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Despite its looks, the Australian Shepherd is a working farm dog. It was developed on the West Coast of America, in the time of vast ranches, when they were measured in square miles rather than acres. They were the preferred breed during the largest part of the twentieth century and were favored by stockmen for their stamina and intuitiveness to handle stock in the tough, demanding conditions of the American west. ​





They are very smart dogs, that aren't content with life on the sofa, and a short daily stroll round the block.

They are a breed that requires stimulation, not just threw physical exercise, but mentally as well. As a working dog they have been bred to not only cover many miles at a time, but to also think for themselves. This means that if we dont give them a job to do, the Aussie will find their own. Whether its something we want or not!

In the UK most of us dont have access to livestock, but our Aussies enjoy many forms of learning, whether its obedience and trick training, through to agility, scentwork, rally and the many other different activities on offer throughout the country.

They may look like cuddly attractive fluffy dogs, but under those looks is a very serious dog, whos character isnt suited to every lifestyle.

Over the rest of the pages on this section you will hopefully find information to help you make a decision as to whether the Australian Shepherd is the breed for you.

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