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ASCUK Championship Results 2011

Judge Anne Arch

BCC-Best in Show Ch Allmark Cookie Monster At Dialynne (AI)

DCC-BOS Reserve Best in Show Thornapple Freedomworks (Imp USA)

RBCC- Best Veteran in Show Peach Cameo over Inoby 

Best Puppy In Show Lyveden Rairock Rebel

RDCC  Ch Allmark Ozzy Osbourne at Dialynne

Best Veteran Dog - Aus Ch Kaasha Daaling Edition (Imp Aus)

Best Puppy Bitch Triforce Wind Of The Fall

Best Junior Handler -Samantha Reeve


Results and Critique


1) Knott's Lyveden Rairock Rebel, headed a class of variations of forehands but he stood out for type and good proportions. Well placed forehand and good feet. Body coming on well with good loin. Well turned stifle, gave sound and easy movement. BEST PUPPY IN SHOW

2) Spavin's Dialynne Jathinkhesaurus, very promising and close to the winner in many respects. Not quite the turn of stifle as yet, but is still very sound. In good body condition and coat, gave easy and sound action.

3) Macfarlane's Bordertime Coco Pops


 1) Smith's Trijem National Treasure, won here over quite a variety of type and construction. Large enough for age. Masculine head, good neck and forehand and nice feet. Good topline and hindquarters, moved well.
2) Macfarlane's Bordertime Coco Pops, third in previous class and now needs to settle to the job in hand. Keen expression, good quarters and body coming on nicely. Sound strong rear, and when settled he moved well.

3) Fitches' Triforce Commodore


1) Holligan, Brandenburg & Garrison's Thornapple Freedomworks (Imp USA), headed a class of more even quality. This lad stood out for his lovely balance and type. Well constructed overall with pleasing head and expression. Good forehand, placement and lovely feet. Firm body and good loin. Gave easy and sound action. DCC, BEST OPPOSITE SEX AND RESERVE BEST IN SHOW

2) Brown's Bleuroyal Alaska Permafrost (Imp Chile) Ir.Jun Ch JW. Quite close to the winner but not as even on pastern action. Well constructed and overall has a very pleasing expression. In good jacket and gave easy and sound action. Was pushed hard by another import in the class.

3) Dyde's Dragonora Bad To The Bone (Imp Swe)


1) Brown's Bleuroyal Alaska Permafrost (Imp Chile) Ir Jun Ch JW

2) Clarke's Shloyan Rockafella JW, pleasingly constructed blue merle with good quarters, body and topline. Well balanced overall and in nice textured coat. Gave easy and sound action.

3) Longhurst & Routledge's Allmark Spirit of St Louis


1) Roberts Armatan Bolt From The Blue ShCM, won over a good collection with pleasing depth, which allowed me to 'nit pick'. Blue merle of nice size and balance. Good head with well placed forehand. Nice body and loin, pleasing hind quarters with nice stifle and good muscle. Moved easily and well.


2) Macfarlane's Gemthorne Dust Storm, close up to the winner. Nice head and good quarters. Well formed body with strong loin. Gave sound and easy action, in nice jacket.

3) Alder's Jacanshe Harvest Time ShCM

LIMIT DOG (14,1)`

1) Keel's Drcral Majestic Prince ShCM PBeg Ex, headed a super class with great depth making difficulty with decisions. Good head and eye to make pleasing expression. Well placed forehand and good feet. Excellent firm body with strong loin, nice stifle and hock. Good textured coat, moved soundly and well.


2) Roberts Armatan Bolt From The Blue ShCM

3) Turner's Harmonyhills Here's The Deal with Chakona (Imp USA)


1) Spavin & Raymond's Ch Allmark Ozzy Osbourne at Dialynne, so well balanced overall with a good head and expression. Strong neck and well placed forehand. Good feet and well developed body with pleasing loin. Good stifle and strong hocks. Moved soundly and well, with clean action and profile.RDCC


2) Turner's Ch/Am/Jer Ch Harmonyhills Satinfunnycideman for Chakona P'dH (Imp USA). One I have judged in the past and at 7 years old is still in super form. Good forehand and feet, very well formed rear with excellent stifle and hock. Moved easily but didn't seem too happy on the floor surface with his front action.
3) Allan, Harlow & Baylis' Am.Ch Shadowfox Bayshore Spotlight (Imp USA)


1) Newmans Aus Ch Kaasha Daaling Edition (Imp Aus), in super condition for his 10 years. Well constructed with firm body and most excellent muscle tone. Good head and well placed forehand. In pleasing coat, good feet and moved soundly and well.

