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ASCUK Open Show 29th september 2002 ann arch


Best In Show -Am CH Thornapple Climate Controlled

Reserve Best in Show -Shepalian Asweet Mellowdee of Abodandy

Best Opposite Sex -Shepalian Asweet Mellowdee of Abodandy

Best Puppy -Lyveden Lablu Lacara

Best Veteran -Accra Whybe Doodle in Overdrive CHex UDex WDex

Results and Critique

A well organised event and with a good sized ring, ensured that all exhibits had every opportunity to show at their best.

Minor Puppy Dog (7)

1st Sheplain Mr Bumble of Abodandy. Pleased in head proportions and overall good construction. Nice forehand and feet. Body coming well, sound rear. Moved easily. Now needs time to fully mature and for topline to settle a little more. Res Best Puppy in Show.

2nd Shepalain Black Russian of Iskander. Promising., Lovely expression, good forehand. Nice loin. Sound rear, now needs to settle a little more. rd

3rd Shepalain Choic A Bloc. Keen expression but can still develop a little more on skull. Very nice shoulder and feet. Good rear. Pleasing mover.

Puppy Dog (3)

1st Armatan Collectors Item. Only just 6 months but well balanced and constructed and appears well matured. Nice head, dark eye, well placed shoulder, good feet. Sound rear. Very promsing.

2nd Accra Hogwarts Special. Well grown. Good dark eye. Lacking a little on shoulder angulation, firm body. Moved easily, but a little wide at the elbow.

Junior Dog (5)

1st Trijem Iceni Wreak Havoc. This fellow was built to work! Nice eye colour, good neck atop an excellent shoulder and good feet. Firm body condition. Well formed rear, in good jacket. Moved soundly.

2nd Fulmay First Challenger at Shepalian. Another in good working condition. Nice head and eye, good neck and shoulder. Strong body, very sound rear. Nice jacket texture. Moved well.

3rd Bayshore Firebolt with Accra. Super hard condition. Good head, neck and forehand. Very sound action, but a fraction unsettled in topline on the day.

Special Yearling Dog (6)

1st Accra Bayliss Inaspin. Very sound and well balanced. Good head with keen expression. Nice forehand, good feet, strong neck into well placed shoulder. Good ribbing and nice depth of brisket. In good muscular condition. Moved very well with a good topline.

2nd Lyveden Rojal Red Moon. Pleasing overall construction and balance. Good head proportions. Nice neck, shoulder and feet. Very firm body with good rib and loin. Good rear. Nice action but a fraction sloppy at pastern.

3rd Accra Have You Heard. Very similar in type to the winner but not the shoulder placement. Otherwise pleasing overall and moved easily and well.

Post Graduate Dog (4)

1st Accra Bayliss Inaspin.

2nd Ozzypool Marquis Diamond. Longer cast than the winner. Nice head, dark eye to give pleasing expression. Moved easily, but down on pastern and feet.

3rd Armatan Diamond Creek. Nice head proportions. Good shoulder placement. Well ribbed. Fraction longer in body but has a firm loin. Strong rear. Now needs experience to settle and move steadier.

Limit Dog (11)

1st Trijem Midnite Magic Over Deerhill. Very sound and well balanced. Nice head and eye. Good neck into excellent shoulder. Well formed body with good rib and brisket. Strong loin, excellent rear. Very sound mover. Res Best Dog. His win didn’t come too easily, as there was good depth of quality in this class.

2nd Accra Bays Bluff. Nice overall. Good head and lovely eye. Strong neck. Very well placed shoulder of excellent proportions. Firm body condition with strong loin. Well constructed rear. Gave good action with well held topline.

3rd Catherwoods Casey Jones at Brynelen. Tri in pleasing working condition., Well constructed overall with super loin. Very sound rear, gave easy action.

Open Dog (7)

1st Am Ch Thornapple Climate Controlled. Presented in good order and very pleasing jacket quality. Nice head proportions, good eye and expression. Nice reach of neck into very well placed shoulder. Good feet. Well fomed body. Excellent rear with nice stifle and low set hock. Moved soundly and well, Best in show.

2nd Trijem Red River Street. Good eye and expression. Good shoulder and feet, well developed body with strong loin. Very good rear. Nice jacket texture. Moved easily and well.

3rd Lyveden Fairapache Curro of Elemark. Another in very pleasing working condition and in good textured coat. Overall of nice construction and was only penalised on a fractionally straighter stifle.

Veteran Dog (3)

1st Accra Whybe Doodle in Overdrive. CDex, UDex, WDex. Most excellent condition for 10 years. Pleasing head and expression. Excellent shoulder placement. Good feet, hard body with strong loin. Very sound rear gave super action in all directions, with well held topline. Best Veteran in show.

2nd Am Ch Thornapple Diamond Rio. Good head and expression. Nicely ribbed, sound rear. Good feet. Gave easy action.

3rd Mareith Dolyndens Best at Ausden. Pleasing overall with very nice hindquarters. Had to give way to those placed above, on fractional upright upperarm. In good textured jacket and moved easily.

