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Being a working dog, the Aussie should have a protective weather resistant coat, which should be relativly easy to maintain. However that doesn't mean that you don't need to do nothing with it.

The Aussie does moult, and is not the breed for you if you don't like dog hair! 

The coat of an Aussie is a double coat. They should have harsher 'guard hairs' as the outer coat, and a softer undercoat. This coat helps keep them warm and dry in cold wet weather, and cooler in hotter climate. It also protects them from the undergrowth. A coat that is of incorrect texture or too profuse can be a hindrance when working. They do have a big moult once or twice a year, where they will loose a lot of coat in a short space of time, however they do loose coat all year round. 

Their coat should be brushed regularly to remove all loose coat, otherwise the coat can compact together forming matts, which can lead to further issues if left. Particular attention should be paid to behind the ears, and the rear 'trousers'. A slicker brush, pin brush and comb, are the main tools that you would need to keep their coat thoroughly groomed. 

A coat that is of the correct texture and well groomed, can be described as a 'teflon' coat. They can get incredibly muddy, however as it dries the mud tends to just fall out. 

The aussie is not a breed that requires a lot of trimming. However most people will trim the hair around under underneath the feet and remove excess hair from behind the ears, to help prevent matting. Some people may also tidy up tails and trousers. 

Please note that neutering can change the texture of the coat, which may make the coat harder to maintain. It can cause the coat to become fluffier which can lead to matts forming more easily. 

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