Critique for Champ Show ~ Saturday 22nd September 2018Judge: Ms Britt Siegstad (Dreamcatchers - Denmark)

Australian Shepherd Club of UK Championship Show

22nd September 2018

Judge: Britt Siegstad (Dreamcatchers – Denmark)

Thank you so very much for the invitation to judge this wonderful and very well-organized show. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I loved the atmosphere and friendly feeling – a really nice day and a great experience for me judging in the UK the ‘UK way’ for the very first time!  Thank you for my great ring secretary and steward, they helped me not goof up too much! I was generally very pleased with the quality of the dogs, not to mention the fine temperaments also. Sound structures correct efficient movements, many very good heads, and not really any aussies that were too big, and/or too heavy or too overcoated. This made me happy!

Junior Handler 6-11 years (1,0)

1st Lauren Bridges

Very skilled handler. At first, she seemed a bit nervous, needlessly. She did so well, and as the day moved on showing more and more dogs, she just got better and better.

Junior Handler 12-16 years (1,0)

1st Tamsin Blyton

Was very gentle and calm with the dogs, making them do as she wanted with little effort. Soft hands and moved the dog at right pace. Also, Tamsin I saw several times that day doing a fantastic job handling. She won the class and Best Junior Handler as she, in a gentler less nervous way showed her dog the best way possible.

Minor Puppy Dog (1,0)

1st Busby’s Razkiah The Mad Hatter

Happy youngster, nice conformation. Good bone, good size, body a bit on the short side. Would like a stronger lower jaw. Some ring training would do him good. Sweet temperament, lovely coat.

Puppy Dog (3,0)

1st Hawk’s Glamour Aussies Addicted To You (Imp Hun)

Excellent shape and proportions of head. Excellent type and bone. Very good proportions, tail carriage a little high. Well angulated. Movements were good for age.

2nd McKinnon’s Dialynne Enzo Ferrari

Still very young in his development, but overall nice conformation. Head with good proportions. Fine angulations back and forth. Standing a little wide in front. Very nice tail carriage. Movement typical for age.

3rd Swallow’s Trijem Samurai Warrior

Junior Dog (5,1)

1st Cowley’s Sparkaway Supernatural

Excellent type and size. Super proportions, well angulated, fine neck, nice head proportions, very good body for his age, excellent bone. Good mover. Correct coat.

2nd Downes’ Damani Dream Give Me Five At Milwyr (Imp Rus)

Excellent type and size. Well proportioned head, good forechest, good neck, slightly long in loin, well angulated, in very good coat on the day.  Good mover.

3rd Wright’s Fraytal Corsairey Casch At Razkiah (Imp Rus)

Yearling Dog (6,0)

1st Quinn, Douglas & O’Leary’s Talard Some Kinda Wonderful

Beautiful well proportioned red merle of excellent type and size, masculine, compact and strong. Excellent bone, angulations and head. Sound mover. Reserve Dog CC

2nd  Douglas’ Ir. Ch Talard Lethal Weapon Ir. Jun.Ch.

Excellent type and size. Masculine. Athletic, strong, muscular, well angulated. Eyes a little round. Sound mover.

3rd Barr’s Allmark Yogi Bear

Post Graduate Dog (6,1)

1st Barr’s Allmark Yogi Bear

Beautiful blue merle, beautiful head, good bone and good movement. Good carriage of tail, coat of great quality. Slightly long in body. Good neck and moves well.

2nd Fuller’s Allmark Willy Wonka With Jacanshe

Masculine, and with good substance. Beautiful proportions, strong neck, athletic and well angulated. Would have liked a stronger lower jaw. Moves well.

3rd Roberts’ Moves Like Jagger Elvikam (Imp Pol)

Limit Dog (7,3)

1st Timperon’s Triforce Silver Surfer

Young dog of good type and size. Out of coat on the day, but with good proportions. Good head but would like a stronger lower jaw. Coat of good texture. A little long in loin but moves well.

2nd Turner’s Harmony Hill’s Ticket To Ryde To Chakona ShCM (Imp USA)

Young dog of good type and size, and in fine coat. Good body and topline. Muzzle slightly long and could have a stronger lower jaw, but overall a head in good proportions. Well angulated and moved well.

