ASCUK has kept a Roll of Honour for a number of years. This is to recognize the outstanding achievements of members dogs. With the Supreme Roll of Honour for the highest of achievements.

The criteria for the Roll of Honour was reviewed in 2020 with some new new tiers added, taking it from a single tier for each discipline to multiple tiers.

For dogs on the Roll of Honour prior to 2020, they have automatically been given Bronze level, which is the equivalent to the previous criteria. Please contact us if your dog qualifies to be moved up.

The Criteria for the levels is as follows.

Supreme Roll of Honour – Dual Purpose

For dogs who have achieved Bronze level for Showing and at least 1 working discipline

Supreme Roll of Honour – Working 

For Dogs who have achieved Bronze level in at least 2 working disciplines.

Supreme Roll of Honour – Showing

For Dogs who have achieved Best in Show at a UK All Breed Championship Show


Roll of Honour - Showing

Bronze – To have won 1 CC or 3 Best of Sex at UK Championship Show without CC’s on offer

Silver – To have Won 3CC’s

Gold – To have Won 3 Best of Breeds at UK Championship Shows

Platinum – To have won 3 Group places at UK Championship Shows

(Please note that dogs with awards before 2006 may miss Silver level. Awards gained in Import Register classes are also accepted)

Roll of Honour – Obedience 

Bronze – To have won out of Novice

Silver – To have won out of Class B

Gold – To have won an Obedience CC

Platinum – To have won 3 Obedience CC’s


Roll of Honour – Working Trials

Bronze - To have qualified UDex

Silver- To have qualified WDex

Gold – To have qualified TDex or PDex

Platinum -  To have won 2 Working Trials Certificates.


Roll of Honour - Agility

Bronze - To have won out of Grade 3 Agility

Silver – To have won out of Grade 5 Agility

Gold – To have won out of Grade 6 Agility

Platinum – To have won an Agility CC

For members to apply to have their dog added to the Roll of Honour, please fill in the form below. If you are not a member, but would like your dog listed, please take a look at our membership page, to find out how to join.