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ASCUK Open Show


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Results and Critique

July 2015

Lydia Brown

Lamintone Cloud Burst

Silvarcea Too Hot To Tango

Silvarcea Too Hot To Tango

Gentle Man Labakan Slovakia

Impenzie Glaedr

Puppy Dog 4-(1)

1. Gatenby, Green & Blackburn's Gentle Man Labakan Slovakia (Imp Slo) TAF

6 month old black tri baby with lovely outline. Strong in head with level planes. Scissor bite and good reach of neck flowing into well laid back shoulders. Strong moderate bone. Moved well once he got into his stride. Best Puppy In Show

2. Knott's Lyveden Texas Ranger TAF

Another baby just 6 months who has a bright future ahead of him. Head in proportion to body with moderate stop. Slightly arched neck of moderate length. Good oval bone. Oval compact feet. Level topline. Reserve Best Puppy In Show

3. Capp's Silvarcea Gandalf the Grey

Junior Dog 1-(0)

1. Gentle Man Labakan Slovakia (Imp Slo) TAF.

Novice Dog 1-(0)

1. McFarlane & Gladwell's Sunnyrain Something Special for Jotars (Imp USA)

3 year old black tri with good head. Smaller ears than I would have liked but still in proportion. Complete scissor bite. Nice reach of neck. In full jacket. Moved quite well when settled and watched handler constantly.

Post Graduate Dog 3-(1 W/D)

1. Mee's Lamintone Cloud Burst

2 year old blue merle. Judged this dog before when he was a puppy and is developing into a handsome dog. Strong head with moderate stop. In proportion throughout. Muzzle shorter than length of skull. Lovely arched neck of moderate length. Forequarters equal to hindquarters with moderate oval bone and great angulation throughout.Glad to award him Best Dog & Best In Show

2. McFarlane's Aussiepride Destination Threedreamz (Imp Rom)

5 year old blue merle, smaller than 1 and carrying a little too much weight. Nice head, in good coat. Correct angulation though a little flat in pasterns. Moved OK.

Limit Dog 5-(1)

1.Crotty's Lamintone Celestial Storm at Soullaria

2 year old black tri. Keen/alert expression. Muzzle a little shorter than length of skull, head in proportion to body. Good angulation front & rear. Correct pigmentation & deep rich colour of coat. In excellent condition. Best mover in his class. Reserve Best Dog

2. Knott's Lyveden Rairock Rebel JW

4 year old black tri who was another good mover in this class, although he didn't want to look at me today. Good outline. Correct in head with full scissor bite. Nice reach of neck flowing onto well laid back shoulders. Level topline which was held on the move. Good rear angulation which he used to his advantage.

3. Reeve's Triforce Dawn Treader at Bramblebern

Open Dog 3-(1)

1. Reeve & Timperon's Ghostrider of the Mighty Crown with Triforce (Imp Deu)

4½ year old black tri in lovely full coat. Typical outline. Strong clean head, expressive almond shaped eyes set obliquely with tight fitting rims. Moderate sized ears. Body slightly longer than tall with moderate tuck up. Lovely tight feet. Well balanced throughout which showed on the move.

2. Gatenby & Green's Armatan Fireblade(ai)

5 year old black tri. Strong in head which was in proportion to body. Longer than tall. Keen and alert expression. Almond shaped brown eyes with good pigmentation. Strong moderate neck. Deep chest of moderate width. Straight oval bone. Just preferred the movement of 1.

Veteran Dog 6-(1)

1. Newell's Impenzie Glaedr

Black tri dog nearly 10 years old that does not look or move his age. I have liked this dog for many years and he didn't disappoint me today. Sturdy male with masculine head, clean cut, strong and dry. Parallel planes. Keen and alert expression being eager to please his handler. Deep chested, ribs well sprung and carried well back. Strong in loin. Nice tight feet. Best Veteran In Show

2. Fletcher & Dowson's Ch Ozzypool Spirit Dancer JW ShCM

Red Tri, nearly 8 years old. Another fine example of the breed. Masculine in head, good almond eye and moderate ears set high on the head. Complete scissor bite. Back level and firm with moderately sloping croup. Tight feet. In full coat of rich red colour. Just preferred the movement of 1 better today. Reserve Best Veteran In Show

Puppy Bitch 4-(2)

1. Bland's Soullaria Back to Black at Hilandes. 7 month old black tri who is a lovely rich colour. Feminine head, correct ear set and dark oblique set eyes. Slightly longer than tall. Level topline. Moderate throughout, nothing overdone. Nice compact oval feet. Moved well once settled.

2. Eves Silvarcea Queen Ravenna. Similar black tri bitch to one, just preferred the others head. Again, feminine outline with good reach of neck flowing into shoulders. Correct angulation front and rear. Keen and alert expression watching handler at all times. Moved well

Junior Bitch 2-(1)

1. Myall's Altussi Alchemists Secret

16 month old blue merle who stood alone but still has quality. Developing into a pretty bitch. Good head with moderate stop. Very Typey. Nice almond eye. Deep and clear colour and in good condition. Moderate throughout with good angulation. moved OK when settled.

