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Whilst we like to think that all Aussies are in lifelong homes, there are unfortunately occasions that arise where we need to be able to step in and help, and for this reason we have a dedicated Rescue Co-ordinator.

Wanting to rehome an Aussie

We are always looking for homes willing to offer a lifelong home to a rescue Aussie. There can be any number of reasons, why dogs can come into rescue, unfortunately that means that sometimes we may be very specific in the homes we are looking for, for certain dogs. However do not be put off as we do get dogs coming through with no vices as well. Please contact our rescue co-ordinator for more information.


Needing to rehome your Aussie

If you have an Aussie that you need to re-home the first port of call should always be with the breeder.

ASCUK will then work with the breeder to enable a suitable home to be found.

If the breeder isn't an option then please contact our rescue co-ordinator directly. 

Rescue Co-ordinator

The rescue co-ordinator is Janeen Longhurst

Janeen's contact details are 


Telephone 07774 751600

Because Rescue is a volunteer role it is not always possible for us to come back to you straight away. However we will respond to your contact in a timely manner.       

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