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ASCUK Championship Show

21st September 2013

Judge Pascal Grappin

Best In Show - BCC - BOS Ch Allmark Fifth Avenue JW

Reserve Best in Show -DCC - Ch Allmark Indecent Proposal JW ShCM

Best Puppy In Show - Silvarcea Too Hot To Tango

Best Veteran in Show - RBCC Ozways First Print At Frebobears

RDCC Allmark Spirit Of St Louis ShCM

Best Puppy Dog - Amberslade Kansas

Best Veteran Dog - 

Ch /Jsy Ch/ Am Ch Harmonyhill Satinfunnycideman At Chakona Pd'h

Best Junior Handler Robyn Arnall


Results and Critique

I would like to thank the ASCUK committee for their very honorary invitation to judge their 2013 Championship Show. For my first judging appointment in the UK, I had a wonderful welcome with a large entry.

Thank you for a wonderful organised show. I would also like to thank everyone for accepting my decisions so sportingly.

I have now judged Australian Shepherds extensively on the continent and I would like to give you my vision about the breed in the UK based on my Championship Show entry.

My vision is unbiased and only destined to give you what are according to me, are the priorities needed for improving the breed in the UK.

I liked
• General balanced proportions (body size/head size, length/height)

• Size and position of necks • Moderate bone • Firm and level toplines

• Balanced angulations • Colour and textures of coats • Good temperaments

• Good movement • Quality of show handling

I did not like :

• Heads in general • Eyes were too often round • Not enough correct ear sets

• Unhappy expressions on some of the exhibits • Forearms and pasterns weak in some exhibits

• Movement in some exhibits did not appear to be correct., It was not fluent enough for me at times. An Aussie should move freely with good strong reach and with the focus and vision of what is ultimately a working dog.

1) Triforce Last of The Mohican – A well balanced puppy with a very good head and alert expression. Excellent neck, shoulders and top line. Excellent front, but rear angulation a little bit straight, Moved well.
2) Tribbrook Beam Me Up Scotty – Very well made puppy, but difficult to judge because of lack of ring training. Moved ok when settled.

1) Amberslade Kansas – Well balanced puppy with a sweet expression. Ears breaking a little high. Balanced angulation front and rear. Moved well, but I would have preferred stronger rear movement.
2) Triforce Last of The Mohican (as above)
3) Jotars Dream Ticket
4) Tribbrook Beam Me Up Scotty

1) Dreamlines Strike It Rich (Imp Deu) - Excellent well balanced dog with moderate bone, Very good head, but ears are a little low set. Very good top line held on the move and excellent angulations.
2) Bleuroyal Kings Crusade JW Ir Jun Ch (Imp Chl) – A well put together dog, but I would have preferred more bone. Keen expression, but a little long in muzzle, Very good angulation front and rear. Would have like to see him move out more freely.
3) Dreamlines Masterplan at Bramblebern (Imp Deu).
4) Jotars Designer Ticket
5) Bleuroyal One Cool Kiwi (Imp Chi)

1) Jotars Rum 'n' Raisin – Balanced dog with a level topline and excellent bone. He has a very good head and expression. White a bit excessive on head and ears. Excellent angulation and a very good mover, but would like to see more power in his rear.
2) Bleuroyal Kings Crusade (Imp Chl) (as above)
3) Trijem Daydream Believer
4) Bordertime Special Choice

1) Illumineer Ross Lane (Imp Dk) - Very well balanced dog with excellent bone and head proportions, Wonderful top line and excellent angulation front and rear, I would prefer a stronger forearm but this dog moved with a lot of freedom.
2) Armatan The Edge Of Glory – Excellent proportions, a dog with correct moderate bone, Very good expression, and ear set could be higher. Moved out well.
3) Triforce Night Rambler
4) Ozways Moulne Rouge
5) Lyveden Rairock Rebel JW

1) Silverdreams Aussies Time Will Tell At Parkgrove ShCM (Imp Hun) - Moderate dog with medium bone. Expressive head with keen expression. Level topline, and good angulations front and rear. Good movement but would prefer more drive from the rear.
2) Jacanshe Harvest Time With Aussiame ShCM – Compact dog who is slightly short in neck. Very good head, earset could be better. Sound mover.
3) Ozzypool Jacob Black JW ShCM
4) Dragonora Bad To The Bone (Imp Swe)
5) Shloyan Rockafella JW

1) Ch Allmark Indecent Proposal JW ShCM – Excellent type with moderate bone and good balance. Good head with an attractive expression, Excellent topline and angulation, Moved well, but would be better if he was moved at a slower pace. DCC and BOS
2) Allmark Spirit Of St Louis ShCM – Well balanced dog with a good head and alert expression. Muzzle a little long, Very good angulations, moved well but could move better with more effort. RDCC
3) Allmark Lenny Henry
4) Ch Ozzypool Spirit Dancer JW ShCM
5) Jacanshe Harvest Time with Aussiame ShCM

