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ASCUK Open Show


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Results and Critique

20th July 2013

Jo Hodges

Triforce Last of the Wilds

Armatan I Made it Through

Allmark Ginger Nuts

Preeminent Line New Jersey

Ozways First Print at Frebobears

Many thanks to the ASCUK committee for the opportunity to judge this well run show. A lovely entry, but overall I found a huge variety in type. On the whole presentation was good although I was surprised by the amount of dirty teeth.

Puppy Dog (2,1)

1st Reeves Dreamlines Masterplan at Bramblebern (Imp Deu) ; 10 month black tri of medium size with enough bone,. Head is clean cut with well defined stop, neat ears, almond shape eyes giving a kind expression. Good neck which is well arched, fitting nicely onto well laid back shoulders and level topline. Although I would prefer a better bend of stifle he moved with drive on straight hocks. Best Puppy Dog

Junior Dog (3,0)

1st Blair's Bleuroyal One Cool Kiwi (Imp Chi) ; 15 month blue merle of moderate size but with good bone. Balanced head, almond shape eyes giving an intelligent expression. Decent neck leading onto well laid back shoulders. Firm body with good depth, well bent stifles and strong hocks enabling him to move with drive. Coat is of good texture and clear colour

2nd Brown's Bleuroyal Kings Crusade JW ; 16 month black tri, and one who I have judged before and is maturing well. All in proportion although I would prefer more substance throughout. However he has a clean head, arched neck leading onto a well angulated front assembly and a level topline which he retained on the move. A great showman, in complete unison with handler.

3rd Norman's Dreamlines Strike It Rich (Imp Deu)

Novice Dog (1,0)

1st Brown's Bleuroyal Kings Crusade JW (Imp Chi)

Post Graduate Dog (7.1)

1st Newall's Triforce Mirar ; 3 year old blue merle. A well balanced male with good substance, masculine head, well defined stop and well filled muzzle. Almond shape eyes giving a kind expression and well set ears. Showed well for his handler. Good reach of neck, straight front, level topline and correct hind angulation. Well muscled hind quarters, moved soundly. Just wasn’t as collected in the challenge for Best Dog.

2nd Harris's Bordertime I Have A Dream for Candace ; 3 year old black tri with the blackest of coats. He has a lovely head, defined stop and well set ears which he used well. Excelled in neck, good length of back, strong hind quarters, moved freely but would prefer tighter front movement.

3rd Knott's Lyveden Rairock Rebel JW

Limit Dog (2,1)

1st Reeve's Triforce Dawn Treader at Bramblebern ; 2 year old blue merle upstanding dog with good proportions. Strong head, clean stop, decent eye shape and neat well set ears. Strong neck leading onto well laid back shoulders, good length of back, well bent stifles and strong hind quarters in hard muscular condition. Coat is a lovely colour and was well presented. The markings do detract on his stifle however this does not affect his ability to work. Moved with drive and style.

Open Dog (5,1)

1st Harris & Winfrow's Allmark Ginger Nuts (ai) ; 6 year old red merle who I have previously done well for before. Impressive dog of great substance, stands four square and never puts a foot wrong. Strong head, well defined stop, lovely eyes giving a masculine but kind expression. Muscular neck onto well laid back shoulders, firm level backline and well angulated hind quarters. Well off for bone, moved soundly with drive, in hard muscular condition and well presented. In the challenge for BIS I just felt the bitch had a little more animation. Best Dog and Best Opposite Sex

2nd Allan, Harlow & Arnall's Allmark Lenny Henry ShCM ; 4 year old black tri who I have also done well for in the past. Impressive outline when viewed from any angle, lovely clean head with good moulding to muzzle, strong neck, level topline and well bent stifles. Moved out well with reach and drive. His jet black coat was beautifully presented, just lost out on showmanship to winner. Reserve Best Dog

3rd Fletcher & Dowson's Ch Ozzypool Spirit Dancer JW ShCM

Veteran Dog (6,1)

1st Gatenby & Green's Armatan Adorez Mon Maitre ; 10 year old black tri of lovely type, thoroughly enjoying his day out. Well balanced throughout with good substance. Lovely clean head, well defined stop, he has a kind yet intelligent expression. Good depth of body and strong hind quarters, moved soundly with drive. In good condition and well handled.

