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ASCUK Championship Show 2010​

Judge Paula McDermid


Best in Show BCC Windfalls Cause I'm Worth It With Triforce

Reserve Best in Show DCC BOS BVIS Am Ch Windfalls Katchmeifyoucan

Best Puppy In Show - Shloyan Rockafell

RDCC RBVIS Ch Gibbands Red Admiral

Best Puppy Dog Shloyan Rockafell

RBCC - Ozway Diamond Duvet

Best Puppy Bitch Impenzie Ariel

Best Veteran Bitch Moortime Magic of the Moors at Shenkiri

Results and Critique


1) Clarke's Shloyan Rockafella - A very athletic dog with correct sissor bite. he has good proportions and a nice length of neck. Level toploine,correct coming and going and balanced sidegait. He carries a well fitted coat of clear colour. BPIS
2) Bridges’ Liskarn Secretly Loves You - A heavy boned dog with a heavy head. I believe this dog is exaggerated. His coming and going could be cleaner. He has a balanced sidegait, but needs more angulation.

1) Keels’ Impenzie Matchless - Black tri with a correct profile. A moderate dog with a pretty head. Correct level topline and balanced sidegait. This dog needs some time to mature.
2) Bridges’ Liskarn Secretly Loves You (as above)
3) Reeves’ Silvercea Rag n Bone Man

1) Barron & Jenkins’ Bleuroyal Spanish Dagger at Rannerloch (Imp Chile) - A very attractive dog of correct moderate size and shape, with moderate bone. He has nicely balanced sidegait, level topline and correct angulation. Attractive head, and excellent clear coat color of correct texture.
2) Gatenby & Greens’ Armatan Fireblade (ai) - A moderate dog of good size and shape. He has a level topline, a moderate head and an athletic build. Good angulation and has the correct amount of bone.
3) Rogers’ Ozways Moulnerouge

1) Blands’ Abodandy Nika Yaba Daba Doo at Hilandes – A very handsome red merle with balanced sidegait and a level topline. He has a pretty head, expression and nice proportions. Correct bone for size and a good depth of chest. He moves correct down and back, and looks mature.
2) Barron & Jenkins’ Bleuroyal Spanish Dagger at Rannerloch (Imp Chile)
3) Coutts’ Kalayaans Daredevil The Man Without Fear (Imp Ita)

1) Munkvall & Spavins’ Thornapple Love Lock Down (Imp Swe) - Very moderate size black tri dog with outstanding movement and topline. He has a pretty head and expression, nice neck and nice bone. This dog could use a little more leg under him.
2) Timperons’ Bayshork Floyd at Rosemere (Imp USA) – Red merle of moderate size and bone. Clear coat colour with correct silver background and a well fitted coat. Nice sidegait and level topline, with a pretty head.
3) Brown & Richards’ Silverdreams Aussies Marzipan (Imp Hun)

1) Keels’ Drcral Majestic Prince ShCM Pre Beg Ex - A moderate dog with excellent angulation and a pretty head. He has a good topline and moves clean down and back. Excellent proportions, and a correct amount of bone for his size. He carries a well fitted coat, and is animated and athletic.
2) Alders’ Jacanshe Harvest Time ShCM - An attractive dog, who is moderate with a nice headpiece and pleasant expression. He has good proportions, and a pretty sidegait. I found his topline to be a bit soft, and his down and back could be cleaner.
3) Finlays’ Trijem Oceans Blurain with Overdrive CDex UDex

1) Timperons’ Am/Ita/Rom Ch Bayshore Triple Ex with Triforce (Imp USA) - Very nicely put together dog, with good proportions, correct amount of bone and a level topline. He has very good angulation and pretty movement.
2) Spavin & Raymonds’ Ch Allmark Ozzy Osbourne at Dialynne - A handsome black tri dog who was beautifully groomed and presented. He is animated, has good proportions and nice movement. He carries an attractive head and level topline. Has lovely sidegait, but is a bit weak in the hocks. Carries a well fitted coat.
3) Bridges & Wilsons’ Riverwind Secret Operator (Imp USA)

1) Timperon and Reeves' Am. Ch Windfalls Katchmeifyoucan - A handsome dog with outstanding movement and very good breed type. He has a pretty head and a solid topline. A totally correct dog who is masculine throughout. CC, RBIS, BOS and BVIS
2) Gibbons Ch Gibbands Red Admiral - A dog with excellent sidegait and correct proportions. Has a good amount of bone, and is animated and athletic. An attractive dog. RDCC and RBVIS
3) Browns’ Ir.Ch Accra Imtheotherone ShCM

1) Macfarlanes’ Bordertime In Ya Dreams - A cute black tri girl with nice proportions and pretty head and expression. Very good rear angulation, just needs to mature.
2) Accra Well I Never at Friedanene - A clear blue merle who was animated and athletic. Good proportions with a pretty head. Her movement will improve with some maturity and training.

1) Smiths' Impenzie Ariel - A very sound blue bitch with good proportions and a pretty head. Somewhat longer in loin that I prefer,but her topline was solid when moving. RBPIS
2) Cousins’ Moortime Scared Moon - A very feminine black girl with an attractive profile and pretty expression. Nice proportions and a lovely neck and topline. This bitch has a bit of weakness in the front which should improve with time.
3) Macfarlanes’ Bordertime In Ya Dreams

1) Wilsons Ozway diamond Duvet - a lovely black tri girl with effortless sidegait and she was sound coming and going. She has a pretty head and expression,correct proportions and a solid topline. RBCC
2) Beaumonts’ Goosecreek Indiana - A black tri with balanced sidegait and overall sound movement. She has good proportions, a level topline but I find her head is a bit coarse.
3) Buechelers’ Lyveden Pheris Song for Kasaki

1) Challengers’ Lyveden Castill Chandra - A lovely dark red tri, who was very sound when moving. She has a pleasant expression and excellent proportions. Outstanding coat colour and good bone.
2) Ambersale Arkadia - Nice red merle who is moderate with good proportions. Nice sidegait and good topline.
3) O’Briens’ Abodandy Niko Jacaroo Boo

1) Browns’ Jidace Bealacy to Shepwood – A well made black tri. Sound moving, solid topline and good proportions. Lovely length of neck and pretty expression, with a nicely fitted coat.
2) Gibbons’ Trijem Apple of my Eye at Gibbands – A substantial black tri with effortless sidegait. A bit coarse in the head, but has a good topline and good proportions.
3) Harrisons’ Lyveden Castill Cholena

1) Rogers’ Ozway First Print at Frebobears – A pretty red merle with a beautiful profile. Lovely head, neck and expression, with a well fitted coat. Excellent movement, she is of correct size and substance.
2) Taylor & Ventons’ Shenkiri Dancing Rainbow over Mistyisle – A pretty red merle with excellent profile, lovely movement and a sweet expression. Correct moderate size with moderate bone.
3) Blackmores’ Elkstone Ladybug Red

1) Timperons' Windfalls Cause I'm Worth It with Triforce - Exceptionally sound movement with a typey head and pretty expression. A substantial bitch with good proportions, solid topline and effortless sidegait. She never set a foot wrong. CC and BIS
2) Barron & Jenkins’ Accra Blue Lightning - Pretty blue girl with lots of reach and drive and has a pretty expression. Slightly long in body but her topline remained solid when moving. She has good bone.
3) Morleys’ Touchstone Lovely Rita Oakhill (Imp USA)

1) Taylor & Ventons’ Moortime Magic of the Moors at Shenkiri - Very nice profile and expression and has overall good movement. Balanced angulation, solid topline, and well presented.
2) Coutts’ Fulmay Right Attitude at Amberslade - Pretty sidegait, well angulated and has good bone and coat colour.
3) Cousins’ Shepalian Nightflight to Moortime ShCM CDex UDex WD

1) O’Brien’s Shepalian Bajimba at Abodandy JW
2) Dowsons’ Allmark Veuve Clicquot at Ozzypool

No entries

1). Dowson

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