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Research is always ongoing in the pedigree dog world to help is breed healthier dogs. Please see below for projects currently in place in the UK, and who to contact if you can help. 



The Animal Health Trust as collecting DNA samples from dogs affected with Epilepsy, and their direct relatives. Please contact the Breeds Health Co-ordinate Angie Challenger for more information.


If your Aussie is DNA tested clear for the HSF4 gene, however had cataracts, the Animal Health Trust would be interested in DNA from your dog. They also want samples from dogs over the age of 8 who are eye tested clear of cataracts. Please contact the Animal Health Trust for more information 


Pupil Size

I am a veterinary ophthalmologist located in Berlin, Germany.

I am contacting you regarding an ocular peculiarity that seems to occur in the Aussies and Mini Aussies:

Suddenly the dogs present with different pupil sizes i.e. one pinpoint pupil. The episodes last for several hours and normalize without treatment. There is not much known about this phenomenon in Aussies and Mini-Aussies and certainly nothing about what causes those episodes. Therefore I am trying to get data of dogs that showed such episodes. I Only by comparing the data of a large number of dogs we might be able to get a hint regarding the cause and how we could further research. Therefore I compiled the list below.

If you own/owned/know a dog that showed such episodes, I kindly ask you to take the time to fill the list below and to forward it to me.

number of episodes unequal pupil size (anisocoria) - in which time range?
how long did the episodes last?
which eye /s affected?
other abnormalities ocular / general / neurological
MDR1 status?

deworming — how often? which drugs?
ocular exam performed by veterinarian/specialist?
any abnormalities other than unequal pupils?
photo/s of the episode would be great!

Looking forward to many replies!

Best regards,


Dr. Ingrid Allgoewer DECVO

Animal Eye Practice 

Berlin, Germany

Please see the ASHGI website for more information on other research programmes around the world. 


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