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ASCUK Open Show


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Results and Critique


Jacquie O'Brien

Aust Ch Kaasha Dazzling Edition

Trijem Yuletide Cracker

Trijem Yuletide Cracker

Ozzypool Spirit Dancer

Gibbands Red Admiral

I would like to thank the ASCUK Committee for inviting me to judge, also a big thank you to all the competitors for making the day so enjoyable.

A couple of comments:- Firstly I was surprised and disappointed with the dirty teeth of many of the dogs right across the ages. Secondly with a number of dogs their front and rear movement could possibly have been improved by having a loose lead and if their handlers moved in a straight line. Some of the males lacked masculinity in head, lacking breadth of back skull and muzzle.

Minor Puppy Dog

1st Accra Silver Gibbana at Parkgrove, Good bone and read angulations, very much a baby, at the moment rather long in body to height, full feathered tail

Puppy Dog

1st Ozzypool Spirit Dancer, R Tri, rich depth of colour, just starting to get his adult coat, scissor bite, masculine head with breadth of back skull, good bone and muscle, overall well balanced for age, level topline at the stand and on the move, full tail.

2nd Trijem Oceans Blurain with Overdrive, BM with white collar, light tan markings, full coat, moved with drive, full tail on the move at times a little gay but straight at the stand. I liked his head with expressive eyes and ears.

3rd Jacanshe Harvet Time

4th Ozzypool Running Bear

5th Trijem Blue Kentuckyrain

Junior Dog

1st Ozzypool Spirit Dancer

2nd Armatan Bolt from the Bluw, BW C/W. Good pigmentation, size and placement of eyes good, level topline at the stand and on the move, good rear angulations, moved well with reach.

3rd Jacanshe Harvest Time

4th Allmark Ginger Nuts

5th Ozzypool Running Bear

Special Yearling Dog

1st Allmark Solotair, Attractive B Trie well presented, good muscle, showing maturity, level topline on the move and at the stand. I would like a slightly broader back skull and muzzle, ear size and placement good.

2nd Ozzypool Spirit Dancer

3rd Armatan Rhinestone Cowboy at Ausden

4th Sangosands Starlight over Quilmhair

5th Ozzypool Dancing Bear

Post Graduate Dog

1st Drcral Majestic Prince, B Tri. Balanced dog, a little smaller than most, rear movement good with strong hock joint, the front slightly flicking when looking at the handler, level topline, size, colour and placement of eyes good, set of ears good, tight feet, good depth of chest.

2nd Milwyr Wispering Apache, R Tri. Head a little narrower than 1, I would have liked a little more flesh on the body, moved well going and coming with level topline, good depth of chest.

3rd Shenkiri Rolling Thunder

4th Jicarilla Midnight Dreamer

5th Applethorn Valentine Magic

Limit Dog

1st Versace Suave Des Chemin Cathares ShCM, BM C/W/ Compact dog in good coat, masculine head with width and length of muzzle in proportion to back skull, expressive eyes and ears, eye and ear size and placement good, scissor bite, level topline, consistant movement, would like to see more drive.

2nd Armatan Collectors Item at Heibri ShCM, B Tri. Head width and length of back skull good, eye shape and placement good, rear movementing hock join erratic at times, stretched at the stand loosing topline

3rd Ozzypool Ticket to Ride

4th Gemthorne Starlight

Open Dog

1st Aust Ch Kaasa Dazzling Edition BM C/W. Not a flashy dog, masculine head, muzzle and back skull having width, moderate in body and coat, eyes and year expressive when he wants, size and eye colour good, tight feet, good depth of chest, consistent movement without exaggeration. Best Dog and Best in Show

2nd Ir Ch Armatan Bad Moon Rising ShCM, Attractive BM God sized dog, had a tendency to be stretched at the stand loosing the topline, head proportions good with breadth of back skull, legs straight with compact feet, going rear movement erratic at times, side movement good, front reach, rear slight exaggeration.

3rd Casa De Filler for Dreamweaver

4th Can Ch Touchstone Dream Come True

5th Trijem Pacific Storm

Veteran Dog

1st Gibbands Red Admiral, R Tri of good depth of colour, well presented with good bone and muscle, masculine balanced dog, deep chest, level topline held on the move, good rear drive at times a little exaggerated, front a little pigeon toed something that seems to come with age, Reserve Best Dog & Best Veteran

2nd Armatan Ventura BW C/W. Masculing head, well proportioned dog with good bone, moved well, less drive that 1, held topline at stand and on the move.