3rd Reeve & Timperon’s Ghostrider Of The Mighty Crown At Triforce ShCM (Imp Deu)

Open Dog (7,0)

1st Gibbons & Jones’ Multi Ch Austrian Dream Be Well Suited Of Wispafete JW ShCM Ir Jun Ch (Imp Aut)

Beautiful strong red tri male of excellent type and body proportions. Athletic, beautiful head, body and angulations, excellent reach and drive in movement. Nice shape eye. Excellent coat, and very good bone and ribcage. Such a sound mover, could go on and on so effortlessly. Dog CC, Best of Breed, Best In Show

2nd Mee’s Ch Lamintone Cloud Burst ShCM

Beautiful male of excellent type and size. Strong, compact and well angulated. Beautiful head of good proportions. Excellent coat condition. Good reach and drive, and a sound mover.

3rd Knott’s Lyveden Texas Ranger JW

Veteran Dog (5,1)

1st Timperon’s Triforce Night Rambler

Beautiful athletic gentleman in great condition. Moderate type, correct head, neck, and topline. Slightly long in loin, carries his tail beautifully. Excellent movement.

2nd Alder’s Jacanshe Harvest Time With Aussiame ShCM

Excellent active beautiful male. Well constructed, if a little short in body. Beautiful head, and well angulated. Good drive in movement.

3rd Turner’s Ch Harmony Hills Here’s The Deal With Chakona ShCM (Imp USA)

Minor Puppy Bitch (1,0)

1st Arnall’s Allmark Ice Ice Baby

Very feminine, a lovely type. Very nice head, well angulated and good bone. Chest needs to develop, and slightly long in loin. Strong clear colours in coat, nice mover.

Puppy Bitch (2,0)

1st Allan & Bridge’s Allmark Black Sheep

Very feminine, very well proportioned. Excellent type, body and bone. Nice head with good scull and muzzle. Well angulated, and a good mover. Nice tail carriage. Best Puppy In Breed / Show

2nd Turner’s Dialynne Primavera

Very lively sweet youngster of good proportions. Still needs to mature in front. Good head piece but would like a little lower jaw. Good bone and angulations, and a correct coat.

Junior Bitch (4,1)

1st Roberts’ Magical Love Elvikam (Imp Pol)

Excellent type and size, very feminine yet strong and compact. Good head, muzzle could be shorter and would like a little more lower jaw. Very good bone and angulations. Correct coat texture. Nice mover.

 2nd Brown’s Triforce Morning Mist Over Shepwood

Excellent type, feminine and good bone. A little high on legs just now. Nice head with good proportions. Good neck and balanced angulations back and forth. Moved well for age.

3rd Gillingham’s Silverdream Aussies Your Destiny At Parkgrove (Imp Hun)

Yearling Bitch (4,0)

1st Such’s Soloyal Secret Romance

Lovely red tri of excellent size and type. Very feminine, good body proportions and well angulated. Nice head, a very good mover, good coat texture and nicely presented.

2nd Fuller & Holligan’s Silvarcea The Perfect Storm

Very feminine, of excellent size and type. Strong muzzle, well angulated and a good mover. Good neck and topline. Balanced angulations back and forth, with good coat texture. Moved well.

3rd Myall & Timperon’s Triforce Modesty Blaise

Post Graduate Bitch (12,2)

1st Turnball, Clegram & Holligan’s Jenkova Dark Secret ShCM

Excellent type and size, very feminine. Great head and body proportions. Good bone and angulations. Nice tail carriage, correct coat and a wonderful mover.

2nd Bland’s Soullaria Back To Black at Hilandes

Excellent type and size. Very feminine, with a beautiful head and expression. Nice bone and a compact strong body. Nice mover, with a correct coat.

3rd Haddock’s Miss Atomic Bomb Elvikam (Imp Pol)

Limit Bitch (9,3)

1st Morley’s Silvarcea American Smooth for Jochurra

Very feminine, yet strong bitch. Excellent type, size and proportions. Everything in balance, with a great head and expression. Well angulated. Correct coat and colour and a sound mover. Reserve Bitch CC

2nd Haddock’s Miss Atomic Bomb Elvikam (Imp Pol)

Young promising bitch of harmonious proportions. Excellent type and size. Beautiful head, and well angulated. Good bone, a very nice mover and in correct coat.

