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ASCUK Championship Show

1st August 2021

Judge:Jayne Holligan

Best In Show - DDC - Brighttouch Drift The Line Through Dialynne

Reserve Best in Show - RDCC - SA Ch Mysticlight Im So Handsome

Best Opposite Sex - BCC - Birkcross Georgie Girl at Jazdaze

Best Puppy In Show - Wispafete Belongs To Music

Best Veteran in Show - Rannalaroch Chilaca at Applecreek Beg Ex


Best Puppy Dog - Wispafete Real and True

RBCC - Troya Elvikam of Dreamtale

Best Puppy Bitch -Wispafete Belongs To Music

Best Junior Handler Lauren Bridges


Results and Critique

Thank you to the Officers and Committee of ASCUK for inviting me to judge their annual Breed Club Championship Show it is the pinnacle of any breed specialists judging career to be invited to judge a Breed Club Championship show.
I always make comments on my critiques for breeders and enthusiasts alike to take note of what I have found and what needs improving. I do not make these comments in any way that is detrimental to the breed but to advise breeders of what to be aware of what needs to be improved.
Generally, heads were good although I found some that were overdone and some the opposite that looked more like smooth collies losing functionality for what the breed was bred for. Fronts were still the main issue in the breed with upright shoulders and short upper arms giving short choppy movement and lack of reach, our breed calls for smooth, lithe and agile movement and this requires correct structure.
I was very pleased with my main winners and they all had the required aussie outline ,breed type and smooth free and easy gait that I was looking for. It was also great to see some exciting youngstock coming through the classes. I definitely found bitches stronger in depth of quality than the males today.
Thank you to everyone that entered in these strange and difficult times every entry was appreciated.

Minor Puppy Dog (0 entries)

Puppy Dog (2)

1) Wispafete Real and True, upstanding black tri male that appealed to me in his outline, pleasing head and dark eye, nicely set ears, good neck and nicely boned maintained a level topline on the move , promising puppy pleased to award him BPD and Res Best Puppy In Show
2) Durena Black Panther loved this boy’s head type ! Good neck into ok shoulders, good topline, well angulated rear moved ok once settled.

Junior Dog ( 2)

  1) Brighttouch Drift the Line through Dialynne. Beautifully marked Blue merle male , I had hoped he would be entered! BOY he didn’t disappoint ! Beautifully handled and presented as I would expect, he is a judges dream to go over, beautiful head and expression with lovely dark oval eyes giving that lovely Aussie expression, correct bite, well set ears , perfect skull to muzzle ratio and beautifully tapered muzzle his head is very much the style I love, well set neck going into nicely laid shoulders and correct front, strong bone but in no way overdone the perfect example of moderate , nice tight feet , good ribs and depth of chest for age that when fully matured will drop to complete an already perfect picture, good topline lovely bend of stifle and rear angles which equate into the beautiful movement he displays as he goes around the ring , a lightness of foot showing the true lithe agile movement required extremely pleased to award him Best Dog, & Best In Show one of the best aussies I have had the pleasure of judging . Thank you for bringing him.

2. Weather the Storm TAF , black tri male that is all male, nice head and eye, ears showing correct lift, good neck, nice layback of shoulder bit short in upper arm that just restricts him a little on the move, good topline and spring of rib, well-muscled and in good condition a boy that will improve with age, well handled.


Yearling Dog (5 ,1 )

1) Triforce the Alchemist , 18mths black tri male, what a little cracker he is, he has a beautiful head type with a lovely dark almond shaped eye, well set ears, beautiful neck into a well-constructed front, strong bone, lovely topline , well angled rear which he used to advantage on the move. He just missed out here today on maturity and was in my top 3 males for the day, a top quality Aussie and an Exciting young dog who I hope to see in the future.
2) Shalako’s Come HellR High Water ( Imp USA) , 19 month Red Tri male, liked his outline, pleasing head correct eye and ear set , good neck , shoulders ok, good bone solid topline and nicely muscled rear , moved well just preferred the front of 1.
3) Wispafete Eternal Fire at Ozways
4) Allmark One For the Road with Alfsden


Novice Dog ( 3)

