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Results and Critique

23rd September 2007

Patsy Hollings

Armatan Take A Chance on Me

Versace Sauve Des Chemin Cathares

Lyveden Razlin Raina

Allmark Carless Whisper

Can Ch Touchstone Ironhorse

I was delighted to be asked to do this show and thoroughly enjoyed the day with plenty of good quality dogs to go over. Best In Show went to the Open Dog Gatenby & Green's Armatan Take A Chance on Me. This beautiful balanced dog oozes quality. Presented a striking picture with his full gleaming coat. Clean masculine head with equal length and width of skull, strength in muzzle, moderate stop, well placed well used ear. Strong arched neck fitting smoothly into shoulders, firm level topline, well sprung rib with good forechest and depth, super quarters, moderately angled and straight viewed from behind. Smooth easy mover with correct reach and drive, true footfall coming and going. Reserve Best Dog. Simmons' Versace Sauve Deschemins Cathares (Imp). I think I have judged this 2 year old blue merle before, appealed to me then and greatly appealed today. Slightly different in type to my BIS winner but still typical of the breed. Correct skull, triangular well set ear used to advantage, well defined stop, very sound well constructed body with quality bone, firm pasterns, excellent feet, good width and depth of forechest, ribs lead well back to strength in loin, excellent quarters. Beautiful coat and condition, working with handler at all times. Agile, true, stylish mover. Best Opposite Sex. Challenger's Lyveden Razlin Raina. This bitch is so correct to go over. Perhaps not the most eyecatching and not as a profuse coat as some other bitches but super quality with weather resistant top coat. Well proportioned head with parallel planes, well set eye with alert expression. Clean well developed neck, excellent forehand with well laid shoulder, good return of upper arm, correct depth and width of forechest, straight front, excellent bone and feet, well ribbed, strength in loin giving firm level topline, well muscled quarters, positive smooth agile mover. Best Puppy in Show. Allen, Harlow, Richards & Gregory's Allmark Careless Whisper. 11 month old, very typical in outline, correct proportions, excels in substance and bone yet retains femininity throughout, correct head proportions, well placed well used ear, beautiful eye with keen friendly expression. Well put together with correct angles fore and aft, ribs leading to short strong loin, stands absolutely four square, beautiful coat and condition.

Minor Puppy Dog

1st Dennis' Armatan Rhinestone Cowboy at Ausden. Seven and a half month red, head is of good proportions but just needs to develop which is to be expected in one so young. Clean in neck, pleasing front, well ribbed and firm topline, well balanced fore and aft, lively and active and true on the move.

Puppy Dog

1st Harris' Allmark Solotaire. This 11 month old shows great promise, alert expression, good head planes, well placed ear and correct width of skull, just needs to develop in foreface and front but these will come with age. Well put together, has excellent hindquarters with good width of second thigh, profuse coat with correct undercoat, very promising young man. BPD.

Junior Dog

1st Bland's Shepalian Red Ensign. This red stood out, is masculine, fabulous head, correct stop, well placed eye, quality bone, good legs and firm pasterns, with well padded feet. Firm topline, excellent quarters, good width of second thigh, looked the part standing and moved with easy ground covering action.

2nd Foster-Cooper's Ozways First Impression. 12 mth and still a baby but has all the essentials, has good bone, stands on lovely legs and feet, well put together, pleasing coat, should develop well.

3rd McFarlane's Gemthorne Starlight.

Special Yearling Dog

1 Shepalian Red Ensign.

2nd McKinnon's Trijem Cowboy Boots. Very decent dog, not quite the bone of croup of 1 but has quality, good width of skull, correct eye, is well ribbed with strong short loin, very alert, works with handler well on the move.

3rd Down's Ozway First Finale at Freespirit.

Post Graduate Dog

1st Gatenby & Green's Armatan Adorez Mon Maitre. This 4 year old stood out and was surprised to see him in this class. However in the challenge he did look a little immature. He is a beautiful dog to go over from his classic head and kind alert expression, his clean well developed neck, is well put together and stands on good legs and feet, his coat is of good quality, he is stylish on the side gait and very positive coming and going. Presented to advantage by his unobtrusive handler.

2nd Roberts' Applethorn Valentine Magic. Another good quality dog. This blue merle is very typical. Head in proportion to body, skull of equal length and width, moderate stop, tapering muzzle but not snipy, his body is well developed and soundly constructed, excellent limbs, firm topline, beautifully presented and his action is typical and sound.

3rd Hills' Armatan Born to Move (AI). Very decent class.

Limit Dog

1st Simmons' Versace Sauve Deschemins Cathares (Imp), RBD.

2nd Dennis' Armatan Collne de Vruyere at Ausden. Little between this dog and third standing, both appealed but this 4 year old is not only good to go over, sound alert with well muscled neck flowing through firm level topline to well developed quarters but he gained his place with his true action on the move and forward reach and drive from his well developed well muscled quarters.

3rd Rogers' Khetashio All American Dude at Frebobers (Imp).

Open Dog

1st Gatenby & Green's Armatan Take A Chance on Me. BIS.

2nd Rogers' Accra Have You Heard at Frebobears. Masculine, correct height to length, clean head and neck line, well bodied and good muscled quarters with strength in second thigh. Just not as firm in hock on the move as 1.

3rd Goodyear's Armatan Collectors Item at Heibri.

Veteran Dog

1st Morley & Bell's Can Ch Touchstone Ironhorse. This 7 year old blue merle, not the biggest dog in the world but masculine, clean and is well proportioned throughout, very appealing in head, dry well muscled neck, well laid shoulder, good return of upper arm, width and depth of brisket, good bone and feet, well sprung rib, short strong loin, well developed quarters with good width, excellent coat, moved with good reach and true in hind action with smooth easy side gait. Best Veteran and very much in my eye for the challenge.

