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ASCUK Open Show


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Results and Critique

July 2014

Roxanne McDonald

Silvarcea Too Hot to Tango

Ch Ozzypool Spirit Dancer JW ShCM

Ch Ozzypool Spirit Dancer JW ShCM

Trijem Beach Hoppin Dude

Ozways First Print at Frebobears

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge and to the exhibitors who entered. It was lovely to be able to start judging outside and see the dogs cover the ground and cope with the long grass. It was a shame that the rain came and forced us to go inside for the bitch judging.

Puppy Dog (1,0)

1st Morley’s Trijem Beach Hoppin Dude

Blue Merle 11 month who still needs to mature and fill out, but has everything there. Almond eye, the correct high earset and size and good expression on a pleasing head. Straight front with strong bone and moved well, holding his topline. Best Puppy In Show

Junior Dog (2,0)

1st Harris, Allan & Harlow’s Allmark Rheddy to Rumble

Red Merle. Lovely head and body proportions on this boy with attentive expression, good rear movement and held a level topline and tail on the move as he went round the ring.

2nd Harrison’s Silvarcea Rhythm N’Blues for Kishaya

Blue Merle.Strong neck and correctly angulated front and rear. Longer cast in body. Straight in front. Moved well.

Novice Dog (1,0)

1st McFarlane’s Aussiepride Destination Threedreamz (Imp Rom)

Blue Merle. Good ear set, shorter coupled dog with a big coat that doesn’t help his overall picture, moved well.

Post Graduate Dog (2,0)

1st Reeve’s Dreamlines Masterplan at Bramblebern (Imp Deu)
This black tri boy took my eye. Beautiful head and eye, strong oval bone but not overdone and strong topline which he held on the stand and the move. Covered the ground with ease as he went round the ring. Well angulated. Reserve Best Dog

2nd Norman’s Dreamlines Stike it Rich (Imp Deu)

Red Merle. Heavier set dog than 1 with lots of roll still in his body. Wedge shaped muzzle. Good eyes and used his size to move with reach and drive.

Limit Dog (5,2)

1st Reeve’s Triforce Dawn Treader at Bramblebern

Flashy Blue Merle dog who catches your eye for the right reasons. Lovely head and high set ear and almond eye. Straight in front and rear and well angulated. Moved round the ring effortlessly.

2nd Rogers’ Ozways Moulnerouge

Red Tri. Another lovely boy with a strong topline and shape. Good proportions though his body. Moved well but a little wide in front.

3rd Apperley’s Armatan Thunderbolt at Nanaimo

Open Dog (6,1)

1st Fletcher & Dowson’s Ch Ozzypool Spirit Dancer JW ShCM

Fully mature red tri dog who shouts breed type. Best mover in the class and still moved well inside for the challenge in a smaller ring. True fore and aft with a free and easy moderate stride in profile. Good head shape, eye and ear size and carriage. Best Dog, Reserve Best In Show & Best Opposite Sex

2nd Timperon & Reeve’s Ghostrider Of The Mighty Crown with Triforce (Imp Deu)

Black Tri. Different in type, skull rounded. Good feet good ears and eye.

3rd Gatenby & Green’s Armatan Fire Blade (ai)

Res Harris, Winfrow & Harlow's Allmark Ginger Nuts ShCM (ai)

VHC Apperley’s Armatan Thunderbolt at Nanaimo

Veteran Dog (2,0)

1st Apperley’s Javison Silver Ash at Nanaimo ShCM

Blue Merle. Straight front and good bone. Alert ears. Moved true and lovely for his age.

2nd McFarlane’s Am Ch Briarbrooks Jack Be Quick (Imp USA)

Sweet Blue Merle boy with a wedge shaped head, good front angulation, strong bone

Puppy Bitch (0,0)

Junior Bitch (4,2)

1st Case’s Silvarcea Too Hot to Tango

Black Tri. WOW, what a girl this is! Just what I was looking for in an Aussie, a moderate bitch with nothing over done. Beautiful head of correct proportions and shape, correct angulation fore and aft on a body slightly longer than tall. Straight in front and rear on the stand and on the move with oval, compact feet. Moved well in the ring provided. Best Bitch & Best In Show

2nd Morley’s Silvarcea American Smooth for Jochurra

A lovely body on this blue merle girl with strong topline and good rear. Lovely coat, preferred the head and feet of 1.

Novice Bitch (4,1)

1st Gatenby & Green’s Bleuroyal I Own The Runway (Imp Chi) (TAF)

Another moderate black tri bitch with a lovely body shape with good bone and feet and lovely topline. Nice head. True fore and aft on the move but needs to gain some more confidence.

2nd Gibbons’ Thunder Hill Everlasting Ticket for Gibbands (Imp Deu)

A taller black tri bitch. Sweet head but ears not her fortune. Good topline.

3rd McFarlane’s Bordertime In Ya Dreams

Post Graduate Bitch (1,0)

1st McFarlane’s Jotars Sparkling Opal

Blue Merle. A skittish bitch who didn’t want to show to her best. Nice head and lovely expression when she relaxed. Good body.

Limit Bitch (5,1)

1st Hodges, Gatenby & Green’s Triforce Looking Glance at Jopium

Blue Merle. Good bone and feet, good neck leading to level topline. Correct body shape and proportions, strong, straight rear pasterns.

2nd Gibbons’ Trijem Apple Of My Eye at Gibbands

Black Tri. A taller bitch than 1 but in proportion. Happy girl who moved well in profile keeping her level topline. Good expression and nice eye.

3rd Harrison’s Lyveden Castill Cholena for Kishaya

Res Crotty’s Abodandy Niko Jacaroo Boo

Open Bitch (2,1)

1st Case & Timperon’s Triforce Last Of The Wilds

Black Tri. Stronger head than I would like but wedge shaped and still feminine. Good eye with lovely expression. Strong body in proportion with head, moved well.

Veteran Bitch (4,1)

1st Rogers’ Ozways First Print at Frebobears

Red Merle Lovely shaped head with good eye, just a shame she flies her ears. Lovely body shape and proportion with good bone. Moved well from all angles and was well presented and handled to complete the picture. Reserve Best Bitch and Best Veteran In Show

2nd Bland’s Shepalian Bajimba at Abodandy JW

Blue Merle. This was a very close class and the body of this bitch was very similar to 1. Just preferred the head of 1.Reserve Best Veteran In Show

3rd Gatenby & Green’s Amoureuse D’Abbey Des Chemins Cathares (Imp Fra)

Judge – Roxanne McDonald

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