1) Ch /Jsy Ch/ Am Ch Harmonyhill Satinfunnycideman At Chakona Pd'h (Imp USA) – 10 year old well proportioned dog. Very good expression but his eyes a little round. Excellent topline, angulations front and rear and moderate bone. Moved out freely.
2) Am Ch Windfalls Katchmeifyoucan ShCM (Imp USA) – Ten and a half year old dog with excellent balance. Very good expression, but round in eye. Very good mover, but could show more effort.
3) Impenzie Glaedr
4) Armatan Adorez Mon Maitre
5) DrCral Majestic Prince ShCM Pre Beg 'Ex'

1) Silvarcea Too Hot To Tango – Very well made puppy with excellent proportions. Excellent feminine head with alert expression. Excellent reach of neck into well laid shoulders and very good topline held on the move. Good angulations and moved out freely BPIS
2) Triforce Last Temptation with Dialynne – Very good bitch, with a feminine pretty head. Needs to gain confidence in the ring, to get the best movement out of her.
3) Silvarcea American Smooth for Jochurra
4) Armatan One And Only (ai)

1) Preeminent Line New Jersey (Imp Pol) – Excellent puppy with well balanced proportions. Firm body with excellent topline. Expressive head, Very good angulatuions front and rear, moved out freely.
2) Bleuroyal I Own The Runway (Imp Chi) – Very well made puppy but a little light in bone. Very good head, with a pretty expression. Excellent topline, and very good angulations. Moved well.
3) Triforce Last Temptation with Dialynne

1) Thunder Hill Everlasting Ticket For Gibbands (Imp Deu) - Very well made and well balanced bitch. I would prefer a touch more bone on her. Feminine head, with a pretty expression, Very good angulations and moved well but I would prefer a stronger rear.
2) Bleuroyal I Own The Runway (Imp Chi) (as above)

1) Triforce Looking Glace At Jopium – Excellent well made bitch with a pretty head and expression, I would prefer a higher earset. Looked good on the stand and had excellent angulation. Moved well, but could be tidier.
2) Ir Ch Allmark Italian Kisses For Applefire – Well balanced feminine girl with good angulations. If you put more work into this bitch and her movement, she could win well.
3) Lamintone What About Me
4) Trijem Follow The Dream

1) Quilmhair Flower O'Scotland – Well made and balanced bitch with good proportions. Good head and excellent length of neck. Excellent topline and moderate bone., Very good angulations and moved well.
2) Trijem Seattle Treasure Of Pastimes – Excellent general balanced bitch with a pretty head. Ear set a little high. Very good angulations, would like more fluidity in her movement.
3) Lyveden Rairock Rhythm
4) Autumnhaze Cupids Arrow
5) Bordertime In Ya Dreams

1) Triforce The Windspinner – Well balanced bitch who looked a picture standing. Excellent head with alert expression. Eyes a little round, Very good balanced angulations and excellent level topline, Moved well.
2) Triforce Last Of The Wilds – Excellent bitch with feminine expression, although her head is a little light for me., Excellent topline held on the move, good angulations. Very good mover but could strengthen her movement to get the best out of her.
3) Trijem Apple Of My Eye at Gibbands
4) Jidace Bealacy To Shepwood
5) Ozzypool Sweet Spice

1) Ch Allmark Fifth Avenue JW - Excellent well balanced bitch who at the same time is powerful, but feminine. She is firm in body with a pretty head and an alert expression, Level topline, and well balanced angulations. Beautiful efficent mover, who moves like an Aussie should. Just what I was looking for!  CC and BIS
2) Ch Legacy Liberty Finishing Touch Of Triforce (Imp USA) – Well made and compact bitch with a very good head. Firm topline and excellent angulation, moved out very well.
3) Trijem The Devil Wears Prada with Notacolly
4) Jotars Sparkling Opal

1) Ozways First Print At Frebobears – Excellent well balanced and well made bitch. Very good head but I would prefer more expression. Stood solid with a level topline and balanced angulations. Moved out free and easily. RBCC and BVIS
2) Ch Trijem Yultide Cracker ShCM – Well proportioned bitch with a lovely head who looked a picture stood. Level topline and good front and rear angulations. Moved well, but could bemore fluent.
3) Shepalian Bajimba at Abodandy JW
4) Trijem Pacific Pearl
5) Ch Lyveden Razlin' Raina

1) Ch / JsyCh / AmCh Harmonyhill Satinfunnycideman At Chakona Pd'H (Imp USA)

1) Ch Allmark Careless Whisper JW
2) Trijem Pacific Pearl

1) Trijem Apple Danish At Inoby

1) Illumineer Ross Lane (Imp DK)

1) Allan

1) Samuel Green

1) Robyn Arnall

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