Minor Puppy Bitch

Two very pleasing young ladies.

1st Hodges' Armatan Calamity Jane at Jopium. First just a little more collected on the day. Very pleasing head, loved her eye and expression, has correct foreface without being weedy, well developed neck and well angulated forequarters, straight limbs and neat feet, correct depth, firm topline, balanced quarters, collected sound mover.

2nd Childs' Trijem Devil If You Do. Again promising, sound with good bone and true in action when not being too cheeky which is something I like to see in babies anyway.

Puppy Bitch

1st Allen, Harlow, Richards & Gregory's Allmark Careless Whisper. BPIS.

2nd Gatenby & Green's Armatan Moonchild. A lovely quality young lady who should easily make the grade. So typical in outline with correct proportions very honest to go over, presented in full coat and excellent condition, sound alert and positive on the move.

3rd Fitches' Shenkiri Taima Tribal Queen.

Junior Bitch

1st Allmark Careless Whisper.

2nd O'Brien's Shepalian Bajimba at Abodandy. Loved her standing and will push 1 hard throughout their careers I feel. A very pleasing side gait but just not as positive behind as 1 at present. Beautifully prepared and handled. A very satisfying bitch to judge.

3rd Rogers' Ozway First Print.

Special Yearling Bitch

1st and 2nd repeat, 3rd is very stylish in outline with good bone but a little in that in between stage and needs to spring in rib and develop in quarters on the move but maturity should finish this.

1. Allmark Careless Whisper.

2ns Shepalian Bajimba at Abodandy.

3rd. Farrants' Trijem Yuletide Sapphire.

Post Graduate Bitch

1st McNee's Armatan Commotion (AI). Strong feminine bitch with quality bone, decent head, overall construction, type and balance took my eye. Her movement confirmed her win and she was presented in lovely bloom. RBB.

2nd Goodyear's Fragrant Fleur for Heibri. Head of pleasing type, good eye with alert expression, well placed well used triangular ear, not too big, clean neck flowing into firm topline, well muscled hindquarters. A bitch who moves with positive action and pleasing easy side gait.

3rd Storer's Javison Silverbelle.

Limit Bitch

1st Morley & Bell's Touchstone Lovely Rita Oakhill (Imp). Feminine red merle, good eye, correct width of skull, medium stop, balanced in foreface, good mouth, excellent bone, well developed front, neat feet, ribs deep and leading well back to short strong loin, firm level topline, good width of quarters, when concentrates moves stylishly. In full coat and bloom.

2nd Gatenby & Green's Amoureuse D'Abbey Des Chemins Cathares (Imp Fr). Very good bitch, loved her head absolutely just what I was looking for. Her ears were well placed and well used and of correct size. Super eye and expression. Excellent bone, fabulous to go over and moves with such precision and style. Just so badly out of coat but could nto denied her place in good company.

3rd Beucheler's Lyveden Razlin Riali at Kasaki.

Open Bitch

1st Challenger's Lyveden Razlin Raina.

2nd McNee's Armatan Angel Eyes. Very impressive and good to go over. Lovely quality bitch all through almost too much coat for a bitch which can tend to make her look a little stuffy. Just preferred the movement on 1 today. However nitpicking as this was a lovely class and 3rd is a quality bitch, satisfying to go over but again badly out of coat.

3rd Dennis' Gibbands Silver Skipper at Ausden.

Veteran Bitch

Three lovely girls.

1st O'Brien's Shepalian Asweet Mellow Dee of Abodandy. This 10 year old is her credit to her owner. Not only is she a good Australian Shepherd but is soundly put together with balance. Could not believe what perfect big white well placed teeth she had. She is lacking in coat but well deserved her place with her free active, alert movement and propulsion from well muscled quarters.

2nd Hillis' Blows You Away. Again beautifully prepared with good head, correct foreface, well boned, went well.

3rd Goodyear's Cagasa Bell Air at Heibri.

Black/Black Tri Dog or Bitch

1st McNee's Armatan Angel Eyes. Clear well marked even gleaming black clear bright tan from this well conditioned coat.

2nd Bland's Shepalian Book of Dreams of Hilandes ShCM.

3rd. Goodyear's Cagasa Bell Air at Heibri.

Red/Red Tri Dog or Bitch

1st Swallows' Mirriyan Bega Tirrike. Excellent quality coat with depth of red and clear white.

2nd Dennis' Armatan Rhinestone Cowboy at Ausden.

3rd Goodyear's Cagasa Red Red Wine at Heibri.

Blue Merle Dog or Bitch

1st Storer's Javison Silverbelle. Striking with bright clear markings.

2nd Dennis' Gibbands Silver Skipper to Ausden.

3rd Blackmore's Jicarilla Dream Lady.

Red Merle Dog or Bitch

1st Blackmore's Elkstone Lady Bug Red. Very even attractively marked with good density and clear defined white.

2nd Bland's Shepalian Red Ensign.

3rd Taylor & Venton's Shenkiri Dancing Rainbow over Misty Isle.

Special. Working

1st Roberts' Armatan Fernando. 4 yr old black tri, easy active mover, at one with handler, well presented, soundly made, super coat and bloom.

Stud Dog

1st Buecheler's Shepalian Book of Dreams of Hilandes Sh C. Typical in outline, firm topline, good heads of each, all three well boned and sound with quality coats.

Brood Bitch.


Good Citizen Dog Scheme.

1st Roberts' Applethorn Valentine Magic.

2nd Storer's Javison Silverbelle. Sound typical with good eye, correct foreface, well boned, decent body, excellent bloom and coat.

3rd McKinnon's Trijem Cowboy Boots.

Obedience -

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