1) Allmark One of these Days , really well-balanced black tri male, good head shape with string muzzle, correct eye and ears , strong neck into well laid shoulders, moderately boned, well sprung ribs, level topline in great coat and condition well handled .
2) Weather the Storm TAF upstanding black tri male, super head which oozes masculinity, correct bite , excellent neck and shoulders and upper arm, good depth of chest, strong bone . correct feet , level topline and well-muscled rear moved and handled well.
3) Gemthorne Right Mover

Graduate Dog (1,1)
1. Weather the Storm TAF


Post Grad Dog ( 5,1)

1) Dialynne Enzo Ferrari , red tri male that is well balanced, Good head and eye moderate bone, ok front , good topline , free easy mover.
2) Franmar Storm Trooper, blue merle male good outline, good head just a little too broad in skull and round in eye which detracts from the aussie expression, nice neck into a good front, strong bone, level topline and well let down hocks moved well just a tad heavy in his foot timing.
3) Glamour Aussies Addicted To You
4) Draganora Now Look Whos Talking


Limit Dog (3)

1) Talard Secretly Need to Know with Liskarn, Liked the style and breed type of this boy, lovely aussie outline, well presented and handled, pretty head with dark eye , well balanced forehand, correct moderate bone, strong topline and well-muscled rear moved out with correct foot timing and agile movement,

2) Moves like Jagger Elvikam of Dreamtale (Imp Pol), Mature 5 yr old black tri male, he is a lot of dog. But has a pleasing head of excellent type, good front with strong bone, level topline which he held on the move, just a tad long in loin, shown and handled well .
3. Lamintone Dragon Rider



Open Dog ( 5 ,1)

1) SA CH Mysticlight I’m So Handsome (Imp ZAF) 5 1/2 yr old blue merle ,
Nice upstanding male, well handled , has a well-balanced outline, broad skull and strong muzzle, good eye, and well-set ears, bite ok, moderate neck into well laid shoulders, strong bone, tight feet , excellent topline held on the move, nicely angulated rear which he used to power round the ring, just preferred the overall moderation and lighter foot timing of the junior dog for the CC, but pleased to award him RCC and RBIS

2) Dialynne Carbon Copy, 2yr black tri male, what a cracking outline he has a young dog with a long way to go to before he is fully finished but what is there now is stunning, lovely well-balanced head, with lovely dark eye of correct shape, nice head planes , correct bite, beautiful length of neck set into a great front structure, moderate bone, tight feet, firm topline, slightly sloping croup giving a good tail set and a well angled rear. Moved correct coming and going and great reach and drive on the go around he just needs time and he will be competing at the top of the game .
3) Ewbell Pure Dead Brilliant at Norcis ShCM
4) Soloyal Valentino ShCM

Veteran Dog ( 0)

Special Open Working Dog (0)

Minor Puppy Bitch (0)

Puppy Bitch (4,1)

1) Wispafete Belongs To Music , 11mths blue merle striking puppy who is definitely a little showgirl, well balanced outline, correct head proportions for her age, good length of neck, sound in front , correct bone and compact feet, level topline , well ribbed, strong in loin, well angled rear moved out really well with the correct gait she has a bright future pleased to award her Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Show

 2) Altussi Crazy Diamond 9 mths blue merle and still very much a baby, but her quality is there, her head is still developing but has correct proportions for age, good neck into ok shoulders, nicely boned, correct feet, nice topline and spring of rib, well angulated in the rear moved and handled well.
3) Dialynne Leave Your Mark at Starlink

Junior Bitch (3,1 abs)

1) Whistle Down the wind at Gemthorne (TAF) black tri what I loved about this bitch was her no nonsense workmanlike look, she doesn’t have a huge coat so you get to see everything as is, she is so well balanced in outline, good head with correct head planes, correct skull, lovely eye shape and colour, tapered muzzle with tight fitting lips , could have better full under the eye, strong neck into well laid shoulders, short in upper arm, strong bone and tight feet, good spring of rib and depth of chest , strong in loin and correct slightly sloping croup, well angled rear, moved out really well once settled handled well.

2) Shulune Secret Storm over Shepwood , black tri that was very well presented very different style to 1. She has nice overall proportions and balance, head is ok but would prefer a less round eye, which would give her a softer expression, good neck into well laid shoulders, short in upper arm, good bone, level topline ,good spring of rib and strong loin, nice bend of stifle moved ok , just preferred the overall balance and head of 1.


