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On this page you will find the answers to some of the questions we see most commonly cropping up about Aussies. 


Where can I find a puppy? 

Please contact our puppy co-ordinator Janeen Gregory on email only please. email 

Please be prepared to wait as there is often a wait for puppies.

Where can I find a rescue Aussie?

Please contact our rescue co-ordinator Janeen Gregory 077 74751600 or email 

Why do some dogs have tails, and others dont? 

Aussies were traditionally a docked breed. In the UK docking in banned, however the breed carries the bob tail gene, which means Aussies can be born with any length of train. from a full tail, down to nothing. Docking is still allowed in some countries, so it could also be that a dog born abroad is still docked. 

The Dog is only Black and White or Solid Black, it cant be an Aussie

Incorrect, the breed has 4 Base colours, Black, Blue Merle, Red, Red Merle, all which may or may not have white and or tan trin. Black and White or Solid black (or Red) are perfectly acceptable colors in Aussies. 

Why does my dog bark at people?

Aussies also have some guarding instinct in them, which means they can be reserved with strangers. This doesnt mean they are agressive, but more that they need to suss the person out first, to decide if they are worth being friends with or not. However once a person is an Aussies friend, they are a friend for life. 




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