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ASCUK Limit Show


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Results and Critique

Little Red-Cap Du Chemin Des Korrigans

Lamintone Cloud Burst

Lamintone Cloud BUrst

Triforce Last of the Wilds

Jayne Clegram

10th April 2016

Jidace Belacey to Shepwood

Puppy Dog

1. No entries

Junior Dog

1. Gatenby, Green & Blackburn - Gentle Man Labakan Slovakia (Imp Slo ) B/Tri 14mths old, Well this boy hasn’t half matured, there was no deciding his gender, Masculine head, flat skull, good well rounded muzzle. Naughty aussie expression, kind eye. Very good front angulation, correct upper arm and shoulder placement. Lovely bend in stifle. Moved out well holding topline on profile, very sound coming and going. Was pleased to give him Reserve Best Dog

Post Graduate Dog

1. Brown - Dialynne A Perfect Package For Shepwood R/M 2yrs old, a small type, with plenty of bone, good front angulation, straight front legs. Neat feet, held topline well on profile. Moved out steady.

2. Harrison - Silvarcea Rhythm N’ Blue For Kishaya Flashy B/M His shape appealed to me, with gorgeous length of neck. Neat feet. Showed like a pro

Limit Dog

1. Crotty - Lamintone Celestial Storm At Soullaria ShCM B/T 2yr old, This boy appealed to me instantly in his head type. Melting expression, beautiful correct almond eye, flat skull, enough stop, good ear placement. Good length of neck, held topline and moved out steady. This boy missed out to top honour as for me he was carrying a little too much weight. This boy will get top honour I’m sure.

Open Dog

1. Mee - Lamintone Cloud Burst- B/M 2yr old Litter Brother to LD winner, and you can tell. This boy however got me with his stunning outline. On going over him my thoughts really didn’t change, super front, good upper arm and shoulder placement, strong topline, well bodied, beautiful sweeping bend of stifle, strong hocks. Moved out soundly and on profile had good extension on front, held topline well on move. Showed freely and intently for handler. Pleased to award him Best Dog, Reserve Best In Show and Best Opposite Sex

2. Brown - Bleuroyal Déjà vu ShCM (Imp Chl)- B/M Boy smaller type to 1. He has a super head and expression, good rounded muzzle, length of muzzle and enough stop, flat skull and good ear placement. Moved out steady and showed very well for handler.

Veteran Dog

1. Keel - Drcral Majestic Prince P-Beg Ex ShCM- B/Tri 10yrs old, and as fit as ever. On profile moved with beautiful front and back extensions and think you could of put a spirit level on his back and his top line would not of changed, in super condition. Well muscled and showed like a rock star.

2. Brown-Silverdream Aussie’s Marzipan ShCM (Imp Hun)- R/M 8yrs old, again another boy that is in super fit condition. Showed very well and moved steady, just didn’t have the topline of 1.

Puppy Bitch

1. Venton- Little Red-Cap Du Chemin Des Korrigans (Imp Fra)- R/T 10mth old. What a little cracker, this baby was full of fun, and has the aussie love for life. Lovely to see a puppy having fun and enjoying being at a show, and didn’t let down on the showing front either. Head handled very well, well rounded and length to muzzle, flat skull, well placed ears and used to give cheeky expression. Well bodied with good topline, enough bend in stifle. Moved out and back well. Best Puppy In Show

Junior Bitch

1. Cousins - Love In A Mist Of Fender Song For Moortime (Imp Fra)- B/M 13mths old. My notes say “OMG Love this girl”, Have followed this girl from the ringside and from home, and what a pleasure to be able to get my hands on her. I just think her head is scrummy, beautiful boxy head, good under jaw, length to muzzle, good stop, beautiful shape of eye, neat triangle well used ears, with excellent placement. Beautifully straight front legs, good upper arm and shoulder. Just needs to mature in body, which will come with age. Nice bend of stifle. Moved true front and back and glided round the ring on profile. I hope for big things for her in the future. Pleasure to give her Reserve Best Bitch.

2. Harrison - Silvarcea Annie McPhee For Kishaya B/M a girl that was pushing hard to 1. Excels in neck length and body shape, in good hardy condition, super muscle tone.

3. Venton - Little Red-CapDu Chemin Des Korrigans (Imp Fra)

Post Graduate Bitch

1. Meads & Fuller - Silvarcea Reggae Fusion (AQ1)- B/M 2yr old. For me this girl excelled in head type, this girl had one of the best eye shapes. Lovely flat skull, and well rounded muzzle, Good length to neck and super front, well angulated upper arm and shoulder placements, good well bodied girl, in hard super toned muscle condition, which can be seen in her movement. Held topline well and moved soundly. Pushed hard for RBB.

2. Farrants - Solarwind Star Sapphire Beg Ex- B/M 2yrs old- this girly has a super clean cut head, showed very well and again was in super condition, just on the day didn’t have the flowing movement of 1.

3. Cousins - Moortime Sacred Moon Nov Ex

Limit Bitch

1. Gatenby & Green- Bleuroyal I Own The Runway (Imp Chl)- B/Tri 3yrs old This girl looking in great condition, well bodied, moved out and back very soundly, Won this class on her overall type for me. Showed very well for young handler.

2. Gibbons- Thunderhill Everlasting Ticket For Gibbands (Imp Deu)- B/Tri different type to 1. But this girl has a beautiful overall shape, showed freely to her advantage.

3. Simpson- Rannaleroch Chilaca At Applecreek Beg Ex

Open Bitch

1. Fuller - Triforce Last Of The Wilds- 5yr old B/Tri- In full bloom, and the best I have ever seen her. A girl I have judged before and I think she is like a fine wine, she gets better and better with age. This girl for me just never put a foot wrong. Instantly appealed to me in her over shape and outline. On examination, she has feminine expression, with the best of eye shape, good ear placement. Straight front legs, with well angulated upper arm and shoulder lay. Excellent length of neck, strong top line, enough tuck up, beautiful bend in stifle, and her movement was telling of that, could watch her all day long, true and super sound, pushed in all direction with the minimum of effort. A Dream. Could not look past her. Best Bitch and Best In Show

Veteran Bitch

Have to say was a super class of veterans, all a credit to there owners.

1. Brown - Jidace Bealacy To Shepwood- B/Tri 7 1/2yrs old this young lady headed a super class of veterans, but it was her overall type that I like. Very flashy girl and she knows it, showed like she owned the ring, Moved out and back soundly, and on profile never lifted steady and strong holding topline all the way. Best Veteran In Show

2.Gibbons Trijem Apple Of My Eye At Gibband’s- Loved this ladies head, lovely clean cut head, good eye and cheeky expression. Just not the overall finish of 1.

3.Cousins - Moortime Forest Fern CDex, UDex, TD, ‘Nov’Ex

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