3rd Accra Have You Heard at Frebobears

4th Ozzypools Red Hogan ShCM

5th Can Ch Touchstone Ironhorse

Minor Puppy Bitch

1st Amberslade Bellacoola, Good pigmented BM, with white and tan markings, feminine head and expression, level topline, had a tendency to over reach, wen settled front and rear movement good.

Puppy Bitch

1st Ozzypool Eternal Flame, R.Tri. Feminine and well balanced for age, head and muzzle good proportions, scissor bite, move and drive maintaining a level topline. Best Puppy Bitch and Reserve Best Puppy in Show

2nd Ozzypool Sweet Spice, R Tri. Feminine, slightly smaller without loosing bone and movement erratic compared to 1, otherwise comments as 1.

3rd Autumnhaze Abracadabra at Shloyan

4th Amberslade Bellacoola

5th Rushbottom Riverdance

Junior Bitch

1st Armatan Revelation, R Tri. Expressive eyes good size and placement, good ear carriage, scissor bite, erratic rear movement with rear extension.

Special Yearling Bitch

1st Trijem No Hope for the Devil R Tri. Blanaced outline at the stand with good rear angulation, broad back skull and muzzle good proportions, rear movement erratic and front flicking out and wide at times.

Post Graduate Bitch

1st Amberslade Go On Reba, B Tri. Balanced bitch, head proportions good, expressive yes and ears, level topline at the stand and on the move, going rear a little erratic

2nd Shenkiri Dancing Rainbow Over Mistyisle, RM Very feminine, size and placement of eyes good, good ear carriage, level topline at the stand and on the move, good rear angulation, rear movement erratic,

3rd Blueburn Clear Cut Diamond

4th Jicarilla Dream Lady

5th Ozzypool Dizzy Miss Lizzie

Limit Bitch

1st Trijem Yuletide Cracker, BM C/W. Not a flashy bitch, moderate body and coat, head proportions good, deep chest, topline held on the move, consistent movement without exaggeration Best Bitch, Reserve Best in Show and Best Opposite Sex

2nd Ozways FIrst Print, RM C/W. Good bone and muscle and body proportions, level topline, moved well but could have more enthusiasm and drive Reserve Best Bitch

3rd Lyveden Razlin Riali at Kasaki

4th Gibbands Silver Skipper at Ausden

5th Elkstone Lady Bug Red

Open Bitch

1st Armatan Moonchild BM C/W. Feminine head, good shape and proportions, level topline at the stand and on the move, rear movement erratic, side movement good reach and drive

2nd Brynelen Hubble Bubble, BM C/W. Good pigmentation, finer head and longer in body that 1, erratic rear movement and wide front.

Veteran Bitch

1st Gibbands Red Riding Hood, RM, GOod bone and muscle, feminine well proportioned head, good rear angulation, moved with positive drive.

2nd Trijem Flys Through the Mist, BM C/W, Head proportions good, expressive eyes and ears, consistent movement.

3rd Trijem Midnight Minx

4th Cagasa Red Wine at Heibri

5th Gibbands Red Cherry

Special Black/Black Tri Dog or Bitch

1st Ozzypool Running Bear

2nd Gemthorne Daddys Girls

3rd Amberslade Go On Reba

4th Moortime Magic of the Moors at Shenkiri ShCM

Special Red/Red Tri Dog or Bitch

1st Armatan Rhinestone Cowboy at Ausden

2nd Ozzypool Sweet Spice

3rd Ozzypool Eternal Flame

Special Blue Merle Dog or Bitch

1st Javison Silver Belle

2nd Trijem Yuletide Sapphire

3rd Brynelen Hubble Bubble

4th Jicarilla Dream Lady

5th Amberslade Bellacoola

Special Red Merle Dog or Bitch

1st Elkstone Lady Bug Red

2nd Ozzypool Ticket to Ride

3rd Shenkiri Rolling Thunder

4th Shenkiri Dancing Rainbow over Mistyisle

Special Working Dog or Bitch

1st Amberslade Bellacoola

2nd Drcral Majestic Prince

3rd Trijem Tuletide Sapphire

4th Gemthorne Tidal Wave

5th Applethorn Valentine Magic

Special Brood Bitch

1st Allmark Veuve Clicquot at Ozzypool

2nd Moortime Magic of the Moors at Shenkiri ShCM

Junior Handling 6-11 years

1st Samantha Reeve & BJH

2nd Megan Roberts

3rd Mikki Reeve

Junior Handler 12-16 years

1st Catrin Roberts

2nd Paige Hilton

Obedience -

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