ASCUK Open Show 21st July 2012

Judge Mrs Mel Harris

Best In Show - Ch Ozzypool Eternal Flame ShCM

Reserve Best in Show - Ch Ozzypool Spirit Dancer JW ShCM

Best Opposite Sex - Ch Ozzypool Spirit Dancer JW ShCM

Best Puppy - Triforce Looking Glace at Jopium

Best Veteran - Accra Hogwarts Special

Results and Critique

Many thanks for the lovely entry and to ASCUK for asking me to judge.  Thanks also to my steward, Ray McDonald, who made my day a lot easier. Temperaments were excellent throughout. Thankfully the weather was kind and it was good to be able to have the use of a large outside ring to put the dogs through their paces.


Junior Dog (4)

1st Reeve’s Triforce Dawn Treader at Bramblebern – overall a good sized blue merle dog with good proportions.  Balanced head with correct amount of stop and good eye shape.  Well set ears. Strong neck of moderate length in to well placed shoulders.  Straight front and excellent feet.  Level topline which he held on the move.  Strong well muscled hindquarters.  Moved well around the ring and coming and going.  Would prefer a little less white but his colour is good and his coat was well presented.  His overall soundness and construction won him the class.

2nd Keel’s Armatan The Edge of Glory – another good size black tri dog of good type and proportions. Not quite as mature as one but a confident young man who was well handled to get the best out of him.  Slightly long in muzzle but head has time to develop.  Straight front and good feet.  Good length of body and held his topline well on the move.  Well presented good and good overall condition.  Moved well around the ring but toed in slightly coming towards me. 

3rd Lamberton’s I Am Hero Svezi Vitr (Imp Czech)


Novice Dog (1)

1st McFarlane’s Aussie Pride Destination Three Dreamz (Imp Rom) – blue merle of good shape.  At this stage head still developing and would like a little more width to skull to balance but he has time on his side.  Moderate bone and good feet.  Overall shape is good, with correct topline and slightly sloping croup.  Good width of hindquarters but could be slightly shorter in hock.  Move steadily.


Post Graduate Dog (7, 2)

1st Turnbull & Dowson’s Ozzypool Jacob Black – good sized black tri male who impressed on the move.  Is really maturing into a very handsome male.  Excellent masculine head of good proportions with a clean dry skull and good width of muzzle.  Slightly arched strong neck into well placed shoulders and straight front.  Moderate width to chest of good depth.  Well sprung ribs and level topline.  Strong well muscled hindquarters which he used well to move around the ring.  Very sound from all angles.  Well presented coat of good colour and texture and handled to perfection.

2nd Rogers’ Ozways Moulnerouge – red tri medium sized dog.  Another with a well balanced head, clean with moderate stop and muzzle of equal length.  Correct eye shape and well set ears.  Moderate length of neck into well placed shoulders.  Good height to length ratios.  Well muscled hindquarters with good hocks.  Moved very well but just couldn’t quite match the length of stride of first.  Well presented coat of good colour and well handled.

3rd Bland’s Shepalian Red Ensign over Hilandes ShCM


Limit Dog (7)

1st Gatenby & Green’s Armatan Fireblade (ai) – the first three in this class can and will swap places.  All three very good representatives of the breed.  On the day the winner pulled out all the stops to take this strong class.  3 year old black tri male ofexcellent type.  Balanced head of good proportions with moderate stop and well placed ears.  Strong well arched neck into well laid shoulders, moderate bone and straight front.  Good body proportions with correct topline and well carried tail.  Strong well muscled hindquarters and neat short hocks which he used to good effect around the ring.  Strong easy movement with a good ground covering stride and very positive front and rear action.  Well presented and handled to get the very best out of him.  Reserve Best Dog

2nd Longhurst & Routledge’s Allmark Spirit of St Louis – impressive red merle of 20 months, however, gave his handler a real hard time and an excellent impression of “I don’t want to do this today”.  Appealing masculine head with good width to skull.  Strong neck into good shoulders with straight front.  Presents a pleasing outline although a little longer in loin than 1st and standing today looked a little straight in stifle. Steady sound mover from all directions, but would have liked to have seen him move with a bit more enthusiasm.  Needs a little more maturity to complete the overall picture.

