved ok for age.

Puppy Bitch (1)

1st J McFarlane’s Jotars Dazzling Ruby

7 month old Red tri. Very much a baby. Good eye and ear set. Gave her handler a hard time. Best Puppy Bitch

Junior Bitch (0)

No Entries

Post Graduate Bitch 4(2)

1st Crotty’s Shepalian Mistee Dream at Soullaria

Blue Merle with a pretty head. Good reach of neck and good body shape. Nicely angulated and moved well. Reserve Best Bitch

2nd L McFarlane’s Bordertime In Ya Dreams

Very feminine black tri. Good eye and ear set. Moderate bone and good feet. Coat of good colour and condition. Just needs to settle on the move to get the best out of her.

Limit Bitch 2(1)

1st Crotty’s Abodandy Niko Jacaroo Boo

Red tri with a pretty head and expression. Good depth of chest and level top line. Good bone, nice tight feet and moved well. Best Bitch and Best Opposite Sex

Open Bitch 3(2)

1st Roger’s Ozways First Print at Frebobears

Well balanced and very feminine red merle .Good reach of neck into good shoulders. Level top line kept on the move. Good angulations Well handled .Just a little out of coat today.

2nd Hodges, Gatenby & Green’s Armatan Calamity Jane at Jopium

Blue merle - another nice bitch of good shape. Well put together with good angulations. Good bone and nice tight feet. Coat of good colour. Well handled, just felt she was a little overweight which affected her movement.

Veteran Bitch 1 (1)


Black/Black Tri

1st L McFarlane’s Border Time In Ya Dreams

Red/Red Tri

1st Rogers Ozways Moulnerouge

2nd L McFarlane’s Bordertime Coco Pops

3rd J McFarlane’s Jotars Dazzling Ruby

4th Crotty’s Abodandy Niko Jacaroo Boo

Blue Merle

1st Crotty’s Shepalian Mistee Dream at Soullaria

Red Merle

1st Bland’s Shepalian Red Ensign over Hilandes ShCM

Good Citizen

1st Keel’s Drcral Majestic Prince P.Beg Ex ShCM

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