ASCUK is the foundation Australian Shepherd Club in the UK and was formed in 1986 by a few dedicated breed enthusiasts.

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Latest News

 JANUARY 2018 

  • Exciting event planned for 10th June 2018. Full details to follow


  • Championship Show critique added. Photos  to follow
  • Open Show critique added. Photos to follow
  • Judges lists updated


  • Championship Show results added. 

APRIL 2017

  • Gallery of Events held ~ photos throughout the years now being added
  • Limit Show results and critique added


Black / Black Bi and Black Tri

Black is one of the four main colours of the Australian Shepherd.

In addition there may be white markings on the face, chest, legs, and under parts as well as copper markings on the face and legs.

Therefore the colours may be classed as:-

  • Black and white with copper points –  “Black Tri” 
  • Black with either white markings or copper points - "Black Bi"
  • Solid Black

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