Minor Puppy Bitch (5)

1st Lyveden Lablu Lacara. Nice type and well balanced overall. Nice head and eye. Good shoulder and body. Very sound rear. Gave good action. Best Puppy in show.

2nd Yulia Kiss and Tell. Keen expression. Good in head , neck and forehand. Cane come up on feet to advantage. Moved well.

3rd Accra Blue Salsa at Sangosands. Balanced overall. Good head and expression. Not as settled when moving as 1 and 2, but from her construction would expect that she will rectify this when more experienced.

Junior Bitch (4)

1st Trijem Iceni Dancer at Javison. Good type and well balanced. Nice head, super forehand, firm body with good loin. Nicely constructed rear. Good jacket texture. Easy action.

2nd Trijem Flysvia Touchstone with Shloyan. Balanced and of nice type and size. Good head and eye, well constructed forehand. Good feet. Nice rear. Moved easily but a fraction wide at rear.

Special Yearling (3)

1st Accra Joint Forces. Good head and eye. Lovely expression. Good feet. Well ribbed with pleasing brisket and excellent firm topline. Sound rear. Easy mover.

2nd Ozzypools Diamonique with Applethorn. Keen expression with nice eye. Good shoulder, slack on feet. Lacking on spring of rib. Good rear for both stifle and hock. Easy and lively mover.

Post Graduat Bitch (12)

1st Brynelen Ruby Tuesday. Headed a really good class, so many of which one could see as workers. Pleasing head with good expression. Nice shoulder placement. Good body and strong loin. Very nice sound rear. Body in hard working condition. Easy mover.

2nd Accra Uping the Ante. Pleasing overall with good head, forehand and feet. Nice rib and brisket. Super sound rear. Moved soundly but a fraction unsettled in topline at times.

3rd Trijem Midnite Minx. Pleasing type. Good expression. Excellent shoulder and ribbing. Nice topline. Sound rear and a good mover.

Limit Bitch (6)

1st Shepalian Nightflight to Moortime. CDex, UDex. Maybe lacking in coat on the day, but her overall construction and soundness were very evident. Good head, neck and forehand. Firm body with good loin. Nice stifle and strong hock. Good jacket texture. Sound mover.

2nd Shepalian Abluberry Muffin. So close up to the winner in all respects that I can say ‘ditto’. Was beaten into this position by the winner being a little more precise on action.

3rd Brynelen Ruby Tuesday.

Open Bitch (8)

1st Shepalian Asweet Mellowdee of Abodandy. Red merle of nice type and balance. Good head, nice neck and well placed shoulder. Good feet. Firm body with good rib and topline. Lovely stifle, strong hock. In good quality jacket. Gave nice sound, easy and true action. Best Bitch, Best Opposite Sex and Res Best in show.

2nd Bayshores Special Edition at Accra. Pushed the winner hard. Loved her head and expression. Good forehand and feet. Nice body development. Well muscled rear. Moved soundly and well. Res Best Bitch.

3rd Ozzypools Allspice at Recloch. Nice head, neck, shoulder and body. Good stifle. Moved easily and well but needs to tighten up on feet.

Veteran Bitch (4)

1st Gefion Cepheidof of Shepalian. Nicely made and of good type. Pleased in head, forehand and feet. Well bodied. Firm topline. Sound rear. In excellent order for 10 years.

2nd Accra Circle of Light at Kapia. Good for make, shape and soundness. Nice head and epxression. Excellent shoulder. Well ribbed. Good topline, very nice rear. Excellent movement.

3rd Gefion Zinnybee Queenbee. Not quite as precise in action as the 2 above her, but in nice condition overa;; with pleasing expression and good quarters. Colour classes: Judged on preference of markings, distribution and jacket quality. With many of the exhibits in the following classes, it was also impossible to combine these two points.


1st Shepalian Black Russian of Iskander.

2nd Catherwoods Casey Jones at Brynelen.

3rd Cagasa Bell Air at Heibri,


1st Gibbands Red Admiral.

2nd Brynelen Ruby Tuesday.

3rd Yulia Elegant Charm.


1st Shepalian Abluberry Muffin.

2nd Fulmay Right Attitude at Amberslade.

3rd Armatan Sanoma Valley.


1st Shepalian Nightflight to Moortime.

2nd Gefion Zinnybee Queenbee.

3rd Shepalian Asweet Mellowdee of Abodandy.

Special Working (3)

What a wonderfully sound class. All right on their toes, in super muscular condition and undoubtedly good examples of how the breed should be.

1st Glarenmoss Grin N Bareit CDex, UDex, WDex, TDex. Really alert and on her toes. Keen expression and so well constructed. In excellent muscular order. Very sound and strong action.

2nd Glarenmoss Twiste N Shout of Moortime. CDex, UDex, WDex. Was a little disadvantaged in that she was with an unfamiliar handler, but put on a good show.

3rd Shepalian Nightflight to Moortime. CDex, UDex.

Obedience -

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