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                                                        ASCUK OPEN SHOW

                                             Judge ROS TIMPERTON (TRIFORCE)

                                                          20th July 2019

Best In Show  Wilduc Next to Me at Spotarton

Reserve Best in Show  Ch Lyveden Texas Rose

Best Opposite Sex  Lyveden Texas Ranger

Best Puppy In Show Birkcross Georgie Girl

Best Veteran In Show Lyveden Rairock Rebel

Results and Critique

I would like to thank ASCUK for their kind invitation to judge. I was thrilled with my entry, some tricky classes. However when I looked up to see the bitch line up for best bitch it took my breath away, I could have taken any of them home with me, I was delighted with my overall winners who wouldn't be.

Puppy Dog
1st Dizzy Marble As Hot As Fire

Very raw 6 months old red merle ,well balanced head with good pigment ,correct eye & ear placement ,good bite. Nice length of neck fitting into a good lay of shoulder, body well balanced with good rear angles and short hock ,nicely sloped off croup. Very loose on the move as you would expect from one so young, but a picture standing BPD

2nd Franmar Storm Trooper

9 month old blue merle , head progressing slightly long in muzzle at the moment, nice eye shape, scissor bite, body balanced with good hind quarters and tail set, Well presented .
3rd Durena Midnight Rebellion
4th Dark Fighter Tamerlan

Junior Dog
1st Gemthorne Right Mover

 12 month black tri of good type & bone, nice expression though head still developing, good pigment ,size and placement of ears correct ,scissor bite, good length of neck, balanced body needs to settle on the move.

2nd Dark Mover Tamerlan

 7 month old black tri smaller type , nice eye and good colour. Difficult to assess, would benefit from some ring craft and general socialising.

Novice Dog
1st Franmar Storm Trooper
2nd Gemthorne Right Mover
3rd Trijem Samurai Warrior
4th Lamintone Epic Inferno
5th Dark Fighter Tamerlan

Post Grad Dog
1st Glamour Aussies Addicted to You

19 month old red tri of good type ,well balanced masculine head ,good eye shape and ear set, scissor bite, good pigment. Good length of neck ,shoulder and depth of chest, good angulation front and rear. A little taller than I would like, needs to mature very much the adolescent.

2nd Dialynne Enzo Ferrari, Very difficult to assess, nice type and good colour would benefit from ring craft.

Limit dog

Open Dog
1st Lyveden Texas Ranger

4 year old blue merle of good appearance ,attractive masculine head of correct proportion, almond eye shape and good ear set, scissor bite. Neck slightly arched, shoulder well laid back, matching rear angulation, nice short hock, smooth easy movement with level topline & sloped off croup with good tail set. Beautifully presented in good coat and condition, loved him maturing so well BD & BOS

2nd Lamintone Celestial Storm at Soullaria ShCm

5 year old black tri of heavier type, nice head of correct proportion, good eye shape and ear set , good width and depth of chest moved soundly in good hard condition
3rd Soloyal Valentino

Veteran Dog
1st Lyveden Rairock Rebel, 8 year old black tri of good type and appearance ,well proportioned head ,nice eye good ear set, arched neck good shoulder placement matching angles front and rear ,good tail set , beautifully presented RBD & BV in show
2nd Lyveden Castill Chaska

Puppy Bitch
1st Birkcross Georgie Girl, 11 month old black tri bitch of good type ,head still developing, nice expression correct eye shape & placement, good ear set & shape, scissor bite .Well balanced body for one so young with matching angles and strong level topline, nice short hock, very sound on the move, beautifully presented BPB & BPIS.

2nd Gemthorne Right in the Shade

 6 month old black tri bitch ,very raw baby pretty head still developing, nice outline good rear , just needs to settle on the move

Junior Bitch
1st Thornshavn Maid of Blue for Rosschell

 13 month old blue bitch of good type, feminine head with nice expression & good proportions, good eye shape & placement, ear set good but a little on the large size. Good length of neck, matching angles and nice short hock, body still developing, moved well. A little short of coat today well handled.

2nd Durena Frosted Orchid

 15 month blue bitch, good colour, would like a more refined head though still developing ,good topline ,well presented.
3rd Gemthorne Right in the Shade

Novice Bitch
1st Lamintone Enchanted Fire

 2 year old red merle bitch of good type and colour, head well balanced and in proportion to the body, correct shape & placement of eyes & ears, scissor bite. Good neck and shoulder matching angles fore & aft, body length slightly greater than height ,level topline and good tail set, would like a shorter hock .Moved well when settled , beautiful side gait. Well presented & handled I've always loved her shame she was a little apprehensive today.

Post Graduate Bitch
1st Soloyal Secret Romance

Red tri bitch of good type, head of good proportion , correct eye shape and ear set, scissor bite, good length of neck, matching angles front & rear, level topline held on the move, good tail set.

2nd Miss Atomic Bomb Elvikam

 Lovely black tri bitch of good type, lots to like about this girl so well made unfortunately she left her clothes at home.
3rd Silvarcea Fun in the Sun

Limit Bitch
1st Jenkova Dark Secret

3 year old black tri bitch, lovely moderate girl, good colour, balanced head good eye and ear set and shape, good reach of neck, well laid back shoulder matching angulation , moved well holding topline, well presented and handled .
2nd Magical Love Elvikam

 2 year old red tri bitch of good type, lots to like about this girl another who left her clothes at home and just preferred the front of the winner.