Yearling Bitch (5)

1) Triforce Hocus Pocus , She has the sweetest of expressions, beautifully balanced head, good skull and lovely muzzle, correct eye shape, and correct bite, good length of neck into well laid shoulders and upper arm, good bone and excellent feet , good spring of rib and strong loin, beautifully angled rear and well-muscled , in great coat and condition moved really well.

2)  Liskarn Secret Chase, another quality youngster, well balanced bitch with so much to like. Lovely head and expression, well set ears, dark eye correct bite, good length of neck , correct front, good bone and feet, well sprung ribs with strong loin and well-muscled rear moved out well .
3) Royal Treasure Du Moulin Du Bourgneuf at Elvoira
4) Liskarn Loved the Chase
5) Bollinchep Colaradoblue


Novice Bitch (5,1)

1) Durena Frosted Orchid , lovely blue merle bitch of correct breed type, beautiful outline, correct head with great proportions, well set ears, correct head planes, well tapered muzzle and beautiful dark eye giving a great expression, good neck, well laid shoulders and correct upper arm, well boned and nice tight feet, good spring of rib and depth of chest, level topline and well angled rear she moves so well with a real lightness of foot
2) Whistle Down the Wind at Gemthorne (TAF)
3) Royal Treasure Du Moulin Du Bourgneuf at Elvoira
4) Bollinchep Colaradoblue


Graduate Bitch (2)

1) Trijem Star of the Snow at Starlink Black Tri bitch who is made for the job! She is extremely well balanced in outline, very nice head proportions, good neck into a correct front assembly, good bone and correct feet, good depth of chest and spring of rib, well angled rear, lovely smooth steady movement which definitely could do a day’s work.
2) Milwyr Upsy Daisy, black tri well boned , correct head, and well put together just a bit longer cast than 1, and although moved nicely lacked enthusiasm for the job on the day.


Post Graduate Bitch (4,1)

1) Troya Elvikam of Dreamtale (imp Pol) Red merle bitch I have in my notebook loved her and I did ! , She was what I was looking for typical Aussie outline , her head is still developing and at the moment just needs to fill under the eye a little more, but other than that it is lovely , correct bite, has a beautiful neck leading into one of the best fronts on the day, correct bone with tight feet, beautiful depth of chest and spring of rib, strong loin, level topline , good bend of stifle and well let down hocks, in good coat and great physical condition she moved round the ring with such elegance and style displaying the smooth lithe and agile gait an Aussie should have it was so close In the line-up and I had to really split hairs ! Pleased to award her the RCC
2) Mistyisle Secretly a rebel with Liskarn quality young bitch who needs to grow in confidence which I know she will, lovely outline, well balanced head with great expression, correct bite good neck and correct front, good topline and well angled rear moved out well.
3) Birkcross Enchantress


Limit Bitch (11,1)
Largest class of the day and a pleasure to judge

1) Birkcross Mines a Tia Maria , black tri, good things come in small packages and she may not be the biggest but she sure makes you feel her presence especially on the move. She has a great outline, the prettiest of heads with correct proportion, and correct bite, good length of neck and correct front , good bone and tight feet, correct depth of chest for her age, super topline and beautiful rear which when put all together really shines on the move, she is a delight to watch .
2) Little Red-Cap Du Chemin Des Korrigans ( Imp Fra) 6 yr old red tri another who excels on the move a lot of the same comments apply , she is a well-balanced bitch, great head proportions, well set ears, correct eye, correct bite, good firm neck into well laid shoulders and correct upper arm, correct rib and strong loin, well angled rear and well let down hocks moved out freely and with true agile movement
3) Dialynne Sophia Loren of Norcis
4) Magical Love Elvikam JW
5) Triforce Elora Danan


Open Bitch ( 5,2)

1) Birkcross Georgie Girl at Jazdaze this was a class of three quality bitches I was spoilt for choice and had to split hairs as all had equal merits, this bitch just edged it on her super breed type and overall balance, she has a correct head of great proportions, with correct eye and correct bite giving a beautiful soft expression that draws you in, good strong neck into a beautifully put together front, moderate correct bone, tight feet, well ribbed , great depth of chest and strong well-muscled loin, good bend of stifle and well let down hocks, she moves so well so sound and so correct I have admired her from afar and was not disappointed when I have had the chance to go over her pleased to award her the CC today her all-important 3rd Congratulations she is a well deserved champion and also pleased to award her Best Opposite Sex in Show.