3rd Venton’s Little Red-Cap du Chemin des Korrigans (Imp Fra)

Open Bitch (7,0)

1st Gibbons, Jones & Blyton’s Mangry’s Need For Speed With Wispafete Ir Jun Ch CJW’17

Beautiful bitch, so feminine of lovely breed type and excellent size. Not too much, not too little – just right! Beautifully shaped head, good scull and muzzle. Excellent expression excellent body proportions, all in balance. Excellent neck, topline, bone and angulations. Excellent coat texture. Such a sound mover, who could go on and on. Bitch CC, Best of Opposite Sex / In Show

2nd Longhurst & Gregory’s Wilduc Next To Me At Spotarton ShCM

Excellent type and size. So feminine and of lovely proportions. Very good headpiece. Nice body, strong and compact. Very good bone, and very good angulations back and forth. Sound mover.

3rd Harrison’s Silvarcea Annie McPhee For Kishaya

Veteran Bitch (4,0)

1st Challenger’s Lyveden Rairock Rhythm

Excellent type and size, in impressively good condition. So sound and correct in body proportions. Nice head,  but could have stronger muzzle/lower jaw. Well angulated, nice neck, body and bone. Very sound mover.  Best Veteran in Breed / Show

2nd Fuller & Timperon’s Triforce Last Of The Wilds

Excellent type and size. Head of very good proportions, lower jaw could be stronger though. Nice neck, well angulated and good bone. Slightly long in loin, nice tail carriage and a sound mover. Very nice coat.

3rd Fludder’s Trijem The Devil Wears Prada With Notacolly

Stud Dog – no entries

Brood Bitch (2,1)

1st Such’s Allmark Foreign Affair

Brood bitch with two offspring, who were very similar in type. Excellent conformation, with very beautiful and expressive heads. Well angulated, and all in good coats. Nicely proportioned and very good movers.

Special Working Dog of Bitch

No entries

Jacquie O’Brien Memorial Stakes (6,0)

1st Roberts’ Magical Love Elvikam (Imp Pol)

2nd Bland’s Soullaria Back To Black at Hilandes

3rd Crotty’s Lamintone Celestial Storm At Soullaria ShCM

Special Awards Classes

Judge: Ms Mhairi Baxter

Special Award Winnie MacIntyre Yearling (6-24 months) Dog or Bitch (13, 1)

1st Quinn, Douglas & O’Leary’s Talard Some Kinda Wonderful – 18 month old red merle dog who caught my eye as soon as he entered the ring and did not disappoint when I examined him. Well-proportioned, dry head with well-defined stop.  Strong, level topline, good depth of chest and ribs well-sprung.  He moved effortlessly without exaggeration.

2nd Fuller & Holligan’s Silvarcea the Perfect Storm – 19 month old blue merle bitch with a full tail which did not distract from her outline.  She is maturing well, nice dry skull, held her topline and moved effortlessly around the ring.

3rd Douglas Ir.Ch Talard Lethal Weapon Ir Jun Ch

Special Award Sarah Green Open Dog or Bitch (8,2)

1st Turnbull, Clegram & Holligan’s Jenkova Dark Secret ShCM – 2 year old black tri bitch who looked like she could work all day and her movement won her the class.  Lovely feminine, dry skull, clean neck and, body in correct proportions.  Her topline was solid as she moved effortlessly around the ring.

2nd Venton’s Little Red-Cap du Chemin des Korrigans (Imp Fra) - 3 year old red tri bitch.  She had a feminine  head with a lovely expression.  She stood four-square with a moderate amount of bone and, her topline  was level and strong.

3rd Fludder’s Notacolly Maybe Lucky

Special Award Brian Goodyear Veteran Dog or Bitch (5, 0)

1st Alder & Haste’s Jacanshe Harvest Time With Aussiame ShCM – Almost 11 year old red tri dog in

good, fit condition for his age and full of character.  A compact dog but everything is in proportion and not overdone; he had a good, level topline which he held on the move.

2nd Turner’s Ch Harmonyhills Here’s The Deal With Chakona (Imp USA) ShCM – 11 and a half year old red merle dog, larger than number 1 but all still in proportion.  Dry skull well-proportioned to his body, good bone standing four-square and held his topline on the move.

3rd Fludder’s Trijem The Devil Wears Prada


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