Novice Bitch 1-(0)

1. McFarlane's Bordertime In Ya Dreams

3 year old black tri. Not in the best condition today, but she did enjoy herself in the ring. Keen expression. Slightly longer than tall and of moderate bone. Paid much attention to her handler.

Post Graduate Bitch 4-(2)

1. Simpson's Rannaleroch Chilaca at Applecreek. 2 year old blue merle, smaller and finer in type. Lovely keen alert expression and listened to her handler intently. In good jacket with rich colouring . Correct angulation front and rear. Level topline which she held on the move. Nice oval and compact feet . Moved in tune with her handler.

2. Gatenby & Green's Bleuroyal I Own the Runway (Imp Chl)

2½ year old black tri who struggled to compose herself today as she knew the judge too well!! Moderate bitch throughout, lovely brown almond eye and ears of moderate size and thickness. Deep chested. Carrying a little too much weight but could still move very well at the correct speed.

Limit Bitch 5-(3)

1. Fuller's Silvarcea Too Hot to Tango. 2 year old black tri that excels in type. Moderate throughout with stunning outline. Keen and alert expression. Feminine in head with muzzle a little shorter than length of skull. Full scissor bite. Strong & firm level topline which was held on the move. Moved with purpose and drive, with moderate length of stride, no exaggeration. Pleased to award her Best Bitch, Reserve Best In Show & Best Opposite Sex

2. Crotty's Abodandy Niko Jacaroo Boo

6 year old red tri who moved extremely well for her handler. Not as in as good overall condition as 1 but fits the breed standard well. Nice head in proportion to body. Moderate stop. Lovely almond eye. Deep chested of moderate width, longer than tall with good strong loin. Correct angulation.

Open Bitch 2-(1)

1. Fuller's Triforce Last of the Wilds. Black tri that stood alone but whose quality shone through. Medium sized bitch, well muscled and of moderate bone. Feminine head in proportion to body, skull equal in length and width. Lovely black pigment. Forequarters equal to hindquarters with strong level topline. Moved with drive from behind with free and easy movement. Reserve Best Bitch

Veteran Bitch 3-(2)

1. Gatenby & Green's Amoureuse D'Abbey Des Chemin Cathares (Imp Fra)

10 year old red merle bitch, larger in build but still retains feminine qualities. This bitch does not show her age. Strong head of correct proportions. Moderate bone. Deep chest with brisket reaching to elbow. Firm topline. Slightly sloping pasterns and hocks well let down. Maybe a little on the heavy side but still in fine condition and dripping in coat. A well balanced bitch still who moves very well.

Black/Black Tri Dog/Bitch

1. Lamitone Celestial Storm at Soullaria

2.Soullaria Back to Black at Hilandes

3. Bleuroyal I Own the Runway (Imp Chl)

Red/Red Tri Dog/Bitch

1.Dragonora Bad to the Bone (Imp Swe)

2. Abodandy Niko Jacaroo Boo

Blue Merle Dog/Bitch

1. Rannaleroch Chilaca at Applecreek

2. Triforce Dawn Treader at Bramblebern

3. Silvacea Gandalf the Grey

Red Merle Dog/Bitch

1. Shenkiri Rolling Thunder

2. Amoureuse D'Abbey Des Chemin Cathares ( Imp Fra)

Good Citizen Dog/Bitch

1. Drcral Majestic Prince P.Beg Ex ShCM

2. Dragonora Bad to the Bone (Imp Swe)

3. Rannaleroch Chilaca at Applecreek.

Special Working Dog/Bitch

1. Rannaleroch Chilaca at Applecreek.

Junior Handling 6-11 years

1. Joshua Green (aged 11 years)

This handler looked after his very young dog sympathetically, spoke to him gently and quietly and kept his attention at all times. Moved his dog at the correct pace. Well Done.

2. Rebecca Green (aged 6 years)

Rebecca coped as well as she could with quite a difficult dog. She spoke to him in a calm but firm manner and kept him under control most of the time. The dog was moved well and at the correct speed and her lines were straight. Well controlled for a young handler.

Junior Handling 12-16 years

1. Kayleigh Dyde (aged 16 years)

Handler spoke to her dog constantly and reassured him. Moved her dog very well with straight lines and sharp corners. The dog was moved at the correct speed and not on a tight lead. Glad to award her Best Junior Handler

2. Samuel Green (aged 12 years)

Another handler who did very well with quite a difficult dog. Spoke to his dog in a calm manner and repositioned the dog when it moved out of place. Moved around the ring well and watched the judges position at all times. Would have just liked a touch lighter lead and lines need to be a little sharper. Reserve Best Junior Handler

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