2nd Keel's DrCral Majestic Prince ShCM P Beg Ex; 7 year old black tri, not a big dog but very well constructed. Clean head, very attentive to handler showing a cheeky expression. Correct angles both front and rear, very sound on the move. Although he has good bone I would just prefer him a shade bigger all over. In lovely condition

3rd Newell's Impenzie Glaedr

Puppy Bitch (3,0)

1st Lamberton's Preeminent Line New Jersey (Imp Pol) ; 9 month black tri, very pretty bitch who was the most mature in the class. Clean head, nice eye, lovely neck and outline and a level topline which she held on the move. Medium bone, moved soundly, well presented. Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy In Show

2nd Gatenby & Green's Bleuroyal I Own The Runway (Imp Chi) ; 7 month black tri, giving a lot away in maturity to winner but developing well. Lovely body shape, good forechest, well angulated front and rear. Although her head needs to settle and flatten in skull she has a nice eye shape giving a mischievous expression. Moved well once she settled into her stride

3rd Case's Silvarcea Too Hot To Tango

Junior Bitch (3,0)

1st Gibbons Thunderhill Everlasting Ticket (Imp Deu) : 12 month black tri, very feminine bitch and balanced throughout. Pretty head, lovely expression when she used her ears. Decent neck, level topline, needs to develop in body but has plenty of time to mature. Well angulated hind quarters, moved steadily, in lovely condition.

2nd Cudworth & Wilson's Allmark Felicia at Wilduc ; 16 month blue merle of heavier type than winner but all in proportion. Lovely outline, good reach of neck, moderate bone and strong hocks. Moved with drive from the rear, just preferred the front movement on winner.

3rd Bleuroyal I Own The Runway (Imp Chi)

Novice Bitch (1,0)

1st Morley's Trijem French Kiss ; 19 month red tri of lovely rich colour, ultra feminine but all in proportion. Has a pretty head, good reach of neck, correct forechest and depth of body. Level topline which she held on the move, well handled and presented.

Post Graduate Bitch (2,0)

1st Challenger's Lyveden Rairock Rhythm ; 2 year old black tri , has a classic outline, very feminine but with lovely bone. Good reach of neck and correct front assembly. Coat is of good texture and fitted, although plain in outlook she is a very stylish mover.

2nd Crotty's Shepalian Mistee Dreams at Soullaria ; 5 year old blue merle who is heavier all over than winner. Nice head pattern, well moulded foreface, correct fore chest and well ribbed body. Nicely angulated although I felt she was carrying just a bit too much weight which affected her movement.

Limit Bitch (4,1)

1st Timperon & Case's Triforce Last of the Wilds; quality black tri who has substance but still retains femininity. A pretty bitch with a lovely head pattern, neat fitting ears and a correct eye shape giving a kind intelligent expression. Strong arched neck leading onto well laid back shoulders. Good depth of body, level topline, strong parallel hocks enabling her to move with drive. Very alert and on her toes at all times, in super condition. Best Bitch and Best In Show. Well done

2nd Gibbons' Trijem Apple of my Eye at Gibbands ; Another quality bitch who I have watched mature over the years. Slightly taller and longer cast than winner but all in proportion. Pretty head, clean stop, has a lovely mischevious expression . Good reach of neck, lovely body shape, decent bend of stifle, moved out with reach and drive. Again in lovely condition and close up to one.

3rd Buecheler's Lyveden Pheris Song for Kasaki

Open Bitch (6,1)

1st Gatenby & Green's Armatan I Made It Through (ai) ; 4 year old blue merle who is ultra feminine and so well constructed. Pretty head, neat well set ears and an excellent reach of neck. Lovely body shape, balanced throughout with well muscled hind quarters. Once she settled into her stride her movement was effortless. A very appealing bitch all round who pushed the winner hard. Just preferred the overall substance of Limit Bitch winner Reserve Best Bitch and Reserve Best In Show

2nd Case's Silvarcea Rags To Riches ; well marked red merle who is of bigger type all round but again all in proportion. Very elegant bitch who demands attention. Head is balanced with correct stop, super reach of neck and length of back. Strong well muscled hind quarters enabling her to move with drive, showed non stop on a loose lead. Well presented.

3rd Challengers' Lyveden Castill Chandra

Veteran Bitch (1,0)

1st Rogers' Ozway First Print at Frebobears ; 7 year old red merle who is a sound honest bitch who has a lovely outline in profile. Pleasing head pattern, good stop although I would prefer a tighter ear set. Strong neck onto well laid back shoulders and correct forechest. Well sprung ribs, strong hind quarters in hard muscular condition. Moved steadily and was well presented Best Veteran In Show

Colour classes

Black / Black Tri

1st Armatan The Edge of Glory

2nd Ghostrider of the Mighty Crown with Triforce (Imp Deu)

3rd Armatan Adorez Mon Maitre

Red / Red Tri

1st Ozways Moulnerouge

Blue Merle

1st Bleuroyal One Cool Kiwi (Imp Chi)

2nd Triforce Dawn Treader at Bramblebern

3rd Shepalian Bajimba at Abodandy JW

Red Merle

1st Silverdream Aussies Marzipan ShCM (Imp Hun)

Good Citizen

1st DrCral Majestic Prince ShCM P Beg Ex

2nd Bleuroyal One Cool Kiwi (Imp Chi)

Obedience -

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