3rd Silvarcea American Smooth for Jochurra
4th Lamintone Dare to Resist at Kristalriver
5th Soullaria Black to Black at Hilandes

Open Bitch
1st Wilduc Next to me At Spotarton

3 year old red tri bitch of good type, balanced head of correct proportions, correct eye placement, good ear size and set correctly,  good neck fitting into well laid back shoulder, body ratio correct, strong loin, good level topline held on the move, nicely slope off croup, nice short hock, moved well when viewed from all angles BB & BIS
2nd Ch Lyveden Texas Rose

 4 year old red merle bitch of good type lots to like about this girl, good colour, well balanced feminine head, good eye shape, placement & pigment, good ear set. Arched neck matching angles front & rear, strong level topline , nicely sloped off croup. Moved well RBB & RBIS

3rd Silvarcea Annie McPhee for Kishaya
4th Silvarcea Reggae Fusion at Ozways

Veteran Bitch

Black Dog or Bitch

1st Soloyal Valentino
2nd Durena Midnight Rebellion
3rd Soullaria Back to Black and Hilandes
4th Miss Atomic Bomb Elvikam
5th Dark Fighter Tamerlan

Red Dog or Bitch

1st Lamintone Epic Inferno
2nd Dialynne Enzo Ferrari
3rd Magical Love Elvikam
4th Soloyal Secret Romance

Blue Merle Dog or Bitch

1st Silvarcea Annie McPhee for Kishaya
2nd Franmar Storm Trooper
3rd Durena Frosted Orchid
4th Thornshaven Maid of Blue for Rosschell

Red Merle Dog or Bitch

1st Trijem Samurai Warrior

Good Citizen Dog or Bitch

1st Silvarcea American Smooth for Jochurra
2nd Magical Love Elvikam
3rd Soullaria Back to Black at Hilandes
4th Dialynne Enzo Ferrari

Junior Handler 12 - 16
1st Carla Buckley

Obedience - Paul Cousins

Many thanks to the ASCUK Committee for inviting me to judge this year and for the bacon butty and lunch, both of which were most welcome and tasty. Thanks also to Glynis for ring stewarding for me - the first time for several years she told me. The weather was kind to us with only a few spots of rain. There were some lovely dogs competing, some with more success than others. The joy about this type of event is that it gives people an opportunity to try working their dogs in obedience without the pressure of a formal open or championship show. I hope those competitors and dogs just starting out in obedience found it enjoyable and will continue with their training. It can be a rewarding sport as well as frustrating at times.

Special Introductory
1st Magical Love Elvikam, A very nice two year old Red Tri Bitch, handled nicely by Megan. The team had a clear Stay and 'Play with your dog'. A bit of pulling by Bonnie and some movement off the leg lost a few marks on the Heel Work. Bonnie went off to play before the present in the Recall which also cost a few marks. Bonnie is still young and showed that she has potential. Stick at it Megan.
2nd Soloyal Secret Romance, Another nice young Red Tri Bitch, handled by Joanne. Unfortunately Tabta followed Joanne as she left her dog in the Stay. There was some very nice Heel Work with only a few minor faults. No sit on the Recall cost a few marks. Another dog with a clear 'Play with your dog'. It was a shame about the Stay. Get the Stay sorted out and I feel you could both go some way in obedience.

Special Pre Beginners
1st Magical Love Elvikam, Only the one entry in this class. I think that Bonnie had had enough by the time she got to this class. Clear Sit and Down Stays (I think she could have stayed in position for hours). However, part way through the Heel Free exercise she decided to go off and see another member of the family. Do not worry it happens to us all at some time.

Special Beginners
1st Elladays Chuwy, Again only one entry for this class. A handsome Black Tri Dog. Clear Sit and Down Stays. Although his attention was drawn to other things going on in the field he completed his stays without moving. His Retrieve and Recalls were nice. His biggest problem with the Heelwork was lack of attention. This resulted in a number of minor faults, otherwise both exercises were very good. I must come clean here and say that I have Chewy's sister who had the same attention problem. I have managed to work through this, so there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

Special Novice
1st Rannaleroch Chilaca at Applecreek, A very nice Blue Merle Bitch who worked very nicely. Most of the marks were the result of minor errors which can be easily corrected. Work a little on your turns and you should soon be winning a novice class at an open show.
2nd Elladays Chuwy, A close second to the winner. I thought that Chewy worked this round better than the Beginners round. Dropping the dumbell in the Retrieve exercise made all the difference.
3rd Silvarcea American Smooth for Jochurra, A pretty Blue Merle Bitch. Nice Retrieve and Recall. Wide right turns and drifting off the leg accounted for most of the Heel Work marks. Again these are errors that can be corrected quite easily.
4th Lyveden Castill Chaska, A mature Red Merle Dog. Nice Heel Work and Recall. However, the Retrieve let you down. Sitting for another 7 seconds would have seen a clear Sit stay. The Down stay was perfect.

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