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ASCUK Championship Show
18th September 2021
Judge Meg Purnell Carpenter

* Best In Show * DCC* Ch Brighttouch Drift the Line Through Dialynne *

* Reserve Best in Show * BOS * BCC * Jenkova To The Other Side *

* Best Puppy In Show * Caronlea Celtic Fire Starter for Takhisis *

* Best Veteran in Show * Jenkova Bite Lika Diamond *

RDCC - Triforce Alchemist

Best Puppy Dog - Caronlea Celtic Fire Starter for Takhisis

Best Veteran Dog - Ch Lamintone Cloud Burst ShCM

RBCC - Jenkova Brite Lika Diamond

Best Puppy Bitch -Allmark Dance with Diamonds

Best Junior Handler -George Davis

Minor Puppy Dog

1. Caronlea Celtic Fire Starter for Takhisis
2. Talard Welcome To The Jungle

Puppy Dog

1. Trijems Gift of the Forest
2.  Durena Black Panther
3. Shepwood Grey Knight

Junior Dog

1. Ch Brightouch Drift The Line Through Dialynne DCC
2. Weather The Storm
3. Trijem Three Times The Magic

Yearling Dog

1. Allmark One For the Road with Alfsden
2. Allmark One Of These Days
3. Shalakos Come Hellr High Water


Novice Dog

1. Weather The Storm


Graduate Dog
1. Liskarn Secret Carbon Copy for Talard


Post Graduate Dog
1. Triforce Alchemist RDCC
2. Dialynne Enzo Farrari


Limit Dog
1. Rannaleroch Jeremy Fisher


Open Dog
1st. Ir Ch Talard Lethal Weapon Ir Jun Ch AnCh18
2. Jotars Lies and Deciet with Alfsden
3. Ewbell Pure Dead Brilliant at Morcis ShCM


Veteran Dog
1. Ch Lamintone Cloud Burst ShCm
2. Ch Scallywag The Highlander with Allmark


Special Opwn Working Dog
No entries


Minor Puppy Bitch
No entries

Puppy Bitch
1. Allmark Dance with Diamonds


Junior Bitch
1. Wispafete Belongs To Music
2. Whistle Down The Wind at Gemthorne


Yearling Bitch
1. Allmark On One Hand with Alfsden
2. Wispafete Light My Fire


Novice Bitch
1. Whistle Down The Wind at Gemthorne


Graduate Bitch
No Entries


Post Graduate Bitch
1. Jenkova To The Other Side RBCC
2. Triforce Charmed
3. Amberslade Santa Ana Breeze


Limit Bitch
1. Wispafete Once Upon A Dream
2. Tarard Keep Your Pokerface
3. Allmark Sapphire with Alfsden JW
4. Dialynne Sophia Loren of Norcis


Open Bitch
1. Birkcross Mines A Tia Maria
2. Stonepine Written In The Stars for Dialynne
3. Wispafete Dream Come True for Clynalwin


Veteran Bitch
1. Jenkova Brite Lika Diamond BCC
2. Ir Ch/Int Ch Allmark Naughty But Nice Ir Jun Ch CJW15 CW16 CW18
3. Silvarcea American Smooth for Jochurra
4. Rannalaroch Chilaca at Applecreek Beg ex


Special Open Working Bitch
1. Lamintone Dare To Dream AW(B)
2. Rannalaroch Chilaca at Applecreek Beg Ex


1. Jotars Lies and Deceit with Alfsden
2. Ir Ch/Int Ch Allmark Naughty But Nice Ir Jun Ch CJW15 CW16 CW18


1. Mr A, Mrs L & Miss T Douglas


Jacqui Obrien Memorial Stakes
1. Amberslade Santa Ana Breeze
2. Dialynne Sophia Loren of Morcis


Junior Handling 6-11 Years
1. Emily Rose Gilloway

Junior Handling 12-16 Years
1. George Davis


Adult Handling
1. Tamzin Blyton
2. Laura Pedelty
3. Jess Simpson

Special Award Classes (Judge Jacky Cutler)
Thank you to the committee for the opportunity to judge the Special Award classes, a small
but quality entry and all well presented and handled.


Special Award Yearling Dog or Bitch

1) Whistle Down the Wind at Gemthorne, Fourteen month old black tri male with a well balanced, masculine head. He has a well developed chest and nicely arched neck flowing into a good topline and he is well matched fore and aft. He is in nice coat, moved soundly and looks a nice prospect for the future.

2) Weather The Storm Black tri litter sister to (1) and not quite as forward at this stage. Balanced in head and body, just needs time to fill her frame, topline ok but rises slightly over the loin. Coat starting to come in nicely, and shown in good order. Movement a tad erratic due mainly to over enthusiasm.

Special Award Open Dog or Bitch

1) Ewbell Pure Dead Brilliant at Norcis ShCM, Four year old black tri male with a masculine head with mid brown eyes giving a lovely expression. He had a good depth of chest and a strong, level topline with good angulation front and back, stands on good feet and moves out nicely.

Special Award Veteran Dog or Bitch

1)Silvarcea American Smooth for Jochurra, Eight year old blue merle bitch with a
well proportioned head, although the stop is a little too deep for me. Decent neck with good front and rear angulation, well balanced and held her topline on the move with an easy action. Shown in excellent coat and condition.
2) Rannaleroch Chilaca at Appledcreek Beg Ex, Eight year old blue merle bitch with a balanced head with dark eyes, ears a little low set, well off for bone with good feet. Well developed chest and decent topline, well angulated and moved well.
3) Ir Ch/Int Ch Allmark Naughty But Nice Ir Jun Ch CJW15 CW16 CW18, This rising 8 year old blue merle was feeling the heat a bit so not giving of her best. Overall well balanced and shown in good coat and condition.

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