3rd Brown’s Blueroyal Alaska Permafrost (Imp Chl) JW ShCM IR Jun Ch


Open Dog (3)

1st Fletcher & Dowson’s Ozzypool Spirit Dancer JW ShCM – mature red tri boy in good form.  Masculine head which is well balanced and in proportion with a good width of skull and moderate stop.  Strong neck and good shoulders with straight front and moderate bone.  Good height to length ratio with spring of rib and good depth of chest.  Moved round ring with easy stride using his well muscled hindquarters to advantage.  Well presented and handled. Best Dog, Reserve Best InShow and Best Opposite Sex

2nd Morley & Fludder’s Trijem Apple Magic – striking red tri boy.  Well up to size but in proportion.   Lovely masculine head with good width of skull and neat well set  ears.  Strong neck into good front and good feet.   Excellent body proportions.  Moved very well with a good reach of stride.  Just a little untidy behind as he moved away which, in the final run off, was the decider for Reserve Best Dog but was splitting hairs and I liked him a lot.


Veteran Dog (7)

Lovely class of oldies all enjoying their day out.  A credit to you all.

1st Brown’s Accra Hogwarts Special –Black tri who is very masculine and of good size. He has the bone and substance I was looking for in a male. Good depth of chest and overall balance, moved with drive and purpose. Presented in good firm condition, well handled.  Was pleased to award him Best Veteran in Show

2nd Timperon & Reeve’s Am Ch Windfalls Katchmeifyoucan (Imp USA) ShCM – excellent representative of the breed.  Very well put together male with good bone and correct proportions.  Masculine head with a good expression but eye a little round.  Good straight front and feet.  Steady sound mover.  Well handled to get the best out of him, and very well presented.  Reserve Best Veteran in Show.

3rd Morley & Bell’s Ch Touchstone Simply Magic ShCM (Imp USA)


Puppy Bitch (4)

1st Hodges, Gatenby & Green’s Triforce Looking Glace at Jopium – 8 month old blue merle bitch.  Was very impressed with her.  Head as it should be at this stage still needs to develop but has the promise of a good width of skull.  Moderate bone and a straight front.   Good shoulder and held her topline well on the move.  Well presented coat of good colour.  Moved very well with a good reach of stride. Best Puppy in Show.

2nd Morley’s Trijem Eye Candy – another good puppy of good overall shape and type.  Again, her head needs to develop which one would expect at this age and at the moment looks a little narrow. Good eye shape and well used ears.  Moderately strong neck and good shoulders.  Strong hindquarters and well muscled.  Just needs to settle on the move. Very promising. Reserve Best Puppy in Show.

3rd Parry’s Amberslade Florentina

Junior Bitch (1)

1st Challenger’s Lyveden Rairock Rhythm – appealing black tri bitch of good overall type.  Feminine head of good proportions with well set ears and good eye shape.  Moderate bone and straight front with good feet.  Well laid shoulders.  Correct topline and slightly sloping croup.  Well muscled hindquarters.  Powerful mover who went well for her handler.

Novice Bitch (2)

1st Hodges, Gatenby & Green’s Triforce Looking Glace at Jopium

2nd McFarlane’s Jotars Sparkling Opal – very pleasing bitch of good type.  Needs to settle to get the best out of her.  Lovely feminine head and expression.  Well proportioned head and with good eye and shape.  Well off for bone and good shoulders.  Well proportioned body.  Good quality coat which was well presented.  Needs to settle on the move but saw enough.  Found her very promising.

Post Graduate Bitch (3)

1st  Buecheler’s Lyveden Pheris Song for Kaskai – one I have judged before and one I like very much.  She has such a beautiful head and melting expression enhanced by lovely dark eyes.  Moderate bone for her size with excellent shoulder placement and good front.  Good length to height ratios and correct topline.  Strong loin and neat short hocks.  Moved very well around the ring and also to and fro.  Could do with losing a few pounds just to enhance the overall picture.

2nd McFarlane’s Bordertime in Ya Dreams – 2 year old black tri.  Smaller bitch than one but that said is well proportioned.  Feminine head but for me a little too much stop.  Good eye colour but could be less round.  Moderate bone and good feet. Slightly upright in shoulder.  Good body proportions and in excellent condition.  Coat of good colour and texture.  Steady mover but would prefer a little less lift on her front action.