2) Stonepine Written in the Stars for dialynne another quality bitch who has super breed type, and many of my comments for one apply to her , she has a beautiful head correct balance and great structure and moves with beautiful foot timing , if a little lazily which cost her the class.
3) Ch Lyveden Texas Rose

Veteran Bitch ( 1)
1) TD Ch Rannaleroch Chilaca at Applecreek Beg Ex, EX ETD CCF1 NTD-M, 7 yr Blue merle bitch in great condition, lovely shape and style, well balanced head , nice dark eye, well set ears, correct bite , nice neck into well laid shoulders, good bone and feet level topline and well angled and muscled rear moved out freely a credit to her owner for her condition, very pleased to award her Best veteran bitch and Best Veteran in Show well deserved

Special Open working bitch (1)
1.TD Ch Rannaleroch Chilaca at Applecreek Beg Ex, ETD, CCF1 NTD-M

Progeny (0)

Brace (0)

Jacqui O’Brien Memorial Open Stakes (4,1)
1) Ewebell Pure Dead Brilliant at Norcis ShCm lovely black tri male well balanced , pleasing head , good eye , good head planes , well set ears they break just a little bit too high, lovely neck into well laid shoulders just a tad short in upper arm, well ribbed and great depth of chest, level topline moved out well.
2)Little Red-Cap du Chemin Des Korrigans ( imp Fra).

Junior Handling 6-11 years (1,0)
1) Kendra Wilson, this young lady showed great enthusiasm to learn and paid great attention to her dog, she handled very sympathetically and followed all my instructions. Keep practicing Kendra you are the future of our breed.

Junior Handling 12-16 yrs (1,0)
1) Lauren Bridges , what can I say about this young handler that hasn’t been said before, she has an amazing empathy and a very natural talent with dogs and they love her for it. She manages to create an instant bond with whatever dog she handles. Today she handled a lovely red tri bitch she had her stacked perfectly every time I looked, when I moved a leg she placed it back, she gaited her dog at the correct speed to suit the dog and has an elegance all of her own I was so pleased to award her Best Junior Handler well done Lauren you are a credit to our breed.

Adult Handling 17 + Years (3,1abs)
1) Kirstie Venton. Well, handled, and you can tell that she had competed in juniors as knew all the tricks the judges use to asses handling and pre emptied my every move it’s a pleasure to see such great handling well done Kirstie.
2)  Jessica Simpson again great handling showing a great rapport her dog, the dog was always in the correct stacked position and was moved at the correct speed for the dog well-handled jess.

Special Award Classes (Judge Jean Turnbull)
Thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge these special classes and to the exhibitors for allowing me to go over some lovely dogs.


Special Yearling Dog or Bitch
1) Triforce Alchemist 18mth well balanced black tri male. Good head with well placed ears, good reach of neck on to well laid shoulders, deep ribcage and good rear angulation, plenty bone and covered the ground at a steady pace with good topline.
2) Dialynne Carbon Copy 2yr old black tri male. Deeper stop and not as well muscled as winner, good reach of neck and ample bone, nice length of body with good rib cage, moved well in every direction. Both boys have the same father which is easy to see.

Special Open Dog or Bitch
1) Stonepine Written in The Stars 3yr old black tri bitch, loved this bitch as soon as she walked into the ring! So well balanced throughout, good bone, beautiful expression from a gorgeous head, she flowed from the top of her head to her tail, nothing overdone and moved like a dream, definitely one to watch in the future!
2) Soloyal Valentino Sh.Cm. another black tri male which I liked. Lovely broad skull with intelligent expression and correct ratio of skull to muzzle. Good length of neck, ample bone, nice shape with good rear angulation, moved well.

Special Veteran Dog or Bitch
1) TD CH Rannerloch Chilaca At Applecreek BEG Ex ETD CCF1 NTD-M 2K9
8yr old blue merle bitch that belies her age! Lovely eye shape with intelligent expression, enough bone with well sprung ribs and well muscled and good angulation, moved well.

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