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Discover Dogs is held every year at both Crufts in March and London in October.  This is a Kennel Club event for the general public to meet all Kennel Club registered breeds and learn about their history, breed traits, health issues, trainability and a whole lot more.


ASCUK provide information on the breed stand for the Australian Shepherd and ensure that the stand is covered by suitable Aussies and their owners, who are willing to answer any and every question thrown at them by enquiring members of the public

It can be a long and tiring time on the stand for the dogs due to constant attention and photographs from the general public.  Due to this the dogs normally do sessions that are four hours long. We are always looking for Aussies of excellent temperament and owners who have good knowledge of the breed to come forward and volunteer their services for these events. If you are interested in being considered to volunteer please contact our Organiser, Janeen Longhurst.




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