3rd Crotty’s Shepalian Mistee Dream at Soullaria

Limit Bitch (4)

1st Gibbons’ Trijem Apple of My Eye at Gibbands – black tri of good size.  Well proportioned and in excellent condition.  Well balanced head with moderate stop and good width of skull.  Correct bone and good front.  Correct topline and good length of ribcage.  Strong well muscled hindquarters which she uses to good effect.  An excellent mover with a far reaching side gait and moves well to and fro.  At one with her handler, and was pleased to award her Reserve Best Bitch.

2nd Challenger’s Lyveden Castill Chandra – red tri.  Not a glamour girl but certainly more than capable of doing a day’s work, so definitely fit for function.  Balanced feminine head with good expression.  Well defined stop and a strong jaw and correct eye shape.  Lovely shoulders and front, great topline which she holds all the while.  Excellent hindquarters which enable her to move correctly from all angles.   Free and easy mover.

3rd Gatenby & Green’s Armatan I Made It Through (ai)


Open Bitch (2)

1st Turnbull, Clegram & Dowson’s Ch Ozzypool Eternal Flame ShCM – litter sister to my Best Dog.  A bitch I have admired from the ringside and was delighted to have the chance to judge her. Excels for type and shape and demands your attention.  Feminine head of correct proportions and shape.  Excellent front and moderate bone, correct topline and good depth of chest.  Her angles front and rear are superb.  In great condition and handled to get the very best out of her.  Excellent reach of stride and so sound to and fro.  Best Bitch and Best In Show.

2nd Rogers’ Ozways First Print at Frebobears


Veteran Bitch (3)

1st Dowson’s Allmark Veuve Clicquot at Ozzypool – dam of my two main winners.  Black tri in excellent condition.  Feminine head with well set ears, dark eye but a little round.  Strong moderate neck into good front.  Well proportioned body and well muscled hindquarters.  Strode round the ring as if she owned it.  Best Veteran Bitch.

2nd Morley’s Touchstone Lovely Rita Oakhill (Imp USA) – red merle of excellent type. Feminine girl with a good head and well set ears.  Straight front and good feet.  Well conditioned body and good depth of chest.  Moved very well around the ring.

3rd Storer’s Javison Silverbelle


Colour Classes

Black/Black Tri

1st Turnbull & Dowson’s Ozzypool Jacob Black

2nd Keel’s Armatan The Edge of Glory

3rd Parry’s Amberslade Florentina


Red/Red Tri

1st Dennis’ Armatan Rhinestone Cowboy at Ausden ShCM

2nd Dowson’s Ozzypool Red Hogan ShCM

3rd Crotty’s Abodandy Niko Jacaroo Boo

Blue Merle

1st Crotty’s Shepalian Mistee Dream at Soullaria

2nd Lamberton’s I Am Hero Svezi Vitr (Imp Cze)

3rd Gatenby & Green’s Armatan I Made It Through (ai)

Red Merle 

1st Brown & Richards’ Silverdream Aussies Marzipan ShCM (Imp Hun)

2nd Dowson & Wiltshire’s Ozzypool Ticket to Ride

3rd Bland’s Shepalian Red Ensign over Hilandes ShCM


Good Citizen

1st Keel’s Drcral Majestic Prince P.Beg Ex ShCM

Junior Handling

Three entries over the two classes but couldn’t have had three better handlers which made the decisions very difficult but would be happy for any of these three handlers to show my dogs. 


6-11 Years

1st Robyn Arnall – Robyn handled her dog very well, was polite and listened carefully to my instructions.  She is gaining a good rapport with her new dog and they are now beginning to work as a team.  Lines and corners very correct.  She talked to her dog all the time.  Moved him at the correct pace in the class but in the challenge for best handler, I felt she moved him a little bit too fast which just made her turns not as neat as Samantha’s.


12 to 16 Years

Two very good handlers with little to split them. 

1st Samantha Reeve – moved her dog at the correct speed at all times.  Her lines and corners were exemplary and handled her dog very capably.  In the challenge for best handler she followed my instructions clearly by moving her dog to the corner and back then completed her task by starting from in front of my feet to move around the ring.  Another polite handler.  Best Junior Handler over all.

2nd Nikki Reeve – another good handler who executed the pattern I asked for very well.  Lines and corners good and she has a good rapport with her dog.  On the day just felt Samantha had the edge.

Judge – Melanie Harris (Candace)