2) Simmons' Versace Suave Des Chemins Cathares (Imp Fra) ShCM, pleasing overall with good proportions and well muscled quarters. Nice body, well coated and moved soundly and well.

3) Brown's Ir.Ch Accra Imtheotherone ShCM


1) Timperon's Triforce Wind Of The Fall. Very promising for the future with nice head and neck. Very good shoulder placement and nice feet. Body coming on well, with good loin. Pleasing stifle and hock and in good coat. Moved soundly and well.

2) Taylor's Auziway Royal Decree, keen and alert expression. Good forehand and feet, nice body with good brisket. Sound rear, gave easy and sound action

3) Newell's Triforce Black Pearl


1) Timperon's Triforce Wind Of The Fall.

2) Challenger's Lyveden Rairock Rhythm, pleasing overall on construction and balance. Good head, super forehand and good feet. Strong and sound rear. Moved with ease and soundness but can settle a little more to advantage.

3) Taylor's Auziway Royal Decree


1) Allan & Harlow's Allmark Fifth Avenue JW, blue merle of good balance overall. Nice head with keen expression, good forehand and feet. Pleasing body and loin, sound rear. Gave good action in all directions


2) Timperon & Case's Triforce Last Of The Wilds, another of balance and soundness. Good quarters and body coming on well. Another easy and sound mover.

3) Bennett's Shepalian Maid In Heaven


1) Smith's Impenzie Ariel, nicely balanced blue merle. Good head proportions and well placed shoulders. Nice feet, good body and topline. Very sound rear, moved well.

2) Bennett's Shepalian Maid In Heaven, third in the previous class. Pleasing head and forehand, can come up a little on feet to advantage. Hard body condition, sound mover with easy action.

3) Foreman's Moortime Moonlight Kisses


1) Venton's Liskarn Time To Wish at Mistyisle. Very pleasing overall with good head, quarters and feet. Strong loin, in good jacket and sound easy mover.

2) Foreman's Moortime Moonlight Kisses, third in previous class. Quite strong in head with a good front. Nice ribbing and brisket, good coat and moved with ease.

3) Buecheler's Lyveden Pheris Song for Kasaki


1) Newman & Souter's Triforce The Windspinner, headed a class with good depth of quality. Well balanced overall, with good head and expression. Nicely placed shoulders and good feet. Well formed body and good topline. Well formed rear with good stifle and hocks, plasing sound action.

2) Challenger's Lyveden Castill Chandra, of pleasing overall balance and type. Good head, neck and shoulders. Firm body with well held topline. Nice hindquartes, moved soundly and well.

3) Gibbons' Trijem Apple Of My Eye at Gibbands


1) Spavin's Allmark Cookie Monster at Dialynne (ai), took my eye on examination, it was all there!! Lovely type and so well balanced. Good head and well placed forehand. Good feet and well formed body with good topline. Nicely constructed rear and good jacket texture. Moved sound and true in all directions. CC AND BEST IN SHOW

2) Timperon's Windfalls Dior Me Dior Me Not at Impenzie (Imp USA), pleasing overall and so sound. Good expression and well placed forehand. Good body, sound rear and moved with ease and soundness.

3) Turnball, Clegram & Dowson's Ch Ozzypool Eternal Flame ShCM


1) Fuller's Peach Cameo over Inoby, hard to believe that this super bitch is 11 and a half years old. Keen expression from lovely eye. Good head, neck and shoulders. Firm body with excellent loin and well formed rear. Moved sound with such precision and ease. RBCC AND BEST VETERAN IN SHOW

2) Allan's Ozzypool Molly Malone at Allmark, another of pleasing type and quality. Nice head, good quarters and body. Fraction down on pastern but still gave easy and true action.

3) Taylor & Venton's Moortime Magic of the Moors at Shenkiri ShCM

1) Multi Ch Bayshore Triple Ex with Triforce


1) Ozzypool Molly Malone at Allmark
2) Allmark Veuve Clicquot at Ozzypool


1) Drcral Majestic Prince ShCM PBeg Ex
2) Jidace Bealacy to Shepwood
3) Elkstone Lady Bug Red


1) Allan
2) Challenger
3) Dowson

1) Samantha Reeve

2) Nikki Reeve

Two very good young ladies who treated their exhibits with consideration. They both took notice of the requests I made and surely will be very successful for the breeds future. The overall winner was the older sister of the two Samantha, who was pushed hard by her